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  1. With the price of most of the better Jag titles, it might be worth getting a Jaguar Game Drive from RetroHQ. Here in the States they can be had from Atari Age or StoneAge Gamer. It's a great way to get the whole cart library, demos, homebrews, Protos and there is even (spotty) support for some CD games.
  2. All of them are entertaining. I'd say Panzer Dragoon Remake is my favorite of the bunch. They really nailed the update. Cotton ReBoot is cool but a little overwhelming. Thankfully, the Sharp X68000 version is included too. R-Type Final 2 feels like R-Type with modern visual flare and that's a great thing! Ground Zero Texas is just goofy fun and looks a whole lot better than it did on Sega CD. Dark Crystal is a a competent tactics game and is great for fans of the movie and Netflix series. I love Dark Crystal - had a lunch box when I was a kid - so I can't be objective. 🤣
  3. I've been on a PS4 kick lately. Three HD remakes including: - Ground Zero Texas - Panzer Dragoon - Cotton Reboot And two more new titles that nod to the past. - Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - Tactics - R-Type Final 2
  4. Welcome to the club! I'm excited for you to experience the system. A lot of great games in that library!
  5. 4,265,900 via a Lynx Model 2 with McWill screen. I gotta say, I love the real hardware but it's much more comfortable on the Evercade. 😂
  6. 4,014,200 on the Evercade handheld via Lynx Collection 2. This is a fun one from Epyx! It really shows off the Lynx. I may try again with actual hardware later but the experience on the Evercade is pretty flawless.
  7. 13550 via Atari Collection I on the Evercade handheld.
  8. @Justin: Done and done! 🙌🕹️☄️ https://www.instagram.com/p/CS0QXcMFnS1/?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. 11,340 via the VCS Vault with the modern controller. I set up the controller to use the left trigger for hyperspace and right trigger for acceleration. It actually works pretty well.
  10. 6890. First game. I'm trying this on the VCS Vault with the classic joystick. I may have to bust out real hardware and my Starplex if things don't improve. 🤣
  11. I played the new(ish) Centipede arcade game - Centipede Chaos - this past week. It's a ticket redemption game and is quite fun. Anyone else tried it? 


    1. socrates63


      Where did you play that at? The arcade scene in the greater Seattle area is pretty lame.

    2. Justin


      That looks super awesome. I need to find one of these to play

    3. Sabertooth


      @socrates63this was at a Dave & Busters. They had a lot of fun retro updates. Space Invaders, Giant PAC-MAN and Galaga, Four Player PONG, a new version of Rampage based on the recent film. Centipede was my favorite of the bunch despite the lack of a track ball. 

  12. I saw a post earlier in the week on Twitter that suggested that there might be an easier way to track my collection than Excel: GameEYE. GameEYE is easy to use, has a UPC scanner and seems to base values from both eBay and VGPC. I've uploaded about half of my collection. Pretty cool as Excel doesn't pull in price data and is a bit more cumbersome in terms of an expanding collection. How are you keeping track of your collections? Do you use GameEYE or something else?
  13. A quick short of my current Jaguar collection. It includes all released retail titles, post-Atari releases from Songbird and Telegames, several demos and homebrews including "grails" like Battlesphere Gold and Another World.  

    Enter the madness of a Jaguar collector...


    1. RickR


      Incredibly done.  I look forward to seeing the games in more detail.


  14. I wish I had a way to play Master System. I wiped my emulators off of this computer and its not one I currently own. Looks fun though! Good luck everyone!
  15. So I scored Astal for Sega Saturn a week ago on eBay.  It was advertised in great shape with the case intact.  The seller puts it in a priority mail with no bubble wrap or paper which obviously would allow for jostling during shipment.  Unsurprisingly, another Saturn case is needlessly ruined.  I reached out to the seller explaining the situation and asked for a partial refund of $8 for the case.  This is based on the cost of 10 replacement cases from Limited Run.  Instead of taking any responsibility for the poor packing, he suggested that I open a claim with USPS stating that the item wasn't damaged when he put it in the box!

    I have a real problem with opening a claim because it truly is due to a lack of packing and not USPS.  I'd like to keep the game as they are getting harder to come by.  Its really not the money at all its the point of the thing.  I can't imagine sending a good Saturn case out like that.  I know that many of you buy and sell on eBay.  Is a negative or neutral rating warranted? 


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    2. RickR


      I had a case I mentioned in the "recent finds" forum thread.  I bought 3 SMS games.  Two of them had the wrong game in the casing.  I was able to salvage two of the three.  I contacted the seller, and they gave me a 1/3 partial refund.  Very fair.  I left a positive. 


    3. Sabertooth


      That's the thing isn't it? Even though I was disappointed, if someone tries to make it right or at least acknowledge their responsibility, I'm good. It didn't need to go the way it did. 

      Also, the 50s board game story is heartbreaking. I don't get that kinda disregard for your customers. At least they refunded your friend. 

    4. socrates63


      I had a few cases where the item arrived damaged or didn't match the condition described. I always offered the seller that I'd keep it for a partial refund, and they've always accepted my proposal for a partial refund (usually around $5 on $15-$20 item). I usually don't do this and will just accept the item and go on with my life but have complained in a few instance. In this case, I wouldn't bother with USPS either as Rick suggested. I'd suggest going directly to ebay and reporting that the item arrived damaged and you want a full refund.

      A month ago, I bought an Xbox 360 game on ebay. It was supposed to be in "good" condition, but when I got it, most of the cover had water damage. The angle and lighting of the photos in the listing did not show the damage nor was it disclosed. I notified the seller and provided photos. I offered to keep it if he gave me $12 refund (it was $20 + $4 shipping), but he asked me to return it for full refund  instead (although the listing indicated that the seller does not accept returns).

      At that point, I didn't want to interact directly with the seller, and I triggered ebay's return process. It was very smooth and fast. I was a little surprised to see that the shipping cost would be refunded and ebay even provided a free return shipping label. In all my years of purchasing from ebay, this was my first return. As a consumer, ebay's return process gave me confidence.

  16. 31,300. A slight improvement and so very close to matching @RickR!
  17. @nosweargamer, Terra Cresta is correct! Also, thanks for running these!
  18. You don't have to have a VCS to check out Antstream Arcade. I know I've mentioned it before but it's a ton of fun with a fantastic selection of games, tournaments and score challenges. I highly recommend it! 

    Up now, a Robotron 2084 single life challenge!



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    2. Sabertooth


      @RickR - it's available on multiple platforms: VCS, Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox One... 

      The version the VCS is optimized for that platform and contains some additional Atari content. 


    3. RickR


      Very cool.  I had not heard of this.  I will check it out.  Thanks!


    4. Sabertooth


      For giggles I downloaded it to my Windows PC. It plays exactly the same. 

  19. Turbo Sub it is! Well done @RickR! Yeah, they did make a Lynx version. I think it's pretty good. Plus it is relatively cheap!
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