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  1. I hardly had time to play this one... 43,807 on my Arcade 1up clickey-spinner
  2. Congratulations @socrates63! That is an amazing score!
  3. Thats' awesome! I did the letterbomb mod on my regular wii because the optical drive went kaput, but I have not modded my WiiU yet. I am very interested to see the DSi mod if/when you do it - I have not modded any of my DS consoles, but I would love to get my 3DS "unlocked". I have been kind of chicken to do it because I actually have a lot of digital games from the 3ds store that I don't want to risk losing.
  4. I love the c64! I have a c128 (which is the big brother, but fully backwards compatible) My favorite games on the computer are (well, besides the ones that RickR mentioned): Jumpman (and Jumpman Jr.) Space Taxi Bruce Lee River Raid (The c64 version blows the Atari 2600 version out of the water(... see what I did there??)) The hobbit (Text adventure! Seriously, I'll wait... (Time passes)) Those should give you a good idea of what the c64 classic library is like There are also some great new games to check out (usually available on itch.io) Neut
  5. These are simply awesome! @socrates63, thanks for letting us know about them!
  6. Here is my first go that is worth posting - I am playing on the PS4 Arcade Archives because I was having some trouble with MAME. 19250 (As far as I can tell - Hamster does use original roms when creating their arcade archives games)
  7. Do you just DM him to place an order? I feel like I need that You Suck patch 🙂
  8. Oh - I just saw the post about the bubble lights- I'm a huge fan of those! My family decided to put up a halloween tree this year (because, why not?) and my wife found these for it: they are awesome, but you have to be really careful to get them mounted on the tree so that they are vertical and don't move around too much.
  9. I haven't had a lot of time to be in the forums lately (Halloween goings on and busy at work) - I love this thread! @HDN - you have a great collection there! I am always thrilled to see younger people take an interest in this hobby!
  10. I was always told that the upside down tree was an Eastern European thing. It was kind of a trend here a few years back too.
  11. I need to start adopting British insults. In a recent video, YouTuber Atomic Shrimp called someone a "Silly old sausage". I added that one to my arsenal right away!
  12. What are the other dip switch settings? 10,000 points for bonus What about number of lives? And difficulty level?
  13. I hope so, that is how I would prefer to play as well! Edit: did a quick search - it is also available in the arcade archives on PS4! I might go that route as well.
  14. I think that this is probably my limit 41,820 I can't believe some of the scores on this game - It's been a fun challenge! (I kind of hate the Death Pretzel waves, but overall it's a fun game)
  15. It is not uncommon for off brands to be rebranded versions of other brands. I would not be surprised if it were literally the same unit as another brand on the market.
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