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  1. 48,330 EDIT: Decided to clean my monitor after posting this.
  2. I should actually be able to be in the chat today!

  3. 20190815_165947.thumb.jpg.bd41a3946c21824e02b7d71f5f72dff3.jpg

    1. RickR


      How'd you do that?  I have a everdrive too!


    2. RadioPoultry


      Cool! I just bought my Everdrive GB recently. Neat little device!

      I've been studying Game Boy programming lately. I used RGBDS for my assembler, Notepad++ to edit my code, and the BGB emulator to test my ROM before moving it to my Everdrive. (BGB has some fantastic debugging tools, BTW.) I used this code as a starting point: https://eldred.fr/gb-asm-tutorial/hello-world.html. To create the tiles for the Atari logo, I used "Gameboy Tile Designer", a program that's starting show it's age, but it's still useful.

      If anyone is interesting in learning Game Boy programming or understanding some of the technical details of the Game Boy, I recommend this video: https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8029-the_ultimate_game_boy_talk


  4. I was looking at the Atari.io homepage earlier today, and I got a message at the top to supposedly update Adobe Flash. When I tried to close it, it tried to send me some files which were fortunately blocked by my browser. When I loaded the page again, the message didn't appear.
  5. Been a long time since I saw Jake the Alligator Man! Looking good!
  6. As to why I kept bothering with the gold key around the 2:17 mark in the video above... I had forgotten which castle was mine. Oops.
  7. That second to last game ferg, ro and I played had an amazing ending: I had locked ferg and ro in the black castle, and then the bat stole the key from me. Moments later, the bat came back with the key, unlocked the castle, flew inside, grabbed the chalice, flew back out, and went right into one of player's castles (I forget whose). I recorded it, but I didn't catch my own voice audio (I did on the next game).
  8. Had a fun time with Acererak and Ro on 3-player competitive this evening. If anyone else wants to try tomorrow (Monday), the game is at 6am PST, 9am EST. I'm going to try to be there.
  9. If anyone is interested, here's this weekend's three scheduled game times: May 25 2pm PST / 5pm EST/ 9pm GMT May 26 7pm PST/ 10pm EST/ (May 27) 2am GMT May 27 6am PST / 9am EST / 1pm GMT Unusually, I ended up getting the entire weekend off work, so I should be able to attend any or all of these!
  10. 97,400. Just 50 points behind @nosweargamer!
  11. I haven't played Bad Dudes yet, but does this list of moves from this FAQ help? Special Moves ----------------------- Pick Up Items Controls: Hold down and press A while on top of the item Description: If an item or weapon is on the ground, this is the only way that you can pick it up. Extremely useful. High Jump Controls: Hold Up and press B Description: Allows you to jump extraordinarily (or some would say ridiculously) high off the ground. Use this to avoid certain enemies if necessary, or to jump up to a higher platform. Low Jump Controls: Hold Down and press B Description: Allows you to jump down to a lower platform. That's about all it's good for. High Punch Controls: Hold Down and press A Description: This causes you to punch up above your head. It's absolutely useless, or at least I haven't found a place where it comes in handy. Low Kick Controls: Hold Down and press A Description: Kicks low to the ground if an enemy is nearby. If no enemy is around, you will simply punch air. This move is critical when taking down the smaller enemies. If you have a weapon, you will swing that weapon instead. Note that swinging a weapon while kneeling is about twice as fast as swinging a weapon while standing up. High Kick Controls: Push A and B at once Description: Jumps and high kicks. This is not as effective as the Spin Kick (see below). Spin Kick Controls: Hold Left/Right and press A and B at once Description: Causes you to leap forward a little bit and perform a very long and powerful kick that does a lot of damage to the enemy. Flaming Punch Controls: Hold A for several seconds to start flashing, then release A to punch. Description: The awesomely powerful punch will down any regular enemy in a single hit. It can even take down more than one ninja at a time if they are standing close to each other. The only downside is that it takes awhile to charge it up.
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