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  1. Got this incredible book and record about the history of Pac-Man. This is probably the best thing I’ll get this year and it’s only February.
  2. This just one great game on this awesome collection.
  3. Liked the character and game design as a kid but had trouble playing it. Appreciate it more as an adult.
  4. My Black Friday pick-ups from Digital Press. They had used games at 20% off.
  5. A couple of weeks back I was at Too Many Games checking out an indie game for the Switch by Premium Edition Games. It was cool but I didn’t want to buy it because I didn’t have the console yet, even though I knew I’d get one, which I did. When it comes to these Amico boxes that include a coin and lenticular card for games that aren’t finished for a console that’s also not finished it’s simply something I’m not interested in.
  6. Highlights from the event. I bought the Pac-Man book, Turbo board game, a Pac-Man and Dragon's Lair pin. We had a great time!
  7. It's a really nice controller used on any system but on the Phoenix it's mostly what I use.
  8. Here's a take on NES Ice Hockey (a favorite of mine) only this moves at a slower pace but is still a great game. I bought Super Blood Hockey on sale for 70% off from Steam and it cost just $4.49! In this video I am playing a 12 vs 12 game.
  9. I got my copy and really like it!
  10. mmaxfit

    Bruce Lee on SMS

    The person who made this did an excellent job. And although it only took 13 minutes to finish the game it's still worth playing again and again.
  11. Rather than going to their website, it's better to contact them on Facebook through ColecoVision Lunatics or the CollectorVision Phoenix group. Ask there in a post and someone from the group or CollectorVision will answer.
  12. It's worth the wait. And you're welcome.
  13. I'm seeing questions about the Phoenix so I give some answers in this video. It's such a great system and I hope you're able to get one if you have not already.
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