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  1. I am in the process of doing a modification of the 2600 miniature golf. Already got its vertical playfield resolution may higher, added hills, and switches to change the properties of obstacles. I am thinking about scrolling on a larger screen, but cannot locate any samples of doing horizontal scrolling.
  2. Is there a way of backing up the data files that contain the posts, members, and forum data? Go into the server, delete and re-install everything? The forum will probably be down for awhile. But it should clear the virus. If it is within the account folder itself. Some of this Redirect Virus can be planted on the server and infect more than just one website.
  3. I have been search a way to see if anything placed Malware on my computer and trying to remove it. I found this YouTube Video. It is at the point that I need to use Microsoft Edge and type the forum URL directly. Chrome will not let me get anywhere with the site.
  4. Actually this Player/Missile priority thing worked on all Atari's since the 400/800 and did the same thing with XL/XE. I know some GTIA chips lacked the 16 color modes because of a manufacturing issue, so Atari just designated two chips as CTIA and GTIA.
  5. How many use some of these undocumented or lesser known register settings for the Antic, GTIA, Pokey, chips. To create a graphics mode, effect, or sound. I know something called "PRIORITY ZERO" that "OR" effect certain player/missiles to the playfield colors. Player 0 & 1 OR with Playfield 0 & 1, Player 2 & 3 OR with Playfield 2 & 3. I usually set PRIOR to 1 to put the players on top of the play field. What was funny, a few times I forgot to set the PRIOR register and noticed something weird going on, but never thought about actually using the settings. I think there is a Tetris clone out there that takes advantage of it.
  6. Some people had been asking Lance at Atarisales about Laser Blast X and have not the information. So I made a new more detailed video. This is based on the 2600 version of Laser Blast, but with more advance graphics and many extra features. I added X to the end to symbolize it being more extreme, having something extra, and also represent XL/XE Atari 8-bit computers, The game does run on the Atari 400/800 with as little as 16K RAM. because it does not depend on the oprtating system to perform many of its functions. Also matches the memory size of the Atari 5200. Some of the advance features include playing against 3, 4, or 6 tanks on the ground. Fixed distance apart or have them move independently. They can shoot laser back at you or hellfire type missiles. You can also have enemy spaceships flying between you and the tanks, that also shoot back at you. This was possible because the Atari 8-bit has 4 independent sprite (players) horizontal positioning and set them multiple times within a TV frame with DLIs. Instead of the 2600 2 sprite (players) and being triplicated 3 times fixed distance apart. I wish to thank Lance Ringquist, and my beta testers for helping me put this game together. You are seeing news about for this game posted directly from me. News about the games will be first be posted by either myself or Lance. Available at HTTP://WWW.ATARISALES.COM for $39.95
  7. I remember those cartridge shells being a little smaller and look like the company mounted an adapter to the back. Was it the Coleco, Intellivision, or Atari 8-Bit cartridge shells adapted to fit the Atari 2600 console?
  8. Hello guys thank you for support ing comments about what I do. Appreciate it. As some people know I also have my own Facebook group. Now it has grown to over 1000 members, moderating may start to become difficult. I have been looking for assistance that will also respect the policies of Video61 as well. Please contact one of us if interested.
  9. https://youtu.be/o7gEDmaCGwEHere is the first official announcment of NovaWolf. A game we had been developing for the Atari 8-bit and 5200. It is a Solar Fox clone. But I made it slightly different and fun game. It has a two player simultaneous mode. Many different game options to turn features on and off. No date has been set on the release as it currently being beta tested and debugged.
  10. 3D Printing takes time. I say do Best Electronics. Do ebay to see if anyone is selling parts. There are now several Facebook groups that also dedicate to specific categories. "Arcade USA" now has his own 5200 Facebook group.
  11. I am glad that this game is finally working. Put a lot of hard work into this game. I O I O Off to Atari I O I go.....
  12. Anyone know where I can find the source code for the Atari 2600 Miniature Golf? I remember a site had a bunch of different source codes posted. But can't find them anymore.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/963846007156190/ I have changed the name of my facebook group to Atari 8-bit Game Programming to open up something where programmers and game players can work together and come up with some interesting ideas. I received some interesting suggestions in the past few days. I am looking to bring in some experience programmers to help with the novice guys to bring them up to speed.
  14. If anybody wants to provide feedback or make on the game, see something improved. Feel free to post it here. Even if it appears negative, I am open and responsive. I do want to make it into a game that many people can enjoy.
  15. Last night, I created a facebook group that will be about my games. https://www.facebook.com/groups/963846007156190/?hc_location=group I may be providing updates and promoting my games on the group as well.
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