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  1. red duckbill dragon chalice lost in black castle bat stole sword again
  2. Damn. Just about to post this emulator. More options, I guess 🙂 https://www.emma02.hobby-site.com/download.html
  3. No idea about the context of this post. So, the first thing that came to mind is I would probably buy it just for the shell and use it for my own games. I remember scavenging 2600 commons and Genesis sports titles for shells. A dollar a shell isn't too terrible 🙂
  4. Always hoping for more insight into the prototype sequel to Adventure: Elf Adventure Good find!
  5. As a kid it was what it was. I did notice the flickering get bad from time to time. But, didn't have much to compare it to. The sounds weren't better or worse to my ears either.
  6. Recently had to respond to issues that caused paddle auto-detection to be tripped up when running Upp on Stella. THEN I changed the volume settings due to feedback that the spacey beats were too loud. THEN I noticed the laser salvos were super cheap and could easily get ya if you were on the bottom of the screen. THEN I.. etc.. etc.. This led to so many changes it's now a much enhanced version. Thus: Upp PLUS PLUS!! muhahahaha!! Can get it pay-what-you-want on Itch io. Always love feedback good or bad. Really hope peeps like the changes! https://theloon.itch.io/upp
  7. I figured it was better to put Atari.io in the screenshot. I've made improvements since the stalled release of Knabber Rob. Working out the last few kinks. As a side it has two 256 screen maps with infinite variations on the second 256 screen map.
  8. I use the hottest I can find. Usually at least ghost pepper. I get Pure Cap when i can find it. Just one or two drops per plate/bowl though. Saves a ton of money for big flavor!
  9. Cote Gamers had to pull out of publishing Knabber Rob. I'm hoping Neo Games has an opening early next year to get this game out to the public. Less groceries for me. But, it will happen. The bat deserves some limelight :)
  10. Someone on the other forums recommended you for cart shells. Definitely nice to know of more sources! I'm getting positive responses from my games in 3D printed shells - especially the glow-in-the-dark ones. I may stick with that for the time being.
  11. Ric Pryor of Old School Gamer Magazine did a write up. https://www.oldschoolgamermagazine.com/knabber-rob-a-reverse-adventure-for-the-atari-2600/ Despite many, many, many hours playtesting the countdown timer is still inaccurate. I thus dubbed them "magic minutes" but Ric wasn't fooled. On hindsight I should have just left the timer as a plain numerical display rather then pretending it was clock-like. A very good article, though!
  12. My 7800 didn't seem to care about the dust shield. BUT, like you said.. the normal 2600 needs it. So, no salvaged carts for me as I'm too clumsy to put the mechanism back in place.. sigh. Thank you for the advice, though :)
  13. I'm trying to use up the commons I've already salvaged before making more 3D printed carts. The trouble is, sometimes I goof and lose the springs that hold up that internal dust sleeve. Is that dust sleeve actually important? Structure wise? Aesthetics wise?
  14. I made a developer video (i.e. not official Côté Gamers media) showing a playthrough of the first difficulty level. The sound is off and video not quite centered properly. But, hey! Gameplay demonstration!
  15. I played this with a Twitch streamer in an earlier version. It was a blast! At one point we had 3 players LAN party style. No gotchas.
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