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  1. I'm not sure how I did it. I've played several more rounds and end up at 92k. It must have been the breakout bricks. Keep trying! Try not to hit the ceiling at all on the platforms. Once you get stunned by that, you almost always die.
  2. I haven't heard of this one. I just watched a youtube video. Wow, it looks awesome. It looks like the kind of game you'd find on the TurboGrafx 16. I'll give it a try!
  3. 120,774 @RadioPoultry helped me out. I have an older version of MAME (0.131) that displays the graphics perfectly. It turns out I wasn't seeing a ton of stuff before because it wasn't rendering properly. Plus this version controls better (I use a mouse). I actually made it past the maze this time, and that platform part after the maze is TOUGH. I ran out of oxygen every time. And there are colored keys. I did clear the breakout bricks this time, and I think it gave me an extra life and a bonus (maybe?). I've made it there a few times with scores less that 100k, and I think the only difference is clearing out the breakout bricks. Tips - I only have one really. If you die at all at any time before that maze level, just reset MAME and start over. You'll need every life on the next platform. Plus you'll get really good on those first three platforms.
  4. This is a great topic, and your list is most excellent. I'd add the following: Atari Adventure. I can't stress enough how much this one influenced me. This was a game that didn't keep score. It was the first video game I ever played that built a world to explore. I loved it then and I love it now. Star Raiders on the 8-bit. This was the first 3D perspective game I ever played. There are no compromises on this game (unlike similar games on the 2600). Fly around, dock your ship, come up with a strategy! All FPS games stand on the shoulders of this giant. King's Quest 1-4 on PC. I remember the old Scott Adams text adventures. They were fun, but you really had to use your imagination. King's Quest was different. It had compelling graphics to go with the story and puzzles. And each game in the series built onto the formula, finally getting rid of having to type completely.
  5. Nope! Gonna keep it and try it. I appreciate the personal touch. Thanks!
  6. Stuff I put in. I wanted to load up on SNES and Genesis stuff, as we had a few participants who hinted they needed them.
  7. Thank you so much to those of you who participated in the box and the discussion. Truly another epic junk box on the Atari.io. It is now time to post pics or videos of what you all put in. I will do so shortly.
  8. And now, the items that blew my mind. There is junk (with small letters) and then there is JUNK. GOOD JUNK. So wild. It's a Wii Sports BOWLING BAG! WTF! I love this so much. And inside, a "hacked" and wrapped Wii. Are you kidding me?
  9. Impossible Mission! Thank you so much for that one. I've been wanting that for a long time. Quickshot joystick And a pink DS that used to belong to Sophia. It came with Mario/Luigi at the Winter Olympics. @HDN, is this a good DS for hacking?
  10. The Last Starfighter BluRay. PS3 and XB360 games. LYNX! Gameboy! And two Tomy pocket games I did not have.
  11. Trinkets, or treasure? I say treasure. Are those Nintendo pogs? Star Trek stamps? Another Milieu Macabre figure? A Steve Austin magnet??? Spiderman playing cards? Springy Luigi happy meal toy???? TREASURE.
  12. Candy, little figures, and #16, #17 NSG card packs.
  13. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mean to pick favorites. There is some fantabulous stuff in this box. But I'm going to be honest. These items right here are absolutely amazing to me. They may be worthless -- I have no idea. But not to me. Can you guess what they are? If you said "pinballs", you would be correct. Yes, I'm a weirdo.
  14. This is absolutely nuts. I've been part of many junk boxes before, but this one is full of some WILD stuff and I am so delighted. This may take a few posts to get through, so bear with me. First thing I want to post is the crap I put in that made it all the way back to me. It's not a large pile, which is good. But I'm shocked nobody wanted Pilotwings! It's such a great game. It's going back into my Super Nintendo collection (unless someone wants it. PM me!) In fact, if you see anything here you really wanted but didn't want to be greedy...PM me. I'm easy.
  15. The Junk Box has returned to the mother ship. Hooey, it's heavy too. I was huffin' and puffin' by the time I got back home from our parcel locker. Let's have a look at it, shall we? It's so cool how you guys supplemented the decorations so tastefully. The box is definitely worn, but intact.
  16. 71,326. It looks like the newer versions of MAME are broken and can't draw the maze properly. That's a bummer. If there's a way to revert to 0.173b, do it (and let me know how). https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=06668
  17. I did not know this! I'll get one next time I go to PG.
  18. 66,334. I don't think my version of MAME is rendering that maze with swirls correctly, as I keep running into nothing. I'll fiddle with the graphics settings.
  19. Interestingly, with those Disney films, the VHS versions look BETTER than the digital "new" ones. I don't think the quality of the original film had anything to do with it, as Disney probably has more than one archived film copy that has perfect detail. I think they just messed up in their "enhancement" process. Colors are more vibrant, but details were lost. I won't post links or pictures here, a simple Google search is all you need. One example: In the original film Beauty and the Beast, when the Beast first makes his appearance, they purposely made him dark in shadows. It adds suspense. In the Blu-ray, he's perfectly visible and colored. It ruins the suspense completely and really does make a negative change to an Oscar nominated film! What were they thinking?
  20. Interestingly, as @atarifan95 pointed out, some film movies have absolutely terrible transfers to DVD and BluRay. Examples are the Disney movies Cinderella and Beauty & The Beast.
  21. PS - my older son, whose name starts with the letter "J" says I should have mounted them upside down.
  22. I started decorating outside today. Candy cane lights around the perimeter of the lawn. More to come later.
  23. It was a steel company that was based in Portland and had mills in several parts of N. America. It's since been renamed. I think that's the thing that a lot of people don't really understand. Steel is DENSE. It weighs a lot. Those cables on that dish are incredibly heavy. And manufacturing them is not easy or cheap. We used to joke that you don't wear a hardhat in the mill for protection, you wear it so they can find your remains (I know, it's not funny, but it is an effective reminder to be safe!) There used to be testing samples for armor at my work, and it was a gigantic bullet (maybe 2.5" long) barely piercing a 3" heat-treated steel block. One of the coolest things I ever saw. The tip of the bullet is completely unmarked and undamaged, and the steel around it looks like torn paper. But that's a passing test--the bullet did not pass through all the way.
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