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  1. 70500. Played on my freshly AV modded 7800. Really happy with the picture quality! Look what it looked like before. Very happy with the results! No more squiggly lines!
  2. Thanks rick! 👍 Literally, 99% of what I own is displayed! 3m command strips are amazing. I don't have any mail sized holes anywhere in my apartment. VID_20190818_230821.mp4
  3. Yeah, I have a couple Gameboys! 😁 I used to find Gameboys that powered on but wouldn't read games on eBay. Used to get them for cheap and fix them up and keep them. I would get some in bundle deals for find them super cheap locally because something was wrong with them. The Metroid is from the World on Nintendo toy line. I've had it for a bit. I hung it with some fishing line with pins in the ceiling. I want a few more to hang around the gameroom. I think having more would be pretty awesome.
  4. So after 1 year and 4 months later (and me forgetting about this thread 😖), here's the current setup in the gameroom!
  5. Hahaha! I ran out of time to get this game in. Honestly, I'm ok at this game. I really wanted to play it though. Great score @RickR!
  6. Actually thinking of redoing this mod again. I want to be able to utilize the difficulty switches and use the power button to choose a new game. I don't have to use a Wii classic controller to reset my console. using a Super Nintendo control, all I have to do is press down and select at the same time and it'll reboot back to the main menu to choose a game. I enabled that when I modded my NES classic. I don't need a home button at all. Should I remod my console, I'll record the process and post it
  7. I played and beat Cuphead on IG Live a couple days ago. Played on Xbox One. It's also available on switch and pc. If you haven't played this, I highly recommend it. Also I no longer have a use for my Xbox one now. Cuphead was the only reason I got an Xb1.
  8. Beat 3 more games in the last week or so. 3d dot game heroes for ps3, Zelda II for NES, and resident evil 7 for PS4.
  9. Beat a few games since recovering from shoulder surgery. Finished, Resident evil 2 Claire and Leon's story, donkey Kong country, beat super Metroid at least 5 times and set a personal best speed run time in the process (54 minutes in game time), super Mario land, golf story and alien hominid.
  10. Never played this before. Or any other ST game at all. Pretty fun! 80540 And thanks to @RadioPoultry. I would have never been able to figure out how to get that emulator working with your how-to!
  11. Beat the original Metroid a few days before my surgery! Twice actually. I did a speed run the second time and timed myself. Also beat marble madness.
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