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  1. Where did you get the enclosures for those controllers. They look like to be the right size. They do not need to be super fancy. Can always paint and coat them. Just durable and big enough to hold the components. Maybe something like this :
  2. It would start with where to get some good enclosures like the ones seen in the above photo. Those are about the right size most people would be useful. Small and easy to store. The arcade buttons are always a nice addition. What is that thing with the 5 fire buttons. The reason why I bought up driving controller is that many were requesting that I make a few games that support the Indy 500 Driving Controller. Tempest Elite, Megaoids, Tile Smashers, and the 2nd release of Delta Space Arena all support Driving Controllers and Trackball. There might be some demand in the hardware market as well.
  3. I have been wondering if anyone seen any active projects regarding making new Trackball and / or Driving controllers that I/O through the DB9 port? I am not sure what the market and demand would be for these. Many are using controllers that are 20+ years old. If they break, there are limited replacement options. If someone is interested, please say something. I know about the Eladding controllers, but the feed back I got about those is that many are saying they may be, too expensive or too heavy / bulky. I see several parties producing joysticks, 5200 controllers, paddles. But my Google searching keeps leading me back to old controllers. Might be a small market there if someone is willing to put a few together. 3D Print the case or get a premade electronics enclosure that can be hand held.
  4. I have been looking over these repair videos. I figured a good place to post them is here. Atari 5200 Controller Refurbishing Atari 5200 Joystick Gold Plated Contact Upgrade! Atari 5200 Controller Repair Part 1 - Fixing Two Common Problems Atari 5200 Controller Repair Part 2 - Replacing the Flex Circuit
  5. When starting a new game, first thing I decide on is the graphics mode and display list.
  6. I have been randomly searching YouTube, and in the last week these videos starting popping up.
  7. We are having a technical issue that is having everyone baffled with reading multiple joystick controllers on a real 5200. It seems like from time to time, the player 2 fire button totally stops reading for awhile. Then starts reading again. I am sure I am not messing with the latch bit in GRACTL, that causes the fire buttons to read pressed until Latch bit is cleared.
  8. A bit of good news so far is that we announced on here and I announced on my Facebook group before anyone else. This could be a shock to them that we are moving to porting games to the 7800.
  9. Do you think you have seen some weird Media for playing music, movies, games, or storage for your computer?
  10. Coming Soon!! Here is my video I made using the emulator to clearly show the game clearly. Putt Eighteen Miniature Golf for the Atari 7800. This game has 6 different courses and an Random Course option that random plays a set of 18 screens from the six courses. All the sprites are multicolored graphics on the 7800. Other feature it has above the Atari 8-bit version is it also has tunnels, represented by what looks like extra holes, but trapezoid shaped. If the ball connects, it will disappear for a second, and appear where the tunnel ends on the screen. One or Two Players. Can turn off the obstacles and hills. Can play the cross hair, ball will shoot toward where you point at, hold the fire button down depending on how hard you want to shoot it. Also has the option to play the 2600 putting style, the further your "club" or square is from the ball, the harder you hit it in the opposite direction.
  11. https://github.com/peteym5/CC65_Mind_Field I have completed my first game in C Programming Language. I am doing this for my own learning experience and sharing what I learn with others. The game is simple as with the Pascal Version. The difference here is that I added an additional ML call to scan the screen around the character you control. The minds highlight in Blue. This is one of my reserved games and this version is being kept as open source. I have considerations of a more enhanced version that will have a vertical scrolling screen with obstacles, shells,moving tanks, and bunkers with enemies shooting from them. It will be sort off a mini "Ikiri Warriors" type game.
  12. Well Windows PCs probably be Intel Dominate for a long time. Unless AMD comes up with a super good CPU causing Microsoft to start supporting a new CPU standard. If you build your own PCs, Many places have to AMD processors priced lower. Everyone tells me that you are paying just another $10 just for the Intel name on the processor. Anybody remember there was a 3rd company making CPUs back in the 1990s called Cyrix?
  13. Found this in my Facebook group. Thought I might share it here also. Norths.de Classic Projects: The result is a Diy joystick with 9-pin connector for Commodore and Atari Joystick that is now suitable for every retro player - whether left-handed or right-handed. The next is that the Rabiator offers a middle button for Amiga games that need a second button. The whole is made of stable birch wood and laser cut. 100% arcade technology is also installed. The stick can be designed as you wish: the housing color, the button and joystick ball color and the actual controller overlay can of course be designed freely. A pure USB variant is of course also possible.
  14. Tempest Elite + is a MUST HAVE! "Releases from Video 61 released games are only available via purchase, and I know of no other legitimate or ill legitimate source to obtain these games roms." Review of games that we made at AtariSales. Besides myself for doing programming and putting these games all together. Video 61 for manufacturing the cartridges and printing material and packaging. BlackCatz40 Kamakazi 20012, and Justin for assistance with Music, Title Graphics, and Beta Testing. https://intotheverticalblank.com/2020/06/14/review-and-video-game-play-tempest-elite-megaoids-venture-48k-animal-keeper/?fbclid=IwAR0ipDsrANjZjcfMpqUbDKWYvy4uZhx_BuJe1lMlhzZmQDlT2W5qUZXaWK8
  15. I think CC65 is packaged. I set some time aside to learn C language.
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