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  1. Sorry, this probably wasn't a great one. I was trying too hard to be clever, and I've only had a couple hours of sleep. 😛 Kool-Aid Man was indeed right. You should go next!
  2. Platform: Atari 2600 He's red with anger. He's had his fill. Lost his cool. That was the last straw.
  3. Platform: Various Wee three, by a tree Will squeal with glee when they see Fallen enemy
  4. Platform: Various Climb down to the top Heads will roll, interloper Do not lose your hats
  5. Platform: Atari 2600 Oil? Railroads? Solar? No sir, the best investment Is video games
  6. Platform: Atari 2600 Forget the canine, Checkered cart of great bounty.... Feed that skinny nag!
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