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  1. I'm the HULKSTER Brother ! 😎😆
  2. Just an image captured with the Logitech Webcam at 2:30 am, however, this was using Windows 11 Leaked version running in VMware 😜😎


    1. socrates63


      good looking capture -- low light without all the grains

  3. That is not a good policy, it might be good for an appliance, your washer or refrigerator and maybe even the plumbing in your house but for an operating system? Especially the Windows platform, this type of thinking leads to way more problems and issues than it avoids. Updates often provide bug fixes, compatibility fixes let alone fixing security leaks and patching flaws and holes. As for Graphics drivers, I am not saying there has never been an update that caused a problem but for the most part it's a good idea and feedback will let them know when there is a serious issue and they tend to be

  4. Installed the recently "leaked" 🙄 Windows 11 and running it in VMware. Ran a Windows 10 activation script to activate it and that worked fine. Weird stuff.🤷‍♂️


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    2. Gianna
    3. GRay Defender

      GRay Defender

      How do you like it?  The big question will be, is it fully compatible with Windows 10 & drivers, etc... I am going to wait and see how well it is received...

    4. MaximumRD


      Well, on a consumer level you are best to wait until it’s officially released rolled out as an update, it is an early release not meant for consumer use, nobody is advised to install this as their daily driver let alone update to it at this time. It’s for tinkerers like me to fiddle with but that said everything seems fine so far, no hiccups, it is really just the look/design/layout so far, literally Windows 10 with a new skin. Still, seems snappy, using little resources, personally I like it so far. I think it will be a while before anyone sees any real new features or changes to the core. 

  5. 😮😎Dragon Tamer by Pablo Fernandez
  6. It should be noted fyi that a previously unreleased and unlicensed ISO has surfaced for the Sega CD called Super Strike Trilogy . 😏 Those awesome Electronics Arts series (Desert Strike / Jungle Strike / Urban Strike ) and since the Sega CD does not have any form of copy protection one need only download the ISO in Bin/Cue format, burn it to CD-r and boot that baby up. For obvious reasons I will not link it here but a simple Google search will lead you a source pretty quickly 😉 These were great 16 bit games for the Sega Genesis so having all 3 on a single CD is pretty nice imho.
  7. I definitely recall when first trying this back in the day at first thinking "Is this all there is to it?" and then the next things you know it's 3 hours later and I am still at it. Ah I miss those simple times. 😛😆
  8. Edge much like Internet Explorer before it is pretty embedded into the OS, I suspect you like many worry probably too much about the default MS offerings, simply use what you like and don't worry about it. You CAN set up things like your default choice of web browser, it's just a case of knowing how to do so 😉 so that if you click on a link or anything that attempts to open a web browser it will default to something of YOUR CHOICE. As for completely removing Edge or even other things that seem to be overkill like Cortana etc, there all all kinds of tweaks one can do either manually or with the
  9. Well, I prefer the latest version of Windows, but then I always been into tech, built my desktop etc, I prefer not to sacrifice or risk not have the latest for security and also work related reasons but I am and always have been one who likes to tinker, understand my mentality is simply fix, disable or work around any Windows related issues, I know it pretty well inside and out and not only this I am very stubborn myself but I prefer to bend Windows to my will, I always image my OS so I can restore it easily. I do a lot of optimizing and disabling background tasks and removing or disabling "fe
  10. Heh yes this one surprised me with my Windows laptops and Desktop but fortunately this one is easy peesy to take care of. Simply right Click on your task bar anywhere and you will see a menu, from there go up to NEWS AND INTEREST and in the submenu slide off and click on OFF. You are done and that eye sore is disabled permanently. Here is a screenshot for example:
  11. I'll be honest, I was never really a board game fan. Oh, I played my share, Trouble, Monopoly, Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, various card games etc, with family mostly but honestly it was not until I started seeing pixels animated on a screen that I cared at all about games of any type. Oddly, as big as I was into Fantasy, Horror, Magic, Wizards and the like I was not even into Dungeons and Dragons, at least not the original roll the dice games, it was more like I wanted to like them, that I expected like them more then I actually did since they seemed to have all the ingredients of stuff I wa
  12. Cool thanks, the nice 5200 package I received years ago had some games, manuals and overlays but no owner's manual. 😎
  13. Yes I only ever noticed it the first time I received my new/old 5200 package, didn't even think about it but afterwards I was always sure to hook up the RF FIRST when digging it out of storage and never seemed to repeat it. I love my original 4 port, I specifically wanted the original.
  14. Meanwhile on the set of CUJO.....
  15. Some sushi, a beer and then a nice long nap. Oddly, five days after my Pfizer vaccination I think I felt a few affects today, in the span of about 10 to 15 minutes I had dizziness / lightheaded, hot flash, instant poop, not diarrhoea thank goodness but let’s just say it all came out rapidly (fear not I was already on the toilet) dry heaves but I didn’t  throw up thankfully, tingly feeling in my hands and forearm, and afterwords all my symptoms seem to subside as quickly as they had hit me. Physically now Feel perfectly fine, we had to run around and do a few errands I just feel, you know, out of sorts, like not fully focused, that floaty feeling, like that out of body type experience where you feel like you’re seeing through the eyes of somebody else but otherwise fine. No more nausea no more sweats, so yeah I will finish this and just have a nice long nap and then I’m sure once I wake up and I will feel my old self again.


    1. RickR


      I have another friend who had the same thing happened.  Quick flash of symptoms about 5 days after the shot. 

      I hope you feel 100% quickly.  I say it's worth it.  For me, it was about the same as the Shingles vaccine.  Just a day of feeling slightly flu-ish. 


    2. MaximumRD


      First shot 5 days ago - UPDATE : Well after this I slept for like 12 hours, got up a couple times to pee, considered getting up half way but thought well, I will just lay down again and see what happens and yeah seems I needed more 😆so roughly 12 hours sleep but I think I am back to my usual self now, no more brain fog or out of sorts, just needed proper rest to recover. Hope it's over at least until the next Pfizer follow up shot, 🙂

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