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  1. Hoping to bring something positive to a really rough time, here’s chapter 21. In this episode: Schnook Radio, Part 3 – the thrilling conclusion of a schnook’s life on the air! Music for Schnooks – I have two ears – don’t tell me to listen to The Beach Boys in mono! https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter021.mp3
  2. Holy God almighty...nearly perfect! Interestingly, the death sound starts off like that of Super Pac-Man. Wonder if that's an early clue to a new direction. 🙂
  3. Lola the beagle. Adopted her ten months ago. She's four now.
  4. It was so nice to not see the big red screen of death finally. 🙂
  5. Pie Factory goes off-topic for episode 111. Jim and Sean take a break from the usual arcade game talk and invite friends to join them in a discussion of socializing over online media before there was social media...or widespread Internet. https://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode111C.mp3
  6. Out now! Chapter 20: The All-Vinyl Episode Get a look into the analog life of a schnook as Sean talks about records: listening, collecting, advice, and clay pigeons. (Well, maybe not clay pigeons.) In this podcast: Growing Up Vinyl – coming of age in a pre-CD era My Weird Record Collection – hypertension, enunciation, and puu puu! Top Ten Favorite Albums to Listen To on Vinyl – does there really need to be an explanation on this side of the hyphen? http://schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter020.mp3
  7. I don't do roller coasters, but...thought I'd contribute this picture I took of the Shock Wave at Six Flags Great America in late May 1988, literally days after the coaster opened. It was my eighth grade class trip.
  8. This is just effing insane. How much MORE will Bob continue to outdo himself?!?
  9. Episode 110 has been unleashed! In this episode about a couple of somewhat obscure games, Jim discusses geology, whilst Sean waxes philosophical about parenthood. And games, too. Yeah, they both talk about games. http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode110_C.mp3
  10. Happy April! It's always a sunshine day when the Pie Factory Podcast brings you a new episode! This time, kick back with a couple of relaxing video games from the '80s, following Jim and Sean through their adventures. (Note: even though we at least twice mentioned the date we recorded this episode, we know that it's easy to forget or not even notice, but...this episode was recorded before the stay-at-home orders were issued! We assure you we practice social distancing. Then again, it's not much of a change of pace for either of us, given our social skills.) https://www.fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode109.mp3
  11. How about a new episode? Stay safe, everybody! In this chapter: ∙ How to Do a Podcast - perhaps something to do during your quarantine? ∙ Yes, And - tales of an improv dropout ∙ Music for Schnooks: "Going" - arguably the most significant lyric in The Beatles' entire discography https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter19.mp3
  12. Chapter 18 is out...this episode is all about...a schnook's life with beagles! You'll hear about: ・Snoopy and Spot ・Ruthie ・Lola ・Music for Schnooks: "Belly Rub" https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter018.mp3
  13. I apologize for the delay, friends, but here’s the first episode of 2020! In this chapter: ・Growing Up Catholic: The Mass — Sean reminisces and makes observations about his experiences sitting in church. ・Music For Schnooks: A Schnook Goes Underground — Stories of a past life in bootleg trading https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter017.mp3
  14. Appendix II: Christmas 2019 No reason for this appendix other than to...tie up some loose 2019 ends. More schnookdom coming in 2020! https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Appendix002.mp3
  15. Sorry, no attempt at a witty write-up this time! In this chapter: Schnook Radio, Part 2 – the thrilling conclusion of Sean’s college radio days! Music for Schnooks – Sean and a special guest review their year in concerts https://www.schnookpodcast.com/audio/Schnook_Chapter016.mp3
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