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  1. Agreed. Had one as a kid and loved how it looked then and still do now. Recently acquired an 800xl and like the smaller footprint yet similar design style.
  2. Jr Pac-Man: 517,860 Played this one recently at hardest level making this level now much easier after struggling with that. I am quite impressed with some of the YouTube videos I have seen and high scores.
  3. Here in my state was lucky to have many Fry's Electronics, couple of Microcenters, Circuit City, and many Radio Shacks. Frys was my favorite to just go and browse around, try out many of there demo areas, and loved the themes even as corny as they were. Lots of cables for every connector that you can need. Microcenters were great as I felt the employees were quite knowledgeable. Stores were smaller than Frys but quite fond of them. I only experienced Circuit City towards there end. Found it funny when I bought a $50 portable Sony CD Walkman and they were pushing a $75 2 year warranty. No thanks. Will buy another if it breaks. Radio shack had some nice educational items for kids back in the day. My favorite were there electronic kits to build circuits.
  4. For those that grew up in the 80s, this was interesting to see these old stores many of which I went to myself that are no longer around. He talks about the reasons which got me thinking of why I stopped going to some of these stores though I miss browsing around and trying out gadgets.
  5. 86 (+14) Some improvement! Playing with the swing type helped.
  6. 90 (+18)! That 18th hole is tough! Never played this one before but used to love the Gameboy version of Golf. Played that one against my friend with the Link cable as a kid. This one is good but I find the Gameboy take on it better.
  7. This is a great summary. I did the 820 ohm resistor add to my 4 switch rev 14 board and it did improve make the colors brighter. Worth the effort.
  8. Joust (7800, Intermediate): 71,150 Scored on emulator. Grew up playing the Atari computer version and recently played the 2600 which was able to roll. This version is really good but definitely more challenging than the other two like the arcade version. I have a version on the original Xbox (Midway Arcade Treasures) that would like to retry and see how it compares.
  9. For me, while not a dedicated gaming console, it is the Atari 400/800 systems and their derivatives. I may be biased as that was my first gaming system and first computer. I had the 1200XL version and was lucky that my close friend's dad worked at Atari. I played nearly 100 or so games most of which were great and had the best graphics for Atari games. Plus it was a computer so used word processing, paint programs, learned programming, and even arranged basic music. Between the C64's cost, marketing, and mass adoption it lost the computer/computer gaming space and the NES/remaining dedicated Atari consoles dominated the plug and play gaming space, the Atari computer line really was a niche product.
  10. Q*bert (A/A): 66,000 Probably my final effort. Really great port of this game.
  11. Q*bert (A/A): 62,000 Got in a few more runs.
  12. Awesome! PM sent. I am a fan/subscriber of your YouTube channel, particularly the 2600 reviews which I have watched most of them. Qbert was a favorite of mine on the Atari 1200XL computer. So much so that in college wrote a Qbert clone game for a computer graphics class. It was more of a tech demo to meet the requirements of the project but I was the only one trying to shoe horn a classic game into a 3D world while everyone else was doing FPS type games. This unit will get some use and a prime location on my shelf!
  13. Q*bert (A/A): 58,600 Improvement. Really good port but frustrating when coily reaches near the top of pyramid and when you jump on the disk he waits for you at the top cube to hit you.
  14. I plan on continuing to build up my 2600 collection as I have the most fun with this console. Recently got into the SNES which has been a blast to play.
  15. Q*bert (A/A): 40,600 This should be fun playing.
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