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  1. Switched over to Atari. 9560 and I am embarrassed to post that score. Just a quick warm up though. STRONG LANGUAGE
  2. I have used mine on my Retron 77 for a while now but not the paddle. Going to give it a shot.
  3. How is it using the Ranger on OG hardware? I might try it tomorrow.
  4. Astrosmash using OpenEmu and USB game pad. Peak was 112985 Final 111845 Might jump over to the Atari port though. Thats the one I grew up playing for hours. We will see.
  5. Got top 5 in the state for an individual!!!! THANK YOU ALL for all the support.
  6. I am so lost on time my man. I saw this and was like there is no way its that time already. Guess what??? IT IS. LOL This is going to be a wicked fun challenge.
  7. More prizes announced. Some great stuff here friends.
  8. My start. 15730 Played live on IG using emulation and a USB game pad
  9. New BLOG post. 


  10. So it sucks having to put a mask on every time we go out. Sucks but important. There is no reason however we can't make it a little fun. STRONG LANGUAGE
  11. 90500 tonight live before my thumb gave up on me. (Its in a sling). Retron 77 with a Ranger controller
  12. YOU DID IT!!!!!! 


    1. RickR


      No YOU did it!  Congrats and keeping my fingers crossed for a cure.  Thank you for doing such a good thing.


    2. Atari Creep

      Atari Creep

      Appreciate that Rick. For reals man.

    3. Justin


      Congratulations Atari Creep!! Keep it going!

  13. You folks KILLED it. Goal reached in record time. In fact, 2020 is the first year I met that goal. We have been very close before but never hit it. I can not thank you ALL enough. Lets take a moment to celebrate but after get back to work. So much more to do. Goal met, now we destroy it.
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