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  1. I picked these 2 up yesterday as well, a Comrex ComMander which has micro switches and a TAC-2 with it's inovative steel ball to solid contact design.
  2. Just yesterday I tuned up the leaf switches and replaced the grommets in both my Wico Red Ball and bat handle. I like both the Wico sticks but my preference is the bat handle. For some reason it just works better for me than the red ball but the red ball looks cooler. https://www.arcadeshop.com/i/1061/robotron-joystick-centering-grommet.htm
  3. Downdate: I just now saw a UK repair video on a black handled Competion Pro that has micro switches, yet the one I own that looks identical on the outside has leaf switches. Other than the red hand, my micro switched Competion Pro also looks looks identical on the outside. Other than having it in your hand I wonder if there are any other ways to identify the micro switch version from the leaf swich version.
  4. Unlike the 2600, on the 7800 the TIA chip is used solely for sound when playing 7800 games. The video attached compares the sound of the 2600 version of Ms. Pac-Man to the 7800 version. As can be heard the 7800 version of Ms. Pac-Man sounds much better. The sound capabilities of the TIA can be pushed much more on the 7800 than the 2600 if a developer choosed to use it..
  5. I recently aquired a C64 mini and began loading games on to it. Any recommendations on good golf games?
  6. Update: I bought 2 Competition Pro joysticks, one with a black balltop handle and 1 with a red handle. After opening them up for cleaning I discovered that the black one is the earlier leaf switch version and the red one is the later micro switched version. On all the teardown videos I've seen all the red ones are micro switches and the black ones leaf switches. Other than the color of the handles they look identical on the outside..
  7. Update: I've spent some quality time with the Power Stick and I find it surprisingly comfortable to hold, much more than my Wico Command Control for Colecovision. It's response and accuracy are excellent and the buttons are comfortatable and intuitive to use. The buttons on the Wico are stiff as hell. The only gripe I have is that my thumb got a bit sore from the hard plastic stick and actually left an impression on my thumb. But I fixed that problem with a soft rubber nub. They should have done something like this in the original design.
  8. I picked this up for $32.44 shipping include and I am stoked!
  9. I added a Fire Command to my joystick collection today. It is an interesting steel bodied, leaf switch joystick manufactured in 1983. The box exclaims "made with real arcade parts!". It is a little stiff by design but super responsive. I like it.
  10. It's the same in every joystick world but it still makes buying one on eBay risky. I could ask the seller if it sounds 'clicky' but that might be subjective as I can manage to make some mighty 'clicky' sounding sounds with a leaf switch joystick by banging it into restricter gate and I don't want to pay $50-100 and be stuck with leaf switches. I have more leaf switch joystick than anyone really needs.
  11. I'd like to get a Competion Pro 5000 joystick but I want the microswitched version, not the leaf switched version and I don't know how to tell one from the other unless you open them up or get it NIB.
  12. The Epx 500xj is a great, albeit unusually shaped joystick, but I slightly prefer my Wico Ergostick that still has a nice soft rubbery feel to it, I heard some got rather sticky over the years. The actual control with both the Epyx 500xj and the Wico Ergostick functions exactly the same to me, possibly being the same stick rubberized and rebranded
  13. The worst Atari compatible joystick I own is hands down the Commodore Model 1311. After 15 minutes of play with this non responsive stick with a cruelly triangular shaped handle my hand hurt big time.
  14. The vintage joysticks that I own are the Wico Famous Red Ball, Wico bat handle, Wico Ergostick, Epyx 500XJ, The Arcade Joystick by Suzo, Captain Grant, Gemini Gemstick Pro, BP joystick, Atari CX40 and last but not least, the ZipStik. Out of all of these my favorite is the Europe only ZipStik. It's all mcroswitched, built like a tank and has the sweetest clicky short throw action. Number 2 is my all microswitched version of the Arcade Joystick by Suzo.
  15. I finally found one of these obscure controllers and will be receiving it soon. Anyone out there have any experience with it or opinions about it?
  16. Just saying, it's all about the plastics level of degradation, the weather environment it exsists in and the chemical makeup of the plastics involved. Bottom line, the same technique you had success with did not produce successful results with others. As for retrobriting causing rapid re-yellowing...uh, yep, it happens unless the many, many negative retrobritng comments are all false and misleading or fake news....
  17. If you read beyond the first comment in the retrobrite failure forum link above or any of the many other not so great retrobrite stories out there, you will discover comments contradicting your results using the exact same method you and I used. It work for you given your materials environment and circumstances. It did not work well for me and apparently does not always work well for others.
  18. An arid climate without huge temerature swings sure helps but there are as many retrobrite failure stories as there are success stories. ..https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/31138-retrobrite-failure/
  19. I used the exact same 8-bit guy retrobriting method you used and results were better on my Atari 800 until I moved it and it was exposed to constant sunlight again. There's no question in my mind that the different chemical make up and condition of various plastics will produce different retrobriting results.
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