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  1. I received this for my 9th birthday in May, 1982. It was the one gift I REALLY wanted & I was so pumped to get it. I didn't have a lot of arcades around and I didn't spend a lot of time at the ones near me. I played more arcade games at pizza places and bowling alleys. I had played Pac Man & loved it and was completely engrossed in Pac Mania. I was only 9 but I obviously realized it was not going to be arcade-accurate representation. I loved (& still do!) my Atari but I knew that it wasn't capable or giving a 100% authentic arcade experience. That didn't bother me. I loved the games that I played on it & Pac Man was no exception.
  2. I know how to start my car, put gas in it & wash it. That's it. 😀
  3. Pi kit is ordered, as well as the LCD driver. I'll probably order the buttons & joystick too, since they're cheap, but I'll hold off on the control deck, as that's not cheap. Wish me luck!!
  4. I'm also going to take some things from this one (power suggestion & buttons. I like the light up ones)
  5. Thanks @RickR! Here's the video I'm using as the starting point:
  6. I’m leaning towards trying to do this myself. I have a buddy who I can visit if (more likely, when) I fail at it, but I’m going to try. This will be my first time ever seeing a Raspberry Pi, let alone attempting to use one, so any insight would be appreciated.
  7. It's the small version, but still pretty cool: $99 Dig Dug Countercade
  8. Best Buy currently has them on sale for $99 in advance of the new & improved versions. I just bought the Dig Dug version. Someday, she'll play more than Dig Dug. 🙂
  9. So..... I would love a modded Arcade1UP Countercade. Nothing crazy, just adding a Raspberry Pi with an image containing oodles of vertical coin-op games, maybe a larger monitor & a better controller layout. The issue is that I have ZERO skills. It looks simple enough but the terminology alone, never mind understanding how all the components I'd have to add work together, is so daunting. If I have to drill a hole, FORGET IT! If anyone would like to do the work for me, for a fee, that would be AWESOME. I know there's a lot of very talented folks here & this should be a layup for you. I would provide all of the necessary parts & cover all shipping. Let me know & I'll provide some example videos of what I'm envisioning. Thanks for reading this far!
  10. You guys said perfectly. It's all about nostalgia for me. I grew up with gaming & it's never left me. I stupidly gave away all of my 2600 stuff around 1985 and spent the mid-90s buying it all back. Funcoland helped me pick up all the NES games that I wanted but never had. I've since pared down my collection, as space has dictated I can't keep everything I'd like, but that's okay. I keep the stuff that's important to me & thanks to emulation and other means, I'm still able to play the games I love or never had a chance to play, even though I don't physically have them anymore. I enjoy watching some video content on classic games, but that's not retro gaming to me. That's just another angle of a hobby/passion that I've had for the past 40 years.
  11. I have two black labs, Winston & Wanda. I’m down to one cat, Poe, & a turtle. 😀 This is Winston. He turned 11 yesterday. We had a nice romp on the beach to celebrate.
  12. That was a good list! I appreciate the fact the author took all generations into account & didn’t ignore the past or present, which is a nice change of pace.
  13. Speaking of 1989 Score @nosweargamer, I bought a pack with ClassicPackBreaks.com to open for me back in August. Check it out! 1989 Score Football
  14. Here's a link to my fantasy football league. You'll notice the teams are all named after 1980s TV shows. Click on a team logo to hear the theme song. (This is much easier than listing a bunch for you guys. 😀) VHF Dynasty Football League
  15. @Justin: Here's a fairly recent article on the Round House: https://fishersisland.net/fishers-islands-round-house-stands-out-even-in-the-land-of-unusual-houses/
  16. Did you start Breaking Bad yet @RickR? I really enjoyed The Last Dance & am sad that it's over. I'm trying to work through my backlog of movies I need to see (it's not quite as long as my video game backlog, but it's big) but mainly find myself watching The Office or King of Queens all the time. I cannot wait to watch Hamilton on Disney+ in July!!!
  17. It's fantastic! Season 5 was soooooooooo good. Hopefully they can get back to writing/filming S6 soon!
  18. Darn, sorry I missed this. I may give it a whirl just to see how poorly I would have fared. 🙂
  19. Same here. It was looking good for a few weeks but not the past few days.
  20. Ugh, that sucks. I've dealt with that on a smaller scale, with the online portion of some sports games being shuttered after a few years, but the offline portion of the game still works fine. This is a different beast altogether is not a good thing for anyone.
  21. Welcome sir!! I'm the rare person who loves cold & snow and gets a little annoyed when people here in the Northeast complain about it. It's sooooooo much better than 85 degrees and 90% humidity. (I also love rainy days as those were the days as a child I could stay inside and play Atari all day.) Also, I'll need Kirk Cousins to start looking Stefon Diggs' way a bit more and if they could work Irv Smith Jr. into the passing game more, that would be great too.
  22. SPOILER! RickR - Custom controller Eugenio (TrekMD) - $25 Atari Age gift certificate & SMB ice cube trays Greenween - Pac Man board game GRay Defender - Space Invader & Q*Bert Funko Pops LSGreger - Art of Atari book Elitgro - Game Console book AtariCreep - Set of 3 2600 journals
  23. Here's the prize choices: Custom controller Art of Atari book Game Console book Pac Man board game Space Invader & Q*Bert Funko Pops Set of 3 2600 Cartridge Journals $25 Atari Age gift certificate & SMB ice cube trays
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