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  1. Tonight's Desktop - Image at link 😎 https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpaper/comments/lunqkj/the_invencible_3840x2160/
  2. It's funny to me now being a huge NES and SuperNES fan back in the day that I never owned any type of Nintendo handheld until getting my first, a RED Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP model I think about 3 years after it launched! I never had much interest in handhelds before then and literally got it to keep my entertained during over night Security shifts that mostly consisted on sitting on a barren lot. Even my most played games The SIMS on it which again was not something that interested me typically on other platforms but was an awesome time waster for me. The Sims Bustin' Out was my jam. These days I also have a Phat original Mario Edition NDS which sadly, has these dark spots on the top screen, they appear dark on a bright image and light on a dark image, I have NO IDEA how they developed 🙁 I took out my Phat NDS a few weeks ago just to see something, the battery was STILL holding a little charge but I was shocked honestly, because I even kept it in a nice branded case, when it booted up you see these 3 highlighted DOTS on the screen? I was like WTF? That was disappointing being the only NDS I have. Also, I have THIS one, a really nice GREEN Gameboy Pocket, green is my favorite color so I love it, which I got a a few years ago, I honestly forget the details on how I acquired it, and a few odds and ends. Never had an original DMG or a Gameboy COLOR. Never had any until the GBA SP I mentioned. Since the top screen is screwed on my NDS, it's not unplayable but just annoys me so I'd likely go back playing on the SP if it came down to it! That thing is still 100% ! But yeah, it is surprising I NEVER once owned a original classic Gameboy considering how much I was into Nintendo previously.
  3. Painting an image I just made 😆Here is a silly little thing. To be clear this is not intended as instructional and is nothing great, it is simply me having some fun with my iPad mini and Apple Pencil, I am still learning the program, the tools and how they all work 😀 I only leaned of the apps ability to record the process and simply wanted to test it, just a proof of concept, I even screwed up accidentally deleting my creation of good old Frankie here but thought a quick little colouring would suffice. I want to get better and comfortable enough to create something and record it from start to finish but in the meantime just wanted to share the fun I am having. 😎 





    1. Justin


      That's INCREDIBLE Rob!

  4. Dude, I subscribed and being on Youtube (MaximumRD) since 2008 with hundreds of subscriptions that is something I do not do very much these days and more often then not when checking out a NEW youtuber I don't expect to subscribe but you earned it. Short and concise but managed to convey your personality and more importantly does not feel like a "made up" personality, you were funny, entertaining and informative AND you managed to pack that all within a 10 minute video? Hell, I drone on and on and on in my vids mostly but that's just me 😉I appreciate a video that is not longer then what is needed to convey the message, hell there are youtubers I absolutely LOVE and I think do great professional work that I often fast forward and skim through to grab the good bits simply because they are going on and on or just repeating what they just went over unnecessarily or simply to stretch the video out to fulfill a certain amount of time, I see none of that here and appreciate it. WELCOME, that is a great video to introduce anyone thinking about picking up a 2600 to. Great job! Keep it up, have fun and be yourself!
  5. MaximumRD

    3D Images

    Took this just now after retrieving from the Drawer beside me. Did a video about my love of 3D way back 11 years ago, early on my Youtube Channel as well. Obviously any info or links are subject to have changed since then.
  6. Uhm seriously Fake / SPAM / Phishing / Malicious Norton LAST ALERT MESSAGE, just how many times in a day for the last two weeks do you need to try to fool me? 😂🙄


    1. HDN


      You enjoying your new, 100% real, legitimate PS5 from that contest?

  7. MaximumRD

    3D Images

    I still have several of the Glasses! Love anaglyph !
  8. If I am honest THIS for the price interests me much more than the AtariVCS 😏 Looking forward to the video.
  9. Today's quick sketch, his Spidey sense is tingling ! 



    1. Justin


      WOW Rob! You did this all on your own?? That's amazing 🦸

    2. MaximumRD


      Thank you, I tend to not see anything I do as special but I do appreciate the compliments. I used to draw comics in school and high school of me and my friends, over the years through various hardships and mental issues I just abandoned it but having recently been gifted the Apple Pencil / iPad min 5 by my wife I been having fun rediscovering my creative side, I probably knocked this out in about 10 or 12 minutes or so and yes it was just off the top of my head thinking I would just draw Spidey. Though I am not too familiar with the various modern drawing tools and apps, back in my teen and young adult years I played around with Deluxe Paint and Brilliance on the AMIGA I had back then, art , animation and even basic titling for my home videos I outputted to composite to my VCR. Good times.

