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    Modern & retro video games, movies, film making, boxing, etc. 😎
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    Jakks Pacific Atari Joystick Plug n Play
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    Yars' Revenge
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    Anything with action
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    Spider-Man & Batman
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    The Atari Creep
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  1. Here's another invite link! πŸ™‚ https://discord.gg/u2Ekw4WRHn
  2. https://discord.com/invite/u2Ekw4WRHn Join the Unofficial Atari VCS Discord and join our Centipede Tournament! Winner will receive a $ reward if placed #1. Future tournaments could happen with better rewards and more rewards for more players! Come join and have fun!
  3. Actually this was my first plug n play. It's the reason why I love atari so much growing up. I consider it my first console so I would love to put it in my collection of plug n plays or play it to get more of that childhood nostalgia ☺️
  4. 6,440 My score from today. Not as good as socrates63 πŸ˜‚ New goal is to past 10,000 hopefully 15,000. Difficulty is set to A and emulated on a Flashback 9.
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