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    2. RickR


      Oh wow.  That's cool!  But I'll tell ya what...if you were going to spend on shipping, how about just putting that in the donation pot instead? 

      Or if I win the 7800 controller, you can send them then :)  


    3. Atari Creep

      Atari Creep

      Nah dude. I don't mind tossing in $4 or so bucks to say thanks man. Plus I need to start making use of these dust sleeves this dude and and donated for the cause. If you don't want the can I can toss in a third sleeve, I HAVE PLENTY. 

    4. Atari Creep
  1. I'm going to try both emulation and OG hardware with my new Robotron controller by @RetroGameBoyz just for fun. Sure there will be a huge difference.
  2. Huge thanks to @nosweargamerf@nofor the update on the TG16 mini!
  3. These are fantastic!!!! This is an exclusive Atari IO sneak peek too. This will not be live until midnight.
  4. This would have been my go to spot aside from the food court. Haha
  5. This is a cool tour of the mall for stranger things 3.
  6. Took a bit of time but here is my review guys. Strong language as always.
  7. 15600 NSFW Lots of poo poo words, lot more than usual anyway. lol
  8. Don't forget to enter the Custom Controller GIVEAWAY!!! No open to out Canadian friends. 


  9. Welcome @RockyRaccoon I too am a Masshole. lol Hope to see ya in the chats and participating in out High Score Squad Challenges!!!!!
  10. Oh boy, this is a tough one!!! lol Thank god it's not a single life challenge.
  11. My fav episode to date!!!! You kats are killin' it!!!
  12. @Kid A uses enhancement drugs!!! Some one make him drop a UA sample in a cup please. LOL
  13. My best attempt at streaming live at a pizza joint!!!
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