      I once even drew a image of the Danny Devito Penguin from BATMAN RETURNS with nothing but Deluxe Paint and a standard tank style ball mouse, took me forever but I was quite proud how it came out but sadly lost over the years, but I figured if I managed THAT with such basic tools surely an iPad with Pencil would allow more creative freedom though there is something to be said with creating something identifiable and creative with lesser tools for sure.

      Anyway, I AM having fun at least trying to be creative again, I will add anything else I do here for sure, I think it is a good outlet mentally as well, thanks for noticing. I think I WILL get better, I been using a basic tool in one of the apps that I enjoy as these images are never exactly as I picture them, this tool basically if you can imagine creating lines and when they connect the fill in making a solid line, I KNOW REAL ARTIST and digital experts would explain this better, I might do a short demo video at some point, anyway when the lines / shapes I make fill they create the outlines of the image I am trying to create, though I never know exactly the result I been quite impressed and happy with how they turn out, having multiple points of "UNDO" is truly amazing as well. I am also using only free or limited apps to do these, I am thinking though soon I will move on to the apps and tools that truly mimic the pencil to paper experience, with multiple levels of pressure sensitivity and even tilt control with the edge of the pencil for fine shading I have been so impressed with how close it is to the real thing. I really am having fun learning these tools, again I probably should have explored digital art more than a decade ago but I just did not really have the means. I guess it's really never too late though. I will get better. 

  10. Over in a ColecoVision Facebook Group (ColecoVision Lunatics) I commented previously on fellow member Jorge Gonzalez post about the ColecoVision Super Action Controllers, that they in fact were the first item I collected kicking off my Youtube channel back in 2008. For yucks here is the video, 3 minutes of low res cringe but it did kick off what would become a rather nice retro collection, ColeocVision related items including 2 ColecoVisions, 2600 expansion module, Steering Wheel adaptor, and I would eventually even preview the Atarimax SD flashcart for Steven Tucker beta cart (successor to his amazing USB original Atarimax ColecoVision cart) Feel free to search COLECO in my channel for several videos I made related to ColecoVision, some much improved in resolution at the very least 😆as I DID get a better camera later own, I even review a homebrew and dissect a Super Action Controller 😜 FYI I DO plan to get around to finally doing new videos though I have slowed down a lot in recent times but I can definitely do more ColecoVision related content.
  11. A Story I tend to repeat every few years 😏 Re: THE BREAKFAST CLUB, Shermer High School from The Breakfast Club (aka Old Maine North High School) - Way too long ago when I was about 17 years old (I am 52 now) a relative invited me to Chicago to spend Christmas, generous and having lived in Toronto Canada my whole life I jumped at the opportunity so OF COURSE being a huge John Hughes fan and having seen THE BREAFAST CLUB numerous times as a result I stood in front this building for a picture, I even uhm...entered the building, found it odd there were no lockers along the walls but found a room where all the lockers were stored in, I did not understand but thought maybe this was some type of remodeling. Soon I ran into a janitor (no not HIM 😛) who of course informed me the school was not actually functioning and was only used for filming or events, it had closed as a school due to low attendance, he said I was not allowed to be in the building and to leave, he didn't really seem upset or forceful so I assumed it was not an unusual occurrence for people to enter the building. Still I thought I would push my luck and asked if it would be possible for me to see the library, he said it is not even possible as the Library as seen in the film was a set they had built in the gymnasium. So I left, walked across the school field and you can guess that of course I raised my arm up in the air as I approached the goalpost in John Bender style. 😏 Sadly, this was taken with my crappy 110 camera and being young and stupid I didn't even think I would not really be identifiable or I'd have taken a few more shots close up for context 😜
  12. Well, before meeting my beloved wife 15+ years ago I had only ever traveled within my country except for a trip to Chicago thanks to a relative inviting me to spend Christmas, amazing to me as I visited the School where they filmed THE BREAKFAST CLUB. Other than that though no real travel or really the means to do so. Then I met Melissa 😍 which would change my life in many ways including travel as she had a passion for it. Now, me I cannot say I enjoy travel per say, I tend to "live in the moment" so, my enjoyment starts for me once I have arrived, exploring, sight seeing etc. So, my travel would begin with meeting my Melissa, a year later getting married in LAS VEGAS 😜 Honeymoon in Dominican Republic. We would soon move from Toronto Ontario where I had lived all my life to a small city in B.C. called Kelowna, outside of visiting various neighboring towns and cities throughout the Okanagan and B.C. we've vacationed many places, sometimes bed and breakfasts, sometimes all inclusive resorts and even a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Destinations have included - Canada: Whistler / Lake Louise / Banff / Salt Spring Island / Outside Canada: Cuba / Mazatlán / Playa Del Carmen / Cozumel / Alaska / Nashville / San Diego
  13. Have some of my STATUS posts been removed? 🤔

    1. Justin


      Nope 😎

  14. Just a couple quick silly sketches on the mini iPad with my Apple Pencil. I always seem to have a basic idea what I’m going to do but then I just sort of see where it takes me so here’s some silly comic character type sketches. 😜




    1. Justin


      Those are excellent, Rob!

