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  1. My thoughts on the Intellivision Amico:
  2. Commodore 64 Chopper Command has arrived!! My Mini-review:
  3. Pretty sweet. Did I count more than a dozen gameboys, a vectrex, all kinds of nintendo goodies. Let's not forget the zelda blanket... I wish I were this organized...
  4. Some recent C64 games that may have flown under the radar:
  5. Nice Bruce Lee shirt. Looks like he's jumping right out from within you...
  6. Thank you. It really is a great product, well worth it and helps to support the developers that are still coding for the Intellivision. With this product they can make the ROM work just for your cartridge to try to stem the tide of piracy and protect their IP.
  7. Time to update those Intellivison LTO Flash! carts!
  8. One of the greatest games ever, in my top 5.
  9. Although these are the only ones I have checked out, I have to agree they are nicely done and I would recommend them. As you have experienced they do make great gifts and stocking stuffers.
  10. I agree this game is mind blowing. I am so glad talented people are still developing for all of the old gaming consoles, especially Champ Games!
  11. Four different Galaga Minis reviewed!
  12. I am bowing out now. Thank you @stormsurge! Was loads of fun..
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