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  1. The lead for this project, BJ West, still has various builds for sale. http://www.bjwest.com/BIWN/ In an interview with Arcade Attack, West indicates that the game was 50-70% complete. https://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/bj-west/
  2. I have a permanent aversion to carbs, otherwise bagels are delicious.
  3. A good run (90) and a stellar career. He did a lot of great work but my favorite was his role as Dr. Jones Sr. in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. The interplay between he and Harrison Ford is just fantastic.
  4. 7845. Now that I've played on OG hardware instead of the Retron 77, I can confirm that it's not the emulator; I just suck. 🤣 I consistently get to the dot/donut holes and die. Going to switch the difficulty to B so I can feel better about myself. LOL. Seriously though, Demon Attack is as fun as ever and I'm so impressed with the scores that you all are putting up. Great job everyone!
  5. I feel "deep retro" at the moment. Listening to the Cars debut record with turntable through the Atari Video Music while giving Demon Attack one more go on a 4-switch Sears Video Arcade and CRT. #deepretro #innovativeleisure


    1. Sabertooth


      P.S. In my humble opinion, The Cars 1979 eponymous debut is as close to a perfect record as exists in rock music. 

    2. Justin


      Oh man, super cool post. You've definitely got that Atari swagger.

  6. Also, that is a sweet guitar @RickR! I'm think of grabbing one of the new Harmony Silhouette models which is reminiscent of the old Silvertone (and Harmony) department store guitars.
  7. Happy Atari Day everyone! I got in some Qix on the 5200 just after work. A very unique game for the time.
  8. Anyone else playing Star Wars: Squadrons? I'm flying a freaking TIE in 3D space. 



    1. RickR


      Looks like fun


    2. HDN


      Never heard of it, but it looks cool. It’s crazy how far 3D Star Wars games have come since Star Wars Arcade.

      Speaking of which, that would make a really cool VR game.

    3. socrates63


      Looks gorgeous 👍 I've seen a couple of YouTube videos, and it looks like an awesome Star Wars game.

  9. @vaxick I think that games like Skyhammer, Battlesphere and IS2 come pretty close to squeezing everything they could from the cat. Of course, I'd love to see something come out and wow us but at this point the difference between BSG and something on the PS1 or Saturn is very slight. If only Atari/Flare had been more developer focused in their design approach. It would have paid dividends to have partnered with a top tier development house during the design of the hardware. But they weren't game degners; they were hardware guys.
  10. Mark Cerny also did Marble Madness while at Atari Games. He was only 18! Dude is a genius. And I went for Sony after Sega left the hardware business so I'm a big fan. P.S. the Atari Games era - which Marble Madness kicked off - doesn't get the love it deserves. There were so many great arcade games that came out of that shop post-Atari Inc. also, the Tengen carts for NES.
  11. @socrates63 - GCC (General Computer Corporation) were the MIT geniuses behind Ms. Pac-Man. Atari famously sued them for their Missile Command upgrade kit but in a stroke of brilliance, settled with GCC and co-opted them - putting them under contract for Atari. They made some of the best games on the 2600 - all published by Atari. They also designed the 7800, and the 1984 launch titles and the arcade game Food Fight.
  12. 6,365 for a start. I love Demon Attack but I've never been great at it. Imagic were the second group of Atari wizkids to go it alone after the exodus of the Activision crew. As a development house, they are just behind Activision and GCC in terms of quality output. Plus those boxes!!!
  13. Great job everyone! I really liked this one. It was great to see so much participation. See you all in the next one!
  14. That sounds like an incredibly difficult situation. It takes a lot of courage to make that choice. You're doing the right thing for you. Stay safe.
  15. I personally love the look of the Jr. Particularly the long rainbow variant. Here's a recent pic from my IG:
  16. @RickR, not sure if you noticed, but you can start Wrecking Crew at any Phase 1-100 from the start screen. You don't keep your points but it's helpful if you get stuck to play the problem Phase over and over again.
  17. I got a thing called the "Golden Hammer!" It is easier to swing so you move a lot more quickly. I think you get to keep it until you die. Picked it up on Phase 6 and kept it until Spike f****d me on Phase 9. Pretty cool hidden item. Not sure how I got it though. Also, @RadioPoultry I practiced Phase 18 and got through it with your approach! It is all about timing that bomb. Thanks again!
  18. 167,300. Phase 18 still eludes me but I appreciate the tip @RadioPoultry!
  19. 142,300. Still haven't beat Phase 18 though.
  20. @DegasElite - That's an unfinished build released on cart by B&C Computervisions. I think you can still get it from him on eBay.
  21. Has anyone beat Phase 18? I cannot figure it out.
  22. I did notice the fireball but they won't kill you in a barrel. 🙄
  23. Spike is a real jerk! 

    1. HDN


      Oh God. Tell me about it. I'm going to have nightmares tonight about being thrown off platforms I can't get back up to.

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