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  1. After Justin's Instagram live stream I went a few rounds myself. 017590100 I will be playing this live again on Instagram Sunday the 20th if you care to join me. Check the calendar for info.
  2. Here is my not so impressive first offering. 012273700 Playing on The Necronomiconsole (custom Sega Genesis model 3) Using a flash cart. EDIT***** Yes I know I misspelled "high"
  3. Atari Creep

    Looks like Sega might have dropped AtGames

    I have been hearing rumors that Sega dropped their affiliation with AtGames and may give us a proper Genesis/Mega Drive mini. STRONG LANGUAGE
  4. Atari Creep

    Atari Creep Sunday Night Live Stream

    Atari Creep Sunday Night Instagram Live Stream Hey folks. I would be honored if you would join me (most) every Sunday nights at/around 9:00 PM EST on Instagram while I play games and have a chat about anything and everything. You can find me on Instagram @ataricreep , hope to see you there!! ***Please note that a naughty word or 12 may come out of my mouth from time to time, NSFW. Sorry. *** Chris The Atari Creep
  5. Atari Creep

    Atari Creep Sunday Night Live Stream

    TONIGHT 9:00pm EST! Live on instagram I break out the Necronomiconsole to play an EVIL pinball game, DRAGONS FURY for your Sega Genesis! Come by and say hello. @ataricreep
  6. Atari Creep

    The Atari Creep

    Hey all! Got a contest funnung on my YouTube channel, The Atari Creep. The Atari Creep: Pickups & Giveaway part 2 Be sure you check out part one also. Lots of great items to show off. -Atari Creep
  7. Atari Creep

    The Atari Creep

  8. Atari Creep

    The Atari Creep

    You can flip them. Thanks so much man for the kind words.
  9. Before I order one from the UK has anyone here got a set of AV cables for the TI99 they can sell for about the same price? I would rather spend my money with someone I know rather someone I don't. PayPal ready.


    1. RickR


      That's a good price. 

      I used to make them, but it's easier just to buy them like that. 


    2. Justin


      I checked all my sources for you Chris. That's the best price I've found by far, shipping included. I wouldn't hesitate.

    3. Atari Creep

      Atari Creep

      Ok, I guess I will pull the trigger on it. Again, I would rather give my cash to someone here than some random person.


      Thanks guys.

  10. Atari Creep

    The Creeps Play Things

    Hey guys!!!! If I may, I plan to post a random toy here in the thread and just chat about it. I know this is a gaming site mainly but seeing there is a "Classic Toys" section here, I would love to share my ever growing collection and start some discussions on some of these little gems!!!!! Maybe share a video review here and there much like Arcade USA and NSG!!!!! Thanks
  11. Atari Creep

    The Creeps Play Things

  12. Atari Creep

    Squad Challenge - Beamrider (Intellivision)

    PREACH Brother RickR. PREACH!
  13. Atari Creep

    Keep or sell super valuable games?

    I agree with EVERY past comment. I would make sure it ended up in the hands of someone that would truly enjoy it while taking care of my family with the cash. I of course would keep a few bucks to myself for my own fun.
  14. Atari Creep

    Restoring a Big Trak

    I remember wanting one of these as a kid. Forgot about it until this post and Willies video. My girls just a programing Robotics thing sponsored by LEGO for Girl Scouts this past weekend. I looked up ebay for a few and I amy pick up one of the cleaner $25 "untested" ones to see if I can get one working too. Thanks so much for posting this. Looking great BTW.
  15. Atari Creep

    Fatal Run for Atari 7800

    Agree 100% here. Shame.
  16. Atari Creep

    Has my cart split its mortal coil???

    Maybe I will try to swap the cap if I can find one down the line. Like you, in all my years I have had VERY few carts go dead. Thanks for the advice bro!!!!
  17. Atari Creep

    Has my cart split its mortal coil???

    Hey guys. I have an M Network cart that has never worked. Board and pins are clean and everything seems to be in good condition. Now I know games sometimes fry but I have never had a game I could not get going. Here are images of the board and the games symptoms. Is anything out of place here, maybe something I just can't see with my non tech eye or should I just let it walk quietly into that dark night???? Thanks EDIT*** Its Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man if that is important to know.
  18. Atari Creep

    Squad Challenge - Beamrider (Intellivision)

    Man that got crazy. Doubled my last score live on Instagram tonight without anyone watching. Lol
  19. Atari Creep

    Squad Challenge - Beamrider (Intellivision)

    I plan to ply a few more rounds tonight.Hopefullyy I can come close to this score!!!! Amazing job bro!
  20. Atari Creep

    The Atari Creep

  21. Atari Creep

    Atari Creep Sunday Night Live Stream

    Come join me Sunday Jan 6th at 9:00 pm EST for the first IG live stream. This week I will be playing Venture on the Intellivision. Hope to see ya there! @ataricreep on Instagram.
  22. Atari Creep

    Post Your Pictures - Intellivsion Collections

    Thanks so much Willie!