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  1. Finally found me some Pac-Man scratchers! Guess I'll never know if I'm up to $100,000 richer... I still need to get me the $10 scratcher though.
  2. I'll start? 17070 Played on modded NES classic
  3. This game is testing my patience. Haha Played on a modded NES classic 42290
  4. Actually remembered I bought a 2600 lot that came with paddles. Tried them and they worked great!
  5. Here ya go. I called my brother after I made that last post... He sent me this.... 376,200. Just insane. He's way too good at this game.
  6. Pretty sure I gotta clean my paddles to play this one!
  7. Thanks! This game is a lot of fun. Ive always wanted to get better at this game. It's a lot of fun! My brother is amazing this game. His scores are ridiculous. I know for sure he could easily score 350,000+. it's insane.
  8. Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Difficulty: Default (High Speed Machine) High Score: 205,910 October 19, 2019
  9. Well, if it's pre built, the convince factor is definitely there.
  10. Thanks everyone! Restoring was a lot of fun and I wouldn't mind doing another one. Hopefully I find a beat up Galaga cab soon! 😂 I'm so excited to add this cab to the collection. I'm really happy with the way it came out. I wonder why arcade1up doesn't make full size cabs? Yeah, obviously it would cost more but I think it would be worth it.
  11. So a buddy of mine calls me up and asked me if I wanted his non working Ms Pac-Man cab. The deal was that if I fixed it, he could play it whenever he came down, which I had no problem with. This is what the cab looked like when I got it. The cab was pretty beat up. Just running my hand across the sides made the paint fall off of it. Someone had painted the entire cab black. As you can see the cab was in pretty bad shape. So even before I tried to make the thing actually work, I painted it black. I primered it first before doing so. At this point I actually tried to make it work. I found some wires that looked like they were spliced into. I figured these were the connections for power. There was no power plug when I got it. I got a PC power cable, cut the end off and spliced it into the existing cuts in the wiring. When I plugged it in, it powered on...however with some problems.. The screen was all distorted. I had found 10 different knobs in the back of the arcade. I turned all of them to see if it would fix it. Nothing did. I thought maybe they all have to be dialed in perfect. After 3 days of messing with these knobs, I was getting frustrated. I was staring at the back of the cab when I saw this metal bracket with a hole in it. I shined a flashlight through the hole and I saw a potentiometer with a screwdriver slot on it. I grabbed a screwdriver and turned it clockwise and it made it worse. So I went counterclockwise all the way and it made the screen totally clear! ...with some minor distorted on the right part of the screen . Just had to slightly turn it back clockwise to get rid of the distortion After that I spent a few minutes to dial in the colors properly. At this point, I got a proper power cable for the cab and installed it. The control panel overlay was pretty dirty and torn so that got replaced. Put some new buttons too. When I got done with that, I wanted to go all out. I ended up getting a repro glass bezel and installed it. The repro is very high quality. Very happy with it. My friend had got this thinking if he couldn't fix it, he was going to keep the Marquee and get rid of it. Knowing that I got this machine for free, I got a new Marquee and gave him the original. Got a high score save kit as well. Last thing I got was the panel art and new T molding. When I got the art in, I realized that if I were to install the front part as is, the coin door chop off the forehead of Ms. Pac-Man. So I had to raise the coin door 4.5 inches. I also was able to hide the bolts that hold the coin bucket in place below the surface of the wood so I didn't have to shove them to the front of the artwork. Once that was done I installed the art along with the new t molding. When I installed the cab was finally finished! I wish the color of the panel art was a closer match to the control panel overlay, but in the end, I think it came out pretty awesome. I'm forever grateful that my buddy gave me this arcade. It's definitely in my top 3 favorite arcade games of all time. It was a lot of work putting this thing together Here's a side by side of the before and after!
  12. Beat both Bloodstained: Ritual of the night and curse of the moon a few weeks ago. Both great games! Enjoyed them. Also did another playthrough of Breath of the Wild again. That game is so amazing
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