    2. socrates63


      😮 Wow! When you said quick sketches with the Apple Pencil, I was not expecting to see sketches made by a professional illustrator.


    3. MaximumRD


      Well thanks guys you are far too kind. 

  15. RIP - Peter Mark Richman, Actor in ‘Beverly Hills 90210,’ ‘Three’s Company,’ Dies at 93.

    http:// https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/peter-mark-richman-dead-beverly-hills-90210-1234885944/

    Glad he had a good long life and a long marriage of 67 years! RIP. I enjoyed him even before that great Star Trek role in original Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes. 









    1. socrates63


      I didn't know the name, but that's definitely a familiar face from the various shows I watched. RIP

    2. GRay Defender

      GRay Defender

      I remember him, his look was so distinctive, great actor.. RIP

  16. 😎Airlock? I posted THIS video in 2010. Promotional tie in for DataAge - MINDSCAPE
  17. This fellow instructs you on some cool things new AtariVCS users can consider doing. 😎😀
  18. It has been shown the AtariOS can be booted on hardware, images and videos have been shown it booting on laptops and desktops with various degrees of success, meaning issues with networking, sound etc, sound is sometimes fixed plugging in a USB audio device etc. 😜😎more surprises, while the AtariOS USB stick I created worked on my desktop and a up laptop to various degrees it didn’t work on my old bedroom desktop, due to no no uefi boot options. I also imaged this Sata drive, plugged into 2011 MacBook Pro and held down option key when booting, displayed a drive called efi and it booted, Bluetooth even seems to be working though I have no Bluetooth controller, no network though I am sure it would be fine if I plugged in Ethernet. Figured would not hurt to try 😆Nice use for the old recycle bin find MacBook! I had yet to see this done on Apple hardware so thought I would share.
  19. Latest video from the fellow booting Atari OS on other machines. Note his comical description 😀 😎Love his description - "Just a video showing you how to restore the Atari VCS operating system. Here is the link to the document provided by Atari: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17TeJMIZcLIsGMJEHlQAxOb_YdIuX4GoL4bvBExAudWU/edit As mentioned in the video, this is ONLY to be booted on an Atari VCS console and definitely SHOULD NOT be booted on ANY other machine.
  20. I can only hope for a better 2021 for everyone! 😎😛

    No photo description available.


    No photo description available.

    1. socrates63


      Happy New Year, my neighbor to the North! Hopefully, we'll get a chance to run into each other at a convention in 2021.

  21. Is the ball in these typically that yellowish color when new? After seeing images in some recent topics I decided to dig mine out of storage, forgot what great condition mine was in and about the only thing I have that also still has the clear plastic on the aluminum strip (MUST RESIST REMOVING 😛) I really need to try this accessory more as it seems to be in excellent shape however, I noticed like many pictured the ball seems discolored yellowish, looking up images online it seems it WAS originally white? If it should be white might look into brightening or SHOULD I BOTHER? Is it more trouble than it is worth? I only lightly tested it upon receiving the 5200 / games etc in a lot years ago. I should do more testing and also maybe give it some maintenance if required. ANY GOOD TUTORIALS or videos on that? Also, I may have posted similar at one time but my memory is not getting any better 😛 Still, thanks in advance for any / all replies....
  22. In case I am busy I'll say it now...MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HOPING ALL A BETTER 2021! 🤶🎄🎅


  23. It would seem now even another sign the AtariVCS was rushed out the door so quickly to meet the open arms of backers 😂that yet another shortcut was taken in that the AtariOS was not even encrypted! Hmmm I a not sure WHERE this bit of info belongs amongst all things AtariVCS but I do find it interesting, I do not know much about more technical things so FYI if anyone feels the need you wont be correct ME as I am just relaying this video and info as I found it just now. At the very least seems interesting. Does this mean one does not even particularly need the specific console to enjoy all the great and magical things Atari OS offers 🤨🤔😀? Might anyone enjoy it using these methods on ANY low end Linux box or perhaps single board computer? Does this make the actual AtariVCS console even more irrelevant? Or was this whole thing faked by some horrible TROLL HATER? 😛 THE MIND BOGGLES !!!!
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