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  1. 10600 Will be playing live soon, keep an eye out for that.
  2. Testing out a controller before getting started i got 5600. Figured because I still "played" it i would post. Using OpenEMU and a Genesis USB controller.
  3. Man this was a tough one. Moped the floor with me. LOL Awesome job everyone, very impressive.
  4. I am so sorry I was unable to get another game in. I will totally smash a bunch of rounds in ULTIMATE ASTROIDS!
  5. 12? I think. LOL Just for my first time playin it. What a fun game.
  6. I 2nd that statement. Thats as far as I got on my first attempt (video uploading now).
  7. 23980 Played live on Instagram. Original cart, retron 77 and a few different controllers. Video will he up tomorrow hopefully.
  8. 122710 to start OpenEmu with a USB controller
  9. I am going to need a TON of practice here. LOL Playing in OpenEMU using a USB controller. Only, do not own this one. 12000
  10. 30,024 Played live on IG using Retron77, Hyperkin Ranger controller and original cart
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