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  1. Mail call: Last Strike on the Atari Jaguar! A great homage to Scramble from reBoot and AtariAge! 


  2. You got it @DegasElite! Ultra Vortek is probably the best original fighter on the Jaguar and a console exclusive. I wonder if the Lynx version (Ultravore) will ever be completed and released?
  3. Saturday project: transforming an old teal Ikea Kallax into an Atari game center. 


  4. So, coming up on three years ago I had an eerily similar scenario play out due to divorce. I found myself losing my house and "man cave" garage space and living in a studio apartment. While I definitely had to downsize, the experience forced me to prioritize my collection and cut out the unnecessary nice-to-haves. It was easy enough to hide six systems in a modern entertainment console and I was actually happier with less.
  5. Any Antstream users? It's a great retro streaming service with fun Tournaments, Challenges and a bunch of great games from across platforms. 

    Find me for a challenge. Username: SabertoothRetro

  6. I spent the last hour or so cleaning and testing a box of loose carts that have been in a garage for years. So far all of them work in a stock Jr.  The third party carts were a little finicky in a 7800 and Retro 77. Atari carts all loaded with no issue. 

    I did have one mystery cart in the bunch. Any guesses? 


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    2. RickR


      Thanks for mentioning that it's a Sega.  I was wracking my brain trying to remember who made carts with those ridges.

      I'm going to guess "Tac-Scan". 


    3. Sabertooth


      It's not Tac-Scan @RickR. The variety of cart styles is one of my favorite aspects of the 2600! 

    4. Sabertooth


      And the mystery cart is: 

      Buck Rogers


  7. Thoughts on the newly announced Evercade Vs? It's a consolized version of the handheld and is largely compatible* with the existing library. Up to 4 players for multiplayer games. https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/23/22396247/evercade-vs-retro-console-cartridges-price-features-release-date *Apparently the Namco collections are locked due to licensing.
  8. I played this on N64 at release. It was fun and I recently considered picking up the DC version. A remaster sounds interesting. Also, the Legacy of Kain is a great series but the original is a 2D game, while the rest are 3D in the vein of the original Tomb Raider. Soul Reaver is the high water mark in that series.
  9. Thanks @RickR! It's a big step and I'm excited about it. The coffee table is staying but I'll have a dedicated gaming area in the new place. Will definitely post some photos once it's all set up.
  10. I just moved but hope to get a round or two in after I unpack and set up.🕹️🙌
  11. I also went with the Collector's Edition for the addition of the digital copy. The Deluxe Edition was tempting but I don't have the space for all of the bonus items.
  12. Just got my copy of Once Upon Atari by the incomparable HSW. Has anyone else read this yet? 


    1. RickR


      I have read it and loved it.  I bought the Kindle version a few months ago. 


    2. Justin


      I had his "Once Upon Atari" video series in the 1990s, it was fascinating :Howard_Scott_Warshaw:

  13. Was able to get in and order. All three editions were available. I did have issues with my phone and desktop Firefox browser. Had to use Edge to get in. Looking forward to getting it later in the month.
  14. Well, we Atari nerds broke their servers. A second attempt is scheduled for tomorrow.
  15. You got it again @nosweargamer! Sonic R was the only original Sonic title that hit the Saturn. It has more exploration than most kart racers of the time. The soundtrack is divisive but I personally love it! 🎵Can you feel the sunshine? Does it brighten up your day?🎶
  16. Saturn Many paths to choose Does it brighten up your day To race for emeralds
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