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  1. Can't find a photo of this one, but it should have been used for the flyer :)
  2. Thanks Rick. I forgot there's also reverse-image apps to figure out the sources of images.
  3. One of the Adventure photos I posted has that same "W" sticker, and here's another Skiing with the same: And here's a box for a pirate version of River Raid:
  4. Here's a few more.
  5. But not proper credit to the person who wrote that comic (Warshaw). I thought the full-size Atari Force comics were just as good as the mini-comics, if not better. The artwork was superb. Gerry Conway and José Luis García-López worked on the first 13 issues, which is basically where the story ended IMO. The last 7 issues were done by different folks. Conway also wrote the mini comics with Roy Thomas. I have all of them on my site: http://www.ataricompendium.com/archives/comics/comics.html Atari Force certainly wasn't Conway's best work, but was certainly acceptable (esp
  6. I'm more concerned about how the game kept 'crashing' when ZPH was booting their system up. So after seeing their website and commercial, and the ZeroPageHomebrew premier, here's my 2c about it (and then some). There were some questionable statements made in that Audacity video that some of the comments on AA have commented on. The biggest of course was the comment about how they're not homebrewers. Crane says homebrewers make games from home whereas they're a publishing company. My take is, they're programming and producing the games from HOME. Just like... every other person wh
  7. The cart LightBlue2222 used for his 63,260 score was the 1987 released version. I have 6 Pole Position carts at the moment, and some of them are the 1987 version. I'll dump them as soon as I can and let everyone know the results. The person from Atariage, "MayDay", who got the same score back in 2014 used the Stella emulator. He wasn't sure where he got the ROM image from, either Atariage or EmuParadise.
  8. Atari's were never white, they were always an off-yellow.
  9. Here's a near-complete list of all the VCS arcade conversions: http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/arcade_ports.html
  10. The VCS and 7800 adapters were self-contained consoles because the 5200 was very INflexible and non-expandable. It was designed to intentionally be a closed system, according to Rob Zdybel: https://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-interview-277-rob-zdybel-atari-part-2
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