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  1. I find it fascating, the v2 of the SMS because it resembles the unreleased Atari Panther so much and I had only just recently stumbled upon the fact that Sega even made a second version of the SMS and it wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I even knew the SMS existed. Very cool 😃
  2. Wow... a TG16 AND a SMS v2 in one picture. Saucy stuff!
  3. Wow, the Tyros does look like a really nice toy! =D In the case of your experience, you would for sure love this thing and truly appreciate what you can do with it I feel. I haven't been able to set it up with either PC or ST software packages yet (waiting on replacement USB MIDI cable for the PC and new disk drive for ST) so I'm unsure what to expect other than loading it without the Hotz connected and briefly going through the vast amount of options and settings available. Right now I'm just experimenting with it solo as nothing more than a stand alone MIDI controller which is allowing
  4. Yeah, depending how you press it the tone changes - it's similar to a regular touch responsive keyboard only it feels as though you can control it a lot better on this. It's one of those things that have to be experienced to be understood as describing doesn't really do it justice. I'm wanting to do an actual review of this device since I've never seen one done but will wait to get some experience with the included software before doing so. Seems as though only a handful of people have ever used one and even less used in production. From what I could find, only 3 bands in total used it (F
  5. Strange how timing and such works out. A year later and many years of lusting (plus a decade) I finally had a Hotz Box sent out to me the same day you posted this but only just now catching up with everything after the holidays. I was actually in Tennessee when the unit arrived back at home in Indy so the excitement had to be contained until I got back home several days later. Anyways, it's a lot bigger and heavier than I thought it would be and it's definitely far cooler than I could have ever imagined. I'm going to make some proper videos for this since there really isn't much out ther
  6. Very cool, would love to pick one of these up some day 😃
  7. I think it's just best to start a thread, don't see why not, but I'm not seeing the Jaguar forums over here very active at all sadly. Everyone else seems to be in either one of the Facebook groups, AA or just keeps their distance. Most of their included demos have a lot of great info and the Rb+ tutorial is included but I feel like that Doger demo may be a little bit much for most and easier or more simple tutorials need to be made that help someone from scratch instead of a ton of graphic objects and lines of code but I think the community is definitely there to help anyone who asks, same
  8. I will be receiving one of the first completed production samples sometime this week / week-end. Looks like they have turned out great and will share pictures here once it arrives. Really cool that it's finally nearing completion.
  9. Yep, that was it! Virtual Reality playhouse and yep, you're thinking of the exact one I am. Good times.. =)
  10. When I was building, websites didn't exist lol ;-) but this thread fondly made me remember the 3D floating computer program that would calculate how fast your PC was in terms of 3D FPS (before dedicated video cards of that nature really existed) and last time I ran it on a more modern PC sometime early 2000 it was like 1,100 frames a second haha... Anyone remember the flying 3D bird overhead that was made up of only pixel pointers? Interesting times and tech and how it all evolves.
  11. Nothing much in the way of progress yet. The first thing needing to be finished is the Pro Controllers, which appears to be closing in within the next 2-3 weeks. The guy that was working on the JagDuo PCB side of things is completely swamped with real life/work and I'm looking for someone on the same caliber of his expertise to handle taking over the that portion of the project. SainT may be interested in doing it at some point but I'm not going to pile this on his already overflowing plate with the JagSD cart he's still ironing out bugs on. Time flies but I'm hoping before the end of the
  12. John Hardie, Bill Dermody and myself will be sharing a few tables to host Jagfest 2018 there this year so if anyone is going, please feel free to stop by and play some unreleased goodies!
  13. For those who may not have already seen this elsewhere, I received some really nice frosted and clear Lynx stands today and can't express just how nice they are. Especially considering the price for two of them shipped to me was right at $20. Look up RoseColoredGaming if you're interested. 7.99 once you add it to the cart otherwise they're $9.99 normally. and by itself: Both clear and frosted:
  14. Such awesome stories and great pictures. I have limited Toys R Us stories but will share sometime, with no pictures so you'll have to use your imagination 🧠. Really dig that Lynx banner 😃
  15. Thanks for the correction, I eventually plan on updating it later this year and will correct it then along with whatever else I change. It has been suggested to make the Jukebox place randomly on-screen as not to create burn-in for those using CRT and I may implement a play all feature and/or randomize song play if I can get the amount of music to about 20 tracks in a 4MB space.
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