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  1. Nice video. ET was a great film and a great Atari 2600 game, which I received for Christmas when it came out.
  2. Thanks Justin, I appreciate it. Not a huge market for them (book reviews) but somebody should be doing them once in a while...
  3. Great to see you're in the spirit of the day. I thought it was pretty funny!
  4. My review of the Vintage Commodore 128 Personal Computer Handbook
  5. My Mini-Review of Ninja Odyssey
  6. Atari 2600 Astronomer homebrew review
  7. Commodore: The Inside Story Book Review
  8. My visit to the So Cal Retro Gaming Expo on February 23th, 2019
  9. Pretty cool project. I found this link: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/
  10. My quick review of the Midway Classic Arcade Classics Volume 1 plug and play device:
  11. This is embarrassing. In my complete gameplay video I did not complete the game. Shadow switcher is a terrific new game for the Commodore 64. This video spoils the ending:
  12. Thank you Justin, will do...
  13. Thought I might start posting new video content here to share with you guys...
  14. Merry Christmas everyone!  For my 200th video, its "Mappy Time!"  https://youtu.be/nlxpKJEXGxc Mappy to the left, Mappy to the right...

    1. RickR


      Wow, congrats on 200 videos!  Quite an accomplishment. Merry Christmas to you!  


    2. GRay Defender

      GRay Defender

      Hey, thank you,  all AD free also.  I appreciate it.  Hope you enjoy the holidays as well!

  15. They are cute and pretty good. Had never seen them before over 79M views...
  16. Hello everyone this is my first Intellivision game review. I hop you enjoy it! Either way check out Ultimate Pong...
  17. FYI, I just received some kind words regarding my review from "Throwback Games" on my YT channel. Having that validation feels great...
  18. With the NBA finals having just started, I thought I would post my JAM IT review for the Commodore 64. It's only two years late...
  19. It really does. I know I've only just scratched the surface so far. Can't wait to play again and get further into it.
  20. I recently picked up the Intellivision game board for Mystic Castle from David Harley. In this video I demonstrate what to do with the game board and have a little bit of terrible game play of Mystic Castle. I also show off Mark Thompson's website where you can pick up some homebrew manuals+overlays.
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