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  1. How does one take a picture of the score? It disappears so quickly. I'm playing on a Genesis (with everdrive). I don't know if there is a pause button.
  2. The Harry Potter audiobooks are excellent. Read by Jim Dale, who does a really nice job of giving a different voice to each character. If you've never tried audiobooks before, those are good ones to start with. I also highly recommend "World War Z" (read by an ensemble cast of real actors) and Slumdog Millionaire (Quiz Show).
  3. Hang in there, @TrekMD. Hopefully the tide will turn and people will start following the guidelines. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out.
  4. The bowling tournament was held by Michael S over at 2600club.com this past weekend. I came in 11th place, but had a lot of fun playing a game I hadn't played in 40 years! More info is here:
  5. Same here -- I spend my work hours glued to a computer and headset. Makes my rear-end tired sitting all day! I've been doing some reading, but not as much as I want. Audiobooks work for me -- you should give them a try. I download them from our library and then listen for a half-hour before bed time. My wife reads a lot more than me and does crosswords too. But she sometimes will run out of books to read!
  6. We have mountains galore, just a short drive away. And beaches too. But I know what you mean. There are elevated areas in Portland that do get some snow. Heck, our house is at 500' and we get more than in the city.
  7. PS - on the weather front. May I brag a little about the Pacific NW? It's one of the few areas in the US that has mild summers (no humidity, rarely super hot) and mild winters (very little snow). It's a beautiful place to live 🙂 You just have to get used to the rain.
  8. @StormSurge, that's awesome! I really like knowing that some places are doing the strict protocols. I really wonder why it isn't done in most places that way. I get it...it's easier to control on a small island. But still... I'm doing well health and job-wise. But lots of worrying. We can do this! Thank you all for your comments.
  9. @Gianna I'm glad you are doing well. I've noticed too that by working from home, I have more time to enjoy for myself. No commute! I've been spending more time on home projects. Fixing and improving things here at home. Since we spend so much time here now, it just makes sense to have nice things. I agree with you that it's frustrating that people are getting complacent and not wearing their masks when out. I hope that changes! Maybe by making masks mandatory, we'll get more compliance. I sure hope so. It seems like a simple way to keep us all safer. It's uncomfortable, but worth it. I love that you're thinking about and exploring new hobbies and spending time outside! That's a small silver lining to this whole thing. Let us know what you come up with!
  10. Good stuff, @BlackCatz40. I'm glad you've got a basement to stay cool. I LOVE that Kirk's Castille soap -- I think it smells really good. That's a good point you make -- we end up spending a bit more to stay safe. Whether on nicer soaps, or on delivered groceries and products. I just don't worry too much about pricing on the stuff we need. Safety and health are more important than money IMO. We've got a lot less cases and deaths here in Oregon, but it's still on the rise. It seems to me like the virus is very highly contagious, so following the guidelines and staying away from crowds really helps.
  11. Dauber your replies are excellent. So well written, and you hit on so many good points. Being prepared and following the rules (wearing a mask, washing your hands, practicing social distancing, and staying out of crowds) help keep us safe and also give us back a small feeling of control. I also have been working from home. Which I'm still not completely used to. But at the same time, I'm so thankful to have that option. Still there are those moments of fear, sadness, loss-of-hope. It's just such a crazy time.
  12. You don't look happy, and that makes it even funnier.
  13. Maybe you can give a few tips. I've never played this game. I'm hoping to give it a try this weekend.
  14. Check in time! How are you doing? 2020 has been difficult to say the least. And now, with COVID cases spiking again in the USA, it feels like there's no light at the end of this tunnel. But know this: You have friends here. