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  1. Q*bert (A/A): 58,600 Improvement. Really good port but frustrating when coily reaches near the top of pyramid and when you jump on the disk he waits for you at the top cube to hit you.
  2. I plan on continuing to build up my 2600 collection as I have the most fun with this console. Recently got into the SNES which has been a blast to play.
  3. Q*bert (A/A): 40,600 This should be fun playing.
  4. Nice! How are these games compared to some of the good/great 2600 games?
  5. Video Pinball (3 A/A) : 1,734,308 Finally got the hang of this. Rolled the score. First picture just before the roll (2nd ball), second picture is when I stopped (still on second ball).
  6. Video Pinball (3 A/A): 731,056 Improvement. Might give it one more try.
  7. Thanks! I saw the site mentioned in various YouTube videos couple months ago (I don't remember whose video but probably one of the Atari.io members with YouTube videos that I frequently watch/subscribe). Decided to join here. Looking forward to being in this community!
  8. I also found if I hit the top most step closest to the plunger (doing everything else as @RickR stated) but go from the right side of the spinner can fairly reliably get into the extra ball lane. Definitely many ways to do this but that worked best for me. Hope that helps someone crank up their score.
  9. Video Pinball (3 A/A): 607,668 Saw how much fun everyone was having with this one and decided to join the forum! Never really played this game before and couldn't see why it would be any fun but after spending last two days I really like it now. Took awhile to get the hang of it but once you do you can break that 6 figure score barrier easily.
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