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  1. I paid about $150 for a boxed Atari Jaguar about 5 years ago...
  2. Robotron 2084 Demo Gameplay for the Atari 2600 using the Edladdin Super Twin 78.
  3. Looks great doesn't it? I have just posted by gameplay video of the demo, using the Edladdin Super Twin 78.
  4. My review of the 30th Anniversary Edition of the Making of Prince of Persia Book
  5. Today is a double shot for you. I present my reviews of Intellivision Cosmic Avenger and Wizard of Wor!!!
  6. In a slight departure from retro gaming, today's video is a look at my cassette tape to digital journey.
  7. Looks like a must purchase, along with the XM, for those of us that did not get in on the pre-order so many years ago...
  8. Great point and there is always something I forget to cover, wish I did. Would have been a good idea to try and use an actual Intellivision controller or flashback version and see if I could make that work...
  9. Thanks! I hope I don't disappoint you...
  10. Four system emulation guide...
  11. John Champeau (and his team) are simply amazing!
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