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  1. I was digging through some of my old movie memorabilia and I found my Godzilla 1998 opening day promotional stuff. I decided to watch the movie again and I feel like it really holds up as fun giant monster movie. The problem is that it is a terrible Godzilla movie. If they would have named the monster something different and not told everyone that the monster was the new Godzilla - it would have been much better received. In later Godzilla movies they did occasionally refer to the monster as just 'zilla, but the damage was done (Zilla shows up for an 8 second cameo in Godzilla Final Wars). The movie itself hit a lot of the same notes that Rampage did later on. (Which I also really enjoyed) Anyways - rather than give a detailed review of the movie - I wanted to share my release day promotional "Reproduction film frame" because the idea is hilarious. It looks nothing like a real film frame and has faded a lot, but it was a great little give away at the time 🙂 I also found my TacoBell promotional CD-ROM and threw that into the mix. Enjoy!
  2. wow - totally not my game. I will keep going, but this is pretty much the best I have managed so far. 28,900
  3. I was a total Sega Fanboy back in the day, so my Super Nintendo experience is pretty limited. My first SNES was the Retron 3, which had terrible sound and couldn't play StarFox. I eventually got a SNES model 2 and a SNES Classic Mini which both can play StarFox. This should be an interesting one! (I was originally going to make a joke about playing the original Star Fox on the 2600 and submitting a score for it, but I feel like I am too new here... Also, I really don't want to subject myself to a Mythicon game if I don't have to) 🙂
  4. Here is my best. wow - this variant starts out hard, then gets crazy hard once the neutral zone is taken away.
  5. This feels more like luck, but it is a slight improvement. It seems like once you get past the tanks your score starts building rapidly. I got to the rocket stage and managed to jump it once on this run
  6. Hey - I am new here, this is my first high score challenge. I Had to try this one when I saw Atari Creep post his high score run because I love Moon Patrol (even though I kind of suck at it) I have a ton of trouble getting past the crater run that is after the first set of tanks. Those triangle ships seem to create an impossible jump every single time. I will keep trying though 🙂
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