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  1. I also have a Fujinet and unocart. I too use the FujiNet the majority of the time and mostly the SD functionality as well. Agree real easy to use. They also have high score enabled games (50 or so this far) that are fun too. @RickR I may be interested in the pico for my 16k atari 400 and/or larger cartridges (such as crime buster buster does not work off my uno). Would be curious if these may work.
  2. I have 100Mbps and don't have any issues with WFH and several others using it at the same time. May want to see if you can get away with a slower plan. Also sometimes if you agree you won't leave the cable company (a penalty if you do) for 1 year they give you a lower rate per month for the year.
  3. I have debated using these apps or services as they do have benefits that my spreadsheet method does not. Only thing I don't like about using an App or service is if disappears one day have to redo it. Does Gameeye let you export?
  4. I do the same and save it to a Google share drive so have it any time I need it when out shopping.
  5. Up for sale two Atari computer games for the Atari XL and XE systems. Selling as trying to cleaning out some duplicates no longer need. Jungle Hunt - $30+shipping in US only Small box silver size (Atari 2600 box sized) rather than the larger boxed size. This game in this size seems to be more on rare size. No manual. Tested. Box has some wear and small piece of tape on front. Rescue on Fractalus - $60+shipping in US only XE blue version cart with corresponding XE manual. In good shape. Game cartridge has small rattle as many XE games seem to have but it works fine. No original XE box however box from the disk version is included that is better quality than XE version. Great game! Buy both with combined shipping for $80+shipping on US. Payment via PayPal and will ship then. Members in good standing only.
  6. Great pickups! I am a huge fan of the silver Atari computer boxes ever since I was a kid going over to my friends house whose father worked for Atari. His hallway was lined with all the computer silver box games and programs. That drove me to get as many of them myself in the last few years. I love the small box silver ones (like the one you purchased) as they are 2600 sized vs the huge paper sized versions. There are not many USA releases (around 16) with Europe getting mostly the same ones but with different art work and manuals. There is a color version of that ET manual that was originally in these small silver boxes but they cheaped out later on color. You can find that on Ebay but need to make sure it is the small box one that fits.
  7. Looks like there were 4 programmers on this game each programming one of the events. James Donald did BMX. I assume that is the reference. Do the other events have something similar?
  8. At least for the VTP you can also use them instead of the kids controller and the keypads if you don't mind not using the overlays (not that those are great to play). Agreed shame they did not use it for any "real" game.
  9. On the 2600 it captures the spirt of the computer version. I think Starmaster is a better game but I come back to this one because of the touchpad which makes it feel like I am in the bridge of a space ship. On the Atari computer though Star Raiders is flat out amazing. I had it as a kid and had no clue how to play it since I got a free copy from my friends dad at Atari and did not have a manual. Recently played it and was blown away. I am getting better every time but far from mastering it. The strategy of managing your shields, energy, computer and the shooting is great. One of the best games on the Atari computers. It is also a unique experience vs anything else.
  10. Bowling (1 A): 204 Finally broke 200! Definitely know how to get strikes more often after many practice runs; just need a good run to improve on this.
  11. Many times you can repair them by cleaning or replace the rubber stick. Interestingly enough the stick is just a tire stem (the part that sticks out of your car tire to inflate it). You can pick one up any auto store. Sometimes the contact wears out.
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