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  1. So the other day, I was able to hold it and snap a picture with a gold Nintendo world championship cart. See it here! So I got to thinking. If you ever came up on something like this, say, at a thrift store for cheap, would you actually keep it in your collection or sell it? to be honest I don't think I could ever keep something this valuable in my collection knowing how much money I could get for it. I feel it would be cool enough just to say I owned it at one point in time. What would you guys do?
  2. Kid A

    Games You Have Beat/Completed in 2019

    Beat Tetris Effect for PS4 on expert! I love this game!
  3. Kid A

    Games You Have Beat/Completed in 2019

    Finished mega Man 11 for the switch!
  4. Kid A

    Games You Have Beat/Completed in 2019

    Beat Super Metroid (1hr 4min) and I beat contra with no 30 lives code as well the other day! Both on IG Live. I'll keep a master list here as well! Games beat in 2019 Super Metroid (SNES) Contra (NES) Mega Man 11 (Switch) Tetris Effect (PS4) Games I want to beat Battletoads Gradius Gradius V Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker
  5. Kid A

    Gaming history in my hands!

    I can't believe I got to hold this piece of gaming history, let alone it being in my apartment and even being displayed with the rest of my games! This is totally awesome!
  6. Kid A

    Gaming history in my hands!

    He got it on ebay when about 7 years ago. He paid about $8,000 for the cart, far less than what it would go for today. He does have a backstory about how the previous owner got it but honestly I don't remember it. must not have been that exciting on how the previous owner got it if I can't remember it.
  7. Kid A

    Gaming history in my hands!

    It was pretty surreal just holding this cart!
  8. Kid A

    Gaming history in my hands!

    Oof! I realized I forgot to mention that it actually belongs to a friend of mine. I knew he had one of these but have never seen it until this weekend. He brought it over so we could all see it. We being our group of friends. It was pretty incredible just to hold this game and I'm still in disbelief that it sat in my shelf even just for a little bit with the rest of my games!
  9. 2'01"59 So hard to improve!
  10. 2'01"87 completed on IG live. So I just realized something. RadioPoulrty and my laptimes are VERY similar and essentially the very same for the last three laps. Pretty crazy! The way I see it, the first 2 laps make or break the race. And not bumping into anything.
  11. 2'02"20 (after trying like 17,000 times) RadioPoultry! 😁
  12. I would have probably picked one up but I already put the entire 2600 and 7800 libraries on my NES classic
  13. Sorry for the delay for my wish list. Been super busy with work and an birthdays in the family. Here's what I would enjoy! Legend of Zelda collectables. Anything should be good. If I get doubles, like figurines and such, I keep one sealed, and open the other to display. Atari related shirts. Size XL.Dark colors preferred. I don't have anything like this so don't worry about buying something I already have. Atari 2600 games, NES, or SNES games that are fun that I don't have on this list... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O9alTUHgcwIPAh_7vNuZVnnkZCbkywzffQQktRnrWMM/edit?usp=drivesdk There's a couple ideas
  14. Atari Flashback Blast! Basically a HDMI dongle that has the games with a wireless controller. Seems cool. But some seem better than others. Having different amounts of games seem kind of weird on each and they are the same price. Anyone else seen these yet?
  15. Did this during IG live session! 2'07"86
  16. Great score! I tried my hardest and when I got to score that I did. I think I did clear three times. That was really hard to do. it sucks that when you don't even take a shot that it counts as a missed shot too.
  17. It would be cool to see some arcade games with mame emulation. A lot of old arcade games were made to shoot for the highest score possible. Some others would maybe be most nes black box games, a handful of Activision 2600 games.
  18. Welp. Dem switches were in the wrong spots. Didnt even notice. My previous score has been withdrawn. Here's an updated score. 711
  19. Hmmm I'd have to check when I get home. What's position b on an Atari 7800? Left or right? That's what I played on this time.
  20. Kid A

    Squad Challenge - Tetris (NES)

    Here's a couple tips I have. The first is obvious. Score as many Tetrises (4 lines in one drop) as you can. These are worth the most amount of points. These can obviously be done only with the "I" piece. Here's the scoring breakdown right from the manual. Second tip is knowing your pieces. What I mean by that, is to know what pieces fit in what crevices just by sight. Knowing that an L piece will fit in a spot that's 3 deep with an open spot to the left. Knowing this helps tremendously, especially at higher speeds 3rd tip. Know when to block the well when setting up for Tetrises. Even though in the example as shown in the picture, yes you're blocking off the well but since lines are completed those lines will go away setting you up for a Tetris. This also helps a lot to get rid of lines when playing at higher speeds. Here's another example In this example once the reverse L piece is dropped, a line will be completed. But the Well will remain closed. But with the next piece, you drop it as shown under next into the open gap, and the well will be open once again only being blocked for 2 piece drops.