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  1. Once upon a time there were two Midwesterners named Jim and Sean. One was tall, the other was...well, also tall, but who cares? There came a time when the two decided that their mission was to discuss two arcade games from Japan, leading them to...well, you'll just have to listen to find out! http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode116.mp3
  2. dauber

    Favorite Breakfast?

    I'm not much of a breakfast food person. And I never understood why certain foods are considered breakfast food...I mean...what difference does it make what time of day you eat what foods? Your digestive system doesn't check the time and process it a different way whether it's 8:00am or 5:00pm! I hate it when I'm out and the only place I can grab a bite to eat is one that hasn't started serving "regular" food yet. And I hate eggs and hash browns. Having said that, I do enjoy pancakes and waffles. As a software developer, one morning every two weeks I have to get up extra-early for a release. After the release, I reward myself with pancakes from a nearby greasy spoon before I resume my day. ๐Ÿ™‚ (At least during our company's work-at-home-because-of-COVID directive!) Oh...and I am a fool for sugary breakfast cereal that probably shouldn't even be on the market! I have this stuff maybe once every three or four years, mind you, but it's sooooooooo good! Froot Loops...mmmmmm! (Especially in chocolate milk!) Lucky Charms....Alpha-Bits...
  3. That sucks -- that you had to put up with that abuse. ๐Ÿ˜ž I don't know if this unsolicited advice is helpful, but there will probably come a time when you have to go get the rest of your stuff. Bring someone with you when you do to act as both a mediator and a witness. Do what you need to do to make things better for yourself, man.
  4. Port it to the 7800 and you got my sale. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Another month, another episode! In chapter 25: No, my computer is NOT my girlfriend! An exploration into the joys and sorrows of a 13-year relationship Digital Alopecia โ€“ What? Does this mean that someone lost finger hair? Wellโ€ฆyouโ€™ll need to listen to find out! https://schnookpodcast.com/2020/09/28/chapter-25/
  6. Still getting hazy skies all the way in Chicago. ๐Ÿ˜•
  7. Ooh, good to know -- I love Klax. ๐Ÿ™‚ We stayed at the Birchwood in Sister Bay. Loved it! Oh...and my wife asked the conciรจrge how far a walk it was to the business district. She was told, "It's very close, but you probably want to drive; it's a pretty steep road." My wife said, "We were just in San Francisco a few months ago." "Oh...then you'll have NO PROBLEM walking then!"
  8. In episode 115, does Sean love Space Zap as much as Jim? Will they agree on a Space Invaders-esque shooter? Will George be reunited with his ticker tape machine? The Shadow knows. http://fab4it.com/piefactory/audio/PFP_Episode115C.mp3
  9. EATING it is a friend; PREPARING it is a foe...such a PITA to do. Have to pluck the leaves off the stem, which takes a long friggin' time, and it's very difficult to successfully store properly if you don't eat it all in one sitting.
  10. Might as well contribute my thoughts...in no particular order: Pinball Dreams / Pinball Fantasies Grouped as one. Never played Pinball Illusions. I had a copy of Slam Tilt when I bought my Amiga 4000 used, but I could never get it to load properly. But Pinball Dreams was the first thing I ever experienced on an Amiga, a friend's A500. wipEout2097 I have a soft spot in my heart for racing games. I bought this as soon as I got a Cyberstorm PPC accelerator for my A4000. Sadly, that card went south very quickly, so I didn't get much play out of it until I got the AmigaOne. But man...such a smooth 3D space racer. Really dug it a LOT. Walker I think it was the graphics that impressed me the most. Super-high-res and smooth gameplay. Desert Strike I played it on the Sega Genesis when my brother had one, so I had to seek out an Amiga version. On one hand, I was disappointed that it didn't have the inertia options that were available on the Genesis version, but on the other hand, I loved that it had extra digitized voices. Never could win the game, though, even with a trainer installed. (The Leader always escaped.) Klax You will never, EVER find a better version of Klax than on the Amiga. It's even better than the arcade version. Archer Maclean's Pool Not the most popular title on the Amiga, but I loved it. I always enjoyed playing pool and ergo always liked pool video games. Good 3D views, and some amusing hidden animations. Lemmings Because why not? Such a classic. Scorched Tanks Shareware equivalent to Scorched Earth. Just the overall strategy in the game; really loved it. Vroom I stumbled on this game accidentally. I feel it gets hugely ignored, mainly because of the Lotus series. There are other racing games on the Amiga that look a bit prettier, but this by far was the smoothest and most enjoyable, IMHO. Deluxe Pac-Man Because I HAVE to include a Pac-Man game. ๐Ÿ™‚ Been a big Pac-Man fan since 1981. I was a poor college student when I first started with the Amiga, and this was one of the few shareware titles I actually registered. The late Edgar Vigdal designed a really great Pac-Man clone. He also did a great Galaga clone called Deluxe Galaga that's eons better than the original Galaga. (It was also out on smart phones under the title "Warblade," but given that Edgar is no longer with us and ergo can't update the code, it might not run on said phones any more.)
  11. Shinto -- did I hear you say you've been doing the podcast for five years??? That can't be right...I only really started listening to video game podcasts a little over five years ago, and for a LONG time I'd hear your audio contributions to Ferg and NSG and wonder, "Why in the world does this guy not have a podcast?" I think I might have mentioned this somewhere before, but I don't have a Jag. Never played a game on one. But I do love me this podcast.
  12. FWIW, the show did not pin the crash on E.T. and Pac-Man -- the narration certainly did up-play them as causes, but the narrator said something like "along with a flood of low-quality third-party games" or something. I watched the rest of the series. Personally, I think it was highly enjoyable. I was disappointed that there aren't more episodes than there are. BTW, those of you who haven't seen it yet...it's not something you can watch unless you plan to keep your eyes on the screen at all times: in almost every episode, there are talking heads with Japanese creators who speak in their native tongue, subtitled in English. Unless you speak Japanese, you'll miss out if you're multitasking. ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. BTW, it's a week past my original deadline of August 19. To be totally honest with you, I haven't done a durned thing to prepare for the episode other than play the game, so I'm still open to taking feedback -- either textual or audio. (To be totally DIShonest, I'm COMPLETELY finished with the episode!)
  14. In this installment, we take a look at a beloved part of American pop culture...AND a beloved part of British pop culture! You're a Schnook, Charlie Brown! - but aren't we all? Music for Schnooks - my first compact disc https://schnookpodcast.com/2020/08/25/chapter-24/
  15. Well, not for nothin', historically, SPLHCB was a seriously mind-blowing album. (Then again, it was The Beatles' answer to Pet Sounds; which in turn was Brian Wilson's answer to [the US version of] Rubber Soul...) There's a lot of game-changing stuff on there, both musically and technologically.
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