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  1. My Neptune Lander Elite Review:
  2. Taking a closer look at the Arcade1up Pac-Man collection:
  3. My review of the Atari 2600 Holiday Homebrew Companion by Arenafoot:
  4. She is in a much better place now. Condolences to Oscar.
  5. My review of the Retrobits goRetro! 260+ device: https://graydefender.com
  6. Wow I believe that is true. Impressive! Yeah I also love Atari 2600 Pac-Man, but I prefer Pac-Man 8K by Nukey Shay which makes a few improvements to the game... Although not an arcade port , I love ET... Got sooo much hate. If I had to pick favorite arcade port it would probably be Space Invaders...
  7. No matter which one(s) you pick they will probably be somebody's favorite! Came across this list over on AA: List of ALL arcade ports? - Atari 2600 - AtariAge Forums
  8. Yeah, I didn't know the circumstance until now. Really sad... 😞
  9. Thank you kind sir! Oscar also has a store on his website: The nanochess' store
  10. Let's support Oscar who's wife is having a health issue, those who can. Over on AA they are having a fund drive, selling some stuff, 100% going to Oscar. Intellivision SALE - The OSCAR fund drive - Intellivision / Aquarius - AtariAge Forums paypal.me/nanochess
  11. Zombie Madness for Intellivision:
  12. New Wave Toys Dragons Lair Replicade quick review:
  13. Ah, yes, I only just discovered the thread in AA, and I unfortunately did not comb through it even though it's only about 2 pages. Ha ha. I do try to be thorough most of the time. Anyhow It is a nice little addition to the book and it came in handy reading it...
  14. Thank you... Oh really, I didn't know that. I am going to order other book for someone in the family...
  15. You will enjoy it, I am sure of it. I thought it was great!
  16. Intellivision related Christmas Carol Vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents Book Review:
  17. Gray Defender Launches BLOG: https://graydefender.com/
  18. A quick look at the Eight Bit Annual 2019 Edition:
  19. Commodore 64 Neptune Lander Elite Preview:
  20. Welcome to the Atari.io forums! Looking forward to seeing your new Atari game!
  21. Hyperkin Trooper Joystick Review:
  22. Top 10 as a child: 1 - Adventure 2 - Mountain king 3 - E.T. 4 - Asteroids 5 - Missile command 6 - Pac-man 7 - Space Invaders 8 - Pitfall! 9 - Megamania 10 - Combat Top 10 as an Adult: 1 - Jr. Pac-Man 2 - Ms Pac-Man 3 - Space Invaders 4 - Missile Command 5 - H.E.R.O 6 - Pitfall II 7 - Indy 500 8 - Stargate 9 - Demon Attack 10 - Ice Hockey
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