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  1. "It's a whole new challenge for your Atari VCS!" We used to mock that slogan so much because it was a challenge for my VCS to play those games. For whatever reason I found M-Network carts to be unreliable. Seemed like 2 out of 3 never worked, or worked for a while and then stopped. Ohh I was too young to troubleshoot and clean contacts. Besides, having been reading Omni and Popular Science and other pulp magazines of the era which glorified future tech as being the end-all be-all, I firmly got it my head that electronics were 100% reliable. They either worked forever or did not work at all.
  2. Console-wise I started with dedicated pong unit, and moved into the VCS on release day. Since then I owned practically every cartridge based system of the day. But I had always wanted an all-in-one system that'd play every game ever made. Today that is possible through a standard emulation box. And that means yes, despite it being virtual consoles. This enables me to sample and enjoy NeoGeo. Something I didn't like bitd, but do now.
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