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  1. First time for me too. I didn't play last time. LOL And when you see my submissions you will know why. LOL
  2. Actually the 2nd time that I know of we are playing this game! I'm gong to give it a go. I need practice though.
  3. Oh RAD!!!! I am still 50/50. Next week we will see if I am still excited for one. LOL
  4. 128500 Emulating, USB gamepad Some strong language
  5. I cant seem to improve. Going to keep trying though.
  6. @kamakazi20012 and its one of my fav years for movies too. Lol
  7. Ok was able to get something going. Tried my controller but nope, still dead. Keyboard it is for now. Monday or Tuesday I should have my new controller. (Review to follow) For now, here is what a keyboard can do. 948
  8. Would have been more if my damed controller hadn't died on me. Haha Awesome job everyone. On to the next.
  9. 28100 live tonight on IG. Thanks @Justin for popping in for a few min.
  10. Awesome bro! Since you won my give away maybe it might be better to take me out of this one. Just so no one can cry like a baby if in the chance I win something here. Either way let me k ow what i can do to help and best of luck bro.
  11. 25400 but that is just a taste. STRONG LANGUAGE
  12. DUDE!!!!!! Amazing work bringing her back to life. WOW!
  13. FANTASTIC scores all around.
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