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    eBay Finds

    Composite modded 2600jr with some games.
  2. Oh, and like you guys, I never could take the "dark path" and harvest the little sisters.
  3. I played this series on the PC a long time ago. While I did like it, I got really frustrated (like you) at the lack of ammunition. And the "Circus of values" things -- I got so sick of that sound bite after a while. I think this is a game that really explains why I don't do "modern gaming" at all on PS4 or XBox One (or even PS3/360)...the PC versions of games totally kick butt in most cases with far superior controls. Even "Halo" (an XBOX game) is a lot more fun on the PC IMO just because the mouse/keyboard control system is so much more accurate and natural. Maybe it's just FPS games I guess.
  4. How about a few crazy pictures from "Marsh's Free Museum" in Long Beach, Washington....
  5. Jungle Hunt is another great arcade port done by GCC for Atari. You can tell because it's so good.
  6. Hey Willie! You sent that 5200 paddle to me. I can send it back to you if you want. PM me if yes.
  7. I also have an Indy 500 cart and two driving controllers. All tested and working great.
  8. It is really awesome. Unbelievable really. If this came out back in the 80's, we would have all been amazed. This is one title I will purchase at PRGE when it's available.
  9. I finally got a chance to try the C64 mini out. Some notes: It's very easy to update the firmware to the newest version that has the USB loader. Loaded up a USB stick with ROM's, and it works like a champ. Pros: HDMI output Looks and sounds great. Great interface. Easy to use. Cons: Only 2 USB ports. You'll need a hub to also connect a keyboard. The joystick included isn't very comfortable. Highly recommended at only $30.
  10. Also these plug and plays....new in box.
  11. I posted some stuff for trade over in the trading post. Thanks!
  12. Here's what I have at the moment: 3 GameCube games - Metrioid Prime, Metroid Prime Echoes, Soul Caliber 2. No manuals. Sega Master System (system, no games) Atari 800 system Commodore 64C system A Sony PS2 "phat" system with memory card, controller, and a few games. Pictures of systems available upon request!
  13. RickR

    FREE Book

    I've got a copy of "Game Over - How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry, Captured Your Dollars, and Enslaved Your Children" by David Sheff. Hardcover. I'm willing to send this off for free to any USA forum member that would like it. Please reply here by 5PM PT on Sunday 6/10/19 and I'll randomly pick a wiener.
  14. My stuff arrived today too. THANK YOU STORMSURGE!! Here's a pic, including Creep's falsies.
  15. Awesome re-creation! And I agree with you on T1 being the best of the series by far.
  16. $30!! I got one. Its a steal at that price. Pulled from a Facebook group post.
  17. Now THAT'S an aura of foreboding.
  18. YouTube's "The 8-Bit Guy" has done a tremendous job of outlining Commodore history with his series, and it's not quite finished. Expect a couple more episodes covering the Amiga. I enjoyed them a lot, and I thought it would be good to share them here.
  19. Who remembers these 70's projection TV's that had three big lenses (red, blue, green)? The thing that really makes me curious is why we don't ever see these in anyone's retro collection. Wouldn't it be cool to play old Atari systems on a projector from that era? I remember these very clearly from the video stores at the mall in the 70's and 80's. As I recall, the demo units were kept in dark rooms. They looked great in a dark environment.
  20. Your list is great. I'd put "Centipede" a bit higher for one reason: the two player co-op mode. Asteroids has this same feature, and it makes an awesome game even better. Another of my favorite 7800 games is the Dr J/Larry Bird One on One. I absolutely LOVED this game on the Atari 8-bit computers and played it to death. It's amazing the control the designers gave each player using only a stick and one button -- spins, dunks, jumpers, steals, jumps, checks. The 7800 version plays exactly the same, but has much better graphics. From your list, it's hard to find any game I'd replace with One on One, but I'd probably choose Choplifter. Just because the 7800 Choplifter is worse than some of the earlier versions. I really love Food Fight, and the 7800 version is absolutely the best home version of that great game. I'd say the games that really show off the ability of the 7800 to move LOTS of sprites quickly are Asteroids and Food Fight. Great post, K -- I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks!
  21. who knew that's what that indentation was for? Not me.
  22. Now that I've got a PS2 steering wheel, I've decided to gather all the driving games I have together. Time to get busy driving.
  23. The sound is fine. It is a little quieter. For RF, I have the TV volume set at level 15. For composite, 20.
  24. I decided to upgrade the AV out on my TG16 on the cheap. From RF to composite. From ebay, I bought a simple cable with the standard yellow/white/red RCA connectors on one end and 4 pin connectors on the other. Total shipped cost was $7. The seller also provided a handy set of illustrated instructions. Here is my TG-16 "Before": I used a piece of tape to secure the wire. No matter where you place it, there's going to be a little "bowing" of the plastic cover. I fired up the TG-16, and it works beautifully And finally, for no good reason, a picture of my Vectrex. I like to turn it on and make sure it still works whenever I'm upstairs.
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