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  1. Hello. With everything that is going on in America and around the world right now because of the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic has great concern. Many of us are scared, concerned for family and friends, and many are out of work. I and along with my team hope that everyone. If you do not need to, stay home if you do not need to go out. I am working as a security guard and my community has not been hard hit yet, and not dealing with much chaos yet. I need to deal with people and travel to and from work by metro bus. My job is considered essential. I try to wear gloves when I can. I know many of us within the Atari Community have been around for a long time and seen a lot. I know many do recover from the illness from Covid-19. The important thing is we keep ourselves safe until a vaccine has been created and more medical infrastructure is in place. These things do take time. Take Care. Stay Home, and enjoy some video games.
  2. If stores start limiting hours, it is going to force people to crowd in the stores when they are open that normally would be visiting later in the day. Some people work different shifts, so some cannot shop for their needs earlier. So it is going to force some people to take time off just to shop. We found out the hard way the Wal Marts in Western New York area are closing at 8:30PM. My brother works to 8PM most nights and I work until 11pm, so we have to wait until our days off to shop.
  3. We have access to 7800 Bank switching carts / boards. What I need is the specifications on these boards. Where RAM or POKEY located or which areas get swapped out during bank switching. These are 128K, 128K RAM, and 128K Pokey. Same cartridges Atari used for Winter Games and Summer Games.
  4. I have been using "Prosystem" and "Emu7800" to do runs of the 7800 games. Emu7800 may need data in the A78 header, but I never had the patience to mess with it. With each build. I heard about a mame 7800 emulator, I had it installed last year before my Windows crashed and had to reinstall everything. Had some problems getting this program to run and had to keep going back for support. I just remember there were issues.
  5. I was about to say, I am not sure if they will be saving a whole lot of money using black and white labels. Corporations normally outsource printed materials or use bigger machines than what we have sitting on our offices and homes. Wonder if that was a Jack Tramiel thing.
  6. That is amazing. Maybe it is possible to put a few games together that can take advantage of this type of controller.
  7. We are working out a few minor problems before publishing Putt 18 for 7800. We have also Tile Smashers in the works along with a few other popular titles we done on the 5200 and 8 bit.
  8. Glad everyone likes our first game we are putting together for the 7800. We are still learning about the system.
  9. I would like to thank everyone that assisted with the production of the game. I would like to continue production of Atari 8-bit games and do ports to the 5200 & 7800. If anyone has any concerns, make suggestions, and report issues, they will need to post here on Atari.IO for us to respond or email us directly. Posting anywhere else will not matter, ignored, and will not get any assistance from myself or Video61.
  10. Many pirated or bootleg movies come from China, Japan, and regions of South East Asia. It is no surprise you can get some gadget that can duplicate video from various formats. I had friends in the Military coming back with bootleg movies. That was before movies came down in prices to under $20 USD. You can order many VCD format movies online coming from there. To me a VCD looks like a VHS video recorded at EP. What could had saved the VHS was if someone came up with a digital recording format on magnetic tape. I think a few people tried, but they waited until after DVD took the market.
  11. There is probably software that allows you to do this from your PC. All you need is Composite or S-Video Out to your VCR. But the VCR is outdated. The modern hard drive is about the size of a video cassette that can hold many times my old video tape collection in much less space. But I do miss those days. Imagine what will be available 10 years from now. Every movie and TV show ever made stored on a thumb drive. I am someone that reached DVD with a small collection and never jumped onto Blu Ray. I know Blu Ray would not have a big impact on the market because many People invested in collecting DVDs since 2000. How would these companies expect everyone to switch that same collection to Blu Ray? You really need a huge screen to see a difference.
  12. I know there are many people still around here that remember the good old VCRs and remember people taping shows from cable or copying tapes by attaching 2 VCRs together. Such fun days those were. From what I remember, there was a copy protection on some video cassettes that put bars above the frame that were high intensity black and white and sometimes changed from dark to white. Messing with VCR recording and screwed with the playback. Some brands of VCR still were able to copy without any issues. Anyone here ever play with This stuff.
  13. Conversions of my Atari 8-bit games to the 5200 are continuing. Currently working on "Laser Blast X" and "Surround'em". I am running into an issue which I track back to setting the DMACTL register. It seems if I write 0 directly to the register and 0 to NMIEN prior to disabling the screen before drawing a new one, it seems to cause issues with the games. Odd Data left in Player / Missile memory and weird stuff happening during game after it resumes, or just locks up. I am using the 5200 OS NMI handler, and Vectors. I have to time the disable just right or else there will be a problem. They don't work exactly the same as the Atari 8-bit ones.
  14. It would had been possible to combine the Atari 8 bit chips onto a single chip, they were attempting it already when Tramiel took over and canceled the project. Think it was CGIA, they probably could had put Maria in there with a register to switch between them. I agree they should had done a 7800 mark 2, include Pokey and fill the first 16k with RAM minus the locations used for chip register areas.
  15. During the early stages of development I was attempting to see how many different screens I can make available on the cartridge. I ended up with 72 screens for 4 18 hole courses onto a 16k ROM cartridge. I wanted to have something that will give people reasons to keep playing and give them something different each time they play. How many people will like to see another golf/miniature golf game based on this engine I designed for this game?
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