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  1. On the clock: @Control Issues, @GRay Defender, @Mr Toon, @Atari Creep & @nosweargamer
  2. Thanks to Stranger Things... https://nerdist.com/article/coca-cola-bringing-back-new-coke-for-stranger-things-3/
  3. Lists are updated. @GRay Defender, @Control Issues, @greenween & @BlackCatz40 for two & back to @greenween
  4. StormSurge


    After a two week hiatus for the Teacher's Tournament, James continues his assault today.
  5. Thanks for sharing Rick!! It looks like you had a great trip. I need to get there one of these days.
  6. Here is the updated list, sorted by what's remaining & what's been taken so far.
  7. Correct. That one slipped by me but thank you for catching it!
  8. Thanks again everyone! @chas10e, @RickR, @kamakazi20012 for 2 picks & then back to @RickR Both lists have been updated & I'll be sorting the list of goodies soon to better show what's still available.
  9. Thanks so much all for updating the list & keeping things in order for me. My crazy week/weekend is over & I should have some time tomorrow to update everything. For now, 💤 💤💤💤💤 Thanks again!!!
  10. Okay, I've updated the list and removed Ferg & Willie. This weekend is a madhouse for me. I'll check in occasionally but probably won't have time to update either list. (Fire department training. House handling & pump operator class.) By all means, keep picking, just double-check to make sure the items haven't been selected already. (In case you haven't checked, I have been crossing items off from the list of available items. I do realize that it's a jumbled mess & I will try to clean that up when I have a free moment.) Thanks again all! Happy hunting!
  11. It’s so kind of you & your wife. The kids thank you!!! (& so do I!) Have a great trip!!
  12. And now I see that you made a donation. THANK YOU so much!!!! I guess there’s no backing out now. 😀 I have some pretty ambitious plans for the event this year, which I’ll share soon. Thanks again Rick!!!
  13. No deadline, no rush, nothing. The event isn’t until November. I haven’t started making a push at all & probably won’t until August at the earliest. Thanks for asking!
  14. Thanks all! Yes, @fergojisan is on the clock for TWO picks, then back to @kamakazi20012, @RickR @chas10e & @nosweargamer
  15. This story really struck a chord with me. I thought it was really well-done. "How On Earth Do I Have 'The Phantom Menace' Nostalgia?"
  16. I'm sorry Lee. 😔 I hope your Mom os doing okay.
  17. @Atari Creep, @nosweargamer, @chas10e & @RickR are all up next!
  18. @GRay Defender is on the clock, followed by @Mr Toon, @Atari Creep & @nosweargamer
  19. After BlackCatz picks, here's the next few: @Willie!, then @greenween, followed by @Control Issues, @GRay Defender & @Mr Toon I'll be off the grid for a few hours, so play nicely & try to keep track on your own until I can update everything. And keep going as long as you can! Just refer to the order at the top of the thread.
  20. That's the standard way fantasy sports leagues drafts, but personally, I'm not a fan. I prefer auctions for many reasons, but that wouldn't work in this situation. 🤓 The standard snake draft seemed to be the most fair way to accomplish this draft. Snake Draft Definition
  21. NSG is correct. The 2nd round is in the inverse of the first round & those two rounds repeat. I just copied & pasted the after I typed out the first two rounds & I don't think I skipped anyone.
  22. @Willie! , @BlackCatz40 for two picks & then back to @Willie!
  23. Up next, @Control Issues followed by @greenween
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