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  1. I am in for sure... Always fun to do that.
  2. Looks like the retro tower of babel. Ha ha, congrats!
  3. Absolutely agree๐Ÿ’ฏ... Well said!
  4. My farewell to Nukey Shay... Rip
  5. Was that from "Halt and Catch fire" ? Anyhow were they really talking about the TI99/4a or is that a coincidence? Anyhow what a great show that was...
  6. I agree with @RickR, I prefer the hyperspace. Had fun playing Asteroids!
  7. Anyone like the Plastic Model hobby? IPMS Las Vegas Convention 2021 - Gray Defender Blog
  8. Super cool. I have an Atari Jr. and what I love about it are how vibrant the colors are even coming off of coax.
  9. Sweet. That's what I like to see downgrading HDMI to view games the way they were intended to be viewed, ha ha. Congrats on finding a solution. I have the phoenix as well and it seems to work great.
  10. Yeah, I agree it's a great little game...
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