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  1. 😮😢RIP Iconic Star Trek Writer Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana Passes Away at 80


  2. Jabbering on about first snowfall, decorations, secure PC disposal. Just off the top of my head, unplanned, decided to take video while I do my rounds out in the first real snowfall here this winter. Somehow I get onto the topic of PC security and secure disposal of computers. NOTE: a resident approaches near the end hence my change in attitude.
  3. Just a heads up from the developer : ** DECEMBER 1 2019 - ROMS HAVE BEEN UPDATED TO RELEASE CANDIDATE 3 ** So for those enjoying it go grab the latest release in the original post link as he worked on some reported glitches 😉
  4. NOT MINE ! I thought those here who do not visit Atariage may not be aware of this release. I think this game looks and form the description SOUNDS pretty damn good so if you are interested in getting your hands on the ROM to check it out yourself here is a link to the source thread over on AA. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/298966-the-end-2600-new-homebrew-game/ Below I have pasted the screen shot as well as the description from the creators post HOWEVER I have not linked the roms, I think it only fair if you want to get those at the very least you can go to the original thread to obtain the roms and give a LIKE or comment some appreciation. 😉😎 as such things should be encouraged. --- PASTED FROM SOURCE -- Hello all ! Here is a new homebrew game I made for the Atari 2600 that I named THE END 2600. It is based on the 1980 Konami version of the arcade game THE END. Attached you will find the release candidate #1 of this game in NTSC and PAL60 versions. OBJECTIVE: To destroy aliens attempting to steal bricks from your defense bases. The aliens will arrange stolen bricks to spell out "END" at the top of the screen. You start the game with 3 spaceships. An extra ship will be awarded when you reach 5,000 points. Use your joystick to move your spaceship left of right and press the button to fire to the aliens. Game is over when all your spaceships are destroyed or "END" is spelled out by the aliens. THE POINTS: Each alien destroyed scores 40, 60 or 100 points. Destroying aliens carrying a stolen brick scores double. Destroying MotherShip scores 10 to 100 points plus the same amount awarded for each brick needed to spell out "END" ANOTHER DETAILS: Each level is represented by a "wave". Every 5 "waves", the MotherShip will come down to attack your spaceship. If you destroy it, a "round" of 5 "waves" will be completed. When a new "round" begins, the aliens with have to start spelling "END" all over again. The game is complete and fully playable. It has 40 levels and is fast and very challenging. The game is not exactly in graphics as the arcade version but the gameplay is. Also I have added some animations that are not in the arcade. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it ! Please tell me your feedback about the game and let me know if the game is too easy or too hard or if you find any bugs in the game. Let's see those high scores !! RaymanC
  5. "haunted grandma and grandpa" do not approve ! 😆😛
  6. Good long life! RIP ! Virginia Leith, Female Lead in Stanley Kubrick’s First Film, Dies at 94


    One of her best-known roles in recent years was in Joseph Green’s 1962 low-budget science fiction cult classic “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die,” in which she played the disembodied head of the main character’s fiancee, which he keeps alive after discovering how to keep human body parts from dying.



  7. MaximumRD

    eBay Finds

    First congrats Lee, Famicom is a beauty, one console I have never had the pleasure of owning. As for you question, you are good to go bud, as with all Japanese consoles the current is close enough in that any differences would be so minor they can handle the tolerance. It is only UK / Euro / PAL electronics you need worry of as they are on an entirely different voltage that would require converting etc, honestly why I never bothered with them.
  8. Just seen this over on AA 🙄sadly my initial post suggested using the ROM in emulation OR Flash / Harmony cart but apparently it is NOT compatible with the HARMONY. To remedy this user Batari has provided a Harmony only version with custom back switched code added to the rom itself ( his words, I don't know what any of it means 😛 ) I have not seen anyone respond or confirm YET so take it as you will, I will give it a go when I have the time, likely not anytime soon but if you have a Harmony Cart and are curious to try yourself the rom is attached OR see the link below for original thread should you wish to go thank batari yourself (or update if it works or not etc) 😎👍🍻 https://atariage.com/forums/topic/297126-pink-panther-support/?do=findComment&comment=4369706 Pink_panther_harmony.bin
  9. Ah thanks Justin, sorry I honestly did not see Arenafoot's posting. DOH! Well, just shows we all want to make sure everyone is informed and aware! My understanding though just to update is it is NOT playable on a Harmony Cart? At least a couple people over on AA said it is a no go. Still, emulation is fine and cool to finally be able to experience a game most of us never would have otherwise. 🍻
  10. First and foremost I have NOTHING to do with this but just noticed this over on AtariAge. I know some here are members there and some not so I wanted to be sure the news reached all of those who would appreciate the ROM to use in emulation or Harmony / Flashcart. PLEASE if you ARE a member over on AA be sure to stop by and give thanks to user Dutchman2000 😎🍻I am sure he will appreciate it, ORIGINAL THREAD HERE : https://atariage.com/forums/topic/297125-pursuit-of-the-pink-panther-rom-released/?tab=comments#comment-4368826 Rom attached below or of course in the link to the original thread above, your choice to make it easy! 😜 Pursuit of the Pink Panther.bin
  11. Wow for my limited 7800 experience that seems like a beautiful game for the platform and the cart looks awesome! 😮
  12. Sorry about this, god damn. What was the cause and dare I ask is your family insured ?
  13. I will try to keep it short, first I agree 100% , I been against the loss of physical media from the start and I suspected where it would lead. From online activation to requiring servers to "authentic" a game purchase I seen red flags. I bought it, I know I own it so WTF do I need some server to verify that? That would even be acceptable IF they had put in place a simple means to basically allow one to keep playing even if servers go down, I trust MY hard drives or MY media, I NEVER have trusted a big corporation to decide if I can play a game I own or not and that is really what it boils down to.
  14. RIP - Our Star Trek family lost another actor last night:, Jack Donner who played "Tal" in The Original Series episode "The Enterprise Incident” and 36 years later played a Vulcan priest in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “Home” and Kir’Shara.”

    Mr. Donner was 90 years old and passed peacefully in his sleep. Our deepest condolences to his loved ones and fans.


  15. Good stuff! Great games included and it reminded me I played GOLDEN AXE a lot back in the day 😜😎👍🍺
  16. RIP 😢 https://ca.startrek.com/news/aron-eisenberg-obituary-star-trek

    Remembering Aron Eisenberg, 1969-2019
    The Nog actor passed away today at age 50.




    1. RickR


      Way too young.  R.I.P.


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      I was so saddened by this news. In my opinion, the Cars' self-titled is one of few perfect debut albums. It's been a lifelong favorite.  Thanks for the music, Ric!

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