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  1. Megaoids is a cartridge game for the Atari 8-bit computer. Some technical information concerning the controllers: Since the Atari 8-bit is not plug and play through the joystick ports, you will need to select the controller by pressing option when at the title screen. Pressing Option will cycle through the different controllers. You will need to plug in the controller before pressing start. This applies to both versions of Megaoids. We put out two versions of the Megaoids cartridge with an earlier edition stating "Trackball/Driving." This will only work with the Indy 500 Controllers, only works with a specific model of trackball . This was because I received conflicting reports that someone made a trackball that uses the "Gray Code" and assumed that was how all the models worked. The CX-80 model uses the bits differently, so the first edition will not work properly with the Trackball. If your trackball has a joystick mode, use that instead.
  2. peteym5

    Delta Space Arena Deluxe Edition

    Some technical information concerning the controllers: Since the Atari 8-bit is not plug and play through the joystick ports, you will need to select the controller by pressing option when at the title screen. Pressing Option will cycle through the different controllers. You will need to plug in the controller before pressing start. This is for the updated Delta Space Arena that supports different controllers. I put out two versions of Delta Space Arena, the earlier edition states "Trackball/Driving." This was because I received conflicting reports that someone made a trackball that uses the "Gray Code" instead of how the usual CX-80 worked. It was not corrected in time before the first few cartridge were released. If your trackball has a joystick mode, use that instead.
  3. Have is my planned video for Secretum Labyrinth Dark Castles. The cartridge is still a few months from being released and things are subject to change. I still may look into improving some graphics and sound, but the game play is pretty well set.
  4. Thankyou for showing your continued support. We would highly appreciate it.
  5. Since I am unable to log into the other forum. I would like to continue discussion about this game here until things are restored. Anyone can sign up and make suggestions on what they would like to see in the game. I am attempting to contact the administrator to have my account restored.
  6. Here is the final production Video of Animal Keeper for the Atari 8-bit computer and Atari 5200.
  7. Secretum Labyrinth Dark Castles is an Adventure Role Playing Game for the Atari 8-bit Computer. Showing some different information screen displayed during when the title screen is displayed. Now can see some animations that happen during game play, scroll unrolling, hidden exits opening, weapon motions, and getting new weapons. Some screens have new textures used on some of the screens. The forest and town have the foliage arranged less into straight lines, making it seem like it was growing and then cleared. There will be Five Different Quests with altered screens, your path you need to go one point to another will be different as passage will be blocked and new ones will open up. The music has Eight Different Tracks that play in the town and different castles, some tracks will play if a different quest is selected. The save and reload progress feature requires a disk drive with a blank formatted disk. Since it only needs to save a 3K block of memory, you can store many different states of your progress through the game. The disk screen selects the block by selecting A to Z as stated on screen. But 0-9 also works and some symbols. You can get more with an enhanced density disk. Game Requires 64K RAM XL/XE OS with Ram Available under OS, Supporting 800XL, 1200XL 65XE, 130XE, XEGS, and 600XL with 64K. Any hardware upgrades (like 800 Incognito Board ) are at the risk of the end user. Joystick and Keyboard to play. If you use an XEGS, you will need your keyboard attached. Available to be announced. I am looking into doing more Adventure Role Playing Games. Maybe something much more Advance Dungeons and Dragons related, Oriental Themed, or Sci Fi Fantasy.
  8. Animal Keeper complete game video. This is what I hope will be the final version of the game. I am going on to work on different projects and take care of some issues in my personal life. New features added to the final version include bonus round every 5 levels. Different Animal Cage Colors and Graphics. Enhanced Music. On Title screen, selection of starting level, plus some additional texts. If you were watching the Work-in-Progress videos, you would had seen that the graphics were redone several times for the Atari 8-bit computer until I got something that looked great, unique that I call my own, and give it a great modern game play experience on the Atari 8-bit computer.
  9. Here is the final work-in-progress video for the Animal Keeper game for the Atari 8-bit computer. It will be release in cartridge soon. I am no longer going to call it a clone because the game had to be different enough from the original game. I speed up some the animal movement slightly, and allowing the animals to break through the walls quicker. The game is much more challenging now. Extra Lives have been set to every 20,000 points.
  10. Here is a WIP of the game as a release candidate for Animal Keeper, my Zoo Keeper like clone. I know by playing and making the video that I spotted a few minor glitches, but the overall performance of the game works great. I made a few corrections since the video has been made.
  11. Update to Zoo Keeper on Atari clone. Making it a little different and will be revealing its title when the game is finished. Added some sounds and music. Will be doing the time count down bar differently in this game. Have to make it look and play different so it does not look like a rip of the original arcade game. Music is original.
  12. Animal Keeper - Zookeeper like clone for Atari 8-bit computer early Work-in-Progress
  13. Here is an update I am showing the forest village over-world with some differences when you select different quests, some of the leads between rooms get blocked and new ones open up. Also shows defeating enemies and money to purchase items. Some what happens when bumping into scrolls and display texts that tell story, ask riddles, or provide hints. I populated the game world with more items, and adding new traps and obstacles for you to figure out. The new room data encryption process allows for being more compact and encoded, to have a much larger map. The video recording has been fragmented and edited back together out of sequence so when the game is released, you will have a fresh new experience for playing this game for the first time. New features include, collecting currency, buying items. New items with new functions. Text from scrolls can ask questions/riddles. Multiple choice ones be able to perform different action for each choice. Many new monsters, and capable of having many more rooms in same memory area. Cannot reveal all the features as I am still making progress. This is the video of Secretum Labyrinth Dark Castles, and not Secretum Labyrinth The Legend, which is the earlier game with some differences. Different music, some different monsters, and weapon animations. Secretum Labyrinth games require 64K RAM (48K + 16K RAM under OS ROM.) Run on 800XL, 65XE, 130XE, XEGS. 1200XL, as long as it using a compatible XL OS ROM. 600XL with ram expansion modification. Not known if games will run on 400/800 with that "incognito" device. If someone has one of those and did purchase the cartridge, let me know if it worked.
  14. I would like to make an official announcement for the re-release for Delta Space Arena Deluxe edition for the Atari 8-bit. It is essentially an enhanced version of Omega Race (aka DeltaRace). I did want to showcase the ability of the Atari 8-bit computer over that of versions of Omega Race on Commodore 64, Vic-20, Atari 2600, and the Arcade version. The game is more colorful, each level has a different design for the Arena. Some additional enemies. It works on any standard unmodified Atari 8-bit. I cannot guarantee it will work with certain hardware mods. The cartridge is now available from Atari Sales (video 61) for $39.95. The game will also be available for the Atari 5200. The Deluxe edition was made after receiving some requests for games that can make use of the Indy 500 controller. I decided to make that an option, along with the ability to use paddles, trackball. The default controller at start up is still joystick. You will need to press OPTION when the start splash screen is up to change the controller. There were never any glitches or bugs reported with the original version of the game so this version plays essentially the same with the exception of using a different controller. Some sound effects were changed, a background drum beat can be heard every few seconds, and a short tune is played an the end of each level. The "Fuzzies" or "Static" on the right side of the screen had been reduced to one pixel for those who play Atari games on modern displays. This is done by activating the HSCROLL bit in the display list and setting the HSCROL to 1. The cartridge will have a new label similar to Atari Silver label with the rainbow color strip. I would like to keep this in the 8-bit section to answer questions and provide wide spread support. Since this game can receive input from four different controllers, I anticipate questions. One thing I did similar to the Commodore version of Omega race was when using a paddle, you need to hold down the fire button for a second for thrust, this also applies to the driving controller.
  15. To keep everyone in the loop. Here is a Work in Progress of how I am making the weapons animations better. I still have to come up with some weapons have advantages and disadvantages. I am thinking about having Arrow reshoot time slowing because I know Bow and Arrows are not suppose to act like a machine gun.