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  1. Whoa that is awesome! I had no idea that such a product existed! thanks for the tip!
  2. I honestly don't want to go that route because I am a little scared of the 7800 cartridges not lining up as well or having loose connections. Maybe a good way to go would be to make a huge cartridge slot and then print a few different cartridge adapters for each style of cartridge... October and November are usually mega-busy for me so I probably won't get to it any time soon, but that might be a good winter project. I do have demon attack on my Harmony cart as well -- now that I know how the game looks and feels on the original cart I can play on that knowing that I Have the correct ROM installed.
  3. Here is my first entry. I somehow jammed the cart into my 7800... it may be walking funny for a while after this. I really need to dig out one of my 2600s when I want to play Imagic games. Anyways 14,245
  4. The fact that you found a local game store that happened to have a copy in stock means that you have already won! 🙂
  5. wow - this month is just flying by. I can't believe that we are already onto the next challenge! Congrats on the high score @Sabertooth!
  6. I have not played this one before! Apparently it is on my 150in1 multi cart though... so here is my initial score. I will need to read up and figure out what the heck is going on in this game before I try again 🙂 97,400
  7. Hey - I'm moving up in the world! Great job @Justin Chip's challenge is definitely a game that I would have overlooked if it were not for the High Score Squad. It's a solid game, and I will definitely revisit it (although I will probably go with the windows version in the future.)
  8. also, before you go down any rabbit holes- I know that in my areas Libraries have some / most of the equipment set up to do that and free to use. it might be a good idea to check out what is available at your Local Library! (That sounded like a PSA from the 80's)...
  9. When Windows 7 was still a thing - I used Windows Movie maker because it let me add menus and stuff (and publish a DVD image) OBS can be tricky because you have to center the capture window and smartly choose your audio sources. Once you get it set up though - I really like how simple it is to actually use. It may be an extra step, but I usually run them through Handbrake to make the files a little smaller before I archive them.
  10. for slides (remember slides??) I bought a special slide scanner, but that was incredibly hard to use and I always got mixed results with it. I had much better results setting up a clean screen in a dark room, using my projector, and taking pictures with a good camera that let me control the focus and exposure (Nikon D60) As an added bonus - I didn't have to unload the slides from the drums that way.
  11. so, I have been doing the same! I bought a USB adapter off Amazon that has composite and S video. hook up a higher end VCR (4 head stereo) That I found at Goodwill and I feed that into OBS to capture it. It seems to work pretty great for me. Before I got the USB adapter - I tried a Hauppage card in my desktop, but the USB adapter works much, much better. Here is the one that I bought - it works great on Windows 10 with OBS https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E5ITE2W/
  12. On Friday Sarah Jane Avory released her latest game for the Commodore 64. Here is my quick video review and some gameplay. Listening to my video after posting it to Youtube- I realize that it sounds like a commercial... I promise that I am not associated with the game or author in any way - I was just really impressed by it and I have been playing a ton of it since Friday night 🙂 Here is the link to buy it on itch.io: https://sarahjaneavory.itch.io/zeta-wing
  13. Yeah - I usually don't sell any games, but that was a while ago when money was a little more tight. Spending on fun stuff was not a priority and if I wanted new games I had to sell something off. That one just happened to be worth the most at the time.
  14. My biggest regret is selling Dragonforce for the Sega Saturn. I had a copy that I had bought when it was a new release and I sold it right when the price on it started to climb. I thought that I wouldn't want to play it again because I had played through it so many times already. At least I spent the money on more Saturn games, but I really want to play Dragonforce again!
  15. This time I actually did get the "Looks like you are having trouble" screen. Playing on my laptop improved my score a lot (The touch screen controls were giving me a lot of problems on the Kindle) 106,410 If I give this one another go before the end - I am already dreading the castle moat and the conveyer belt levels!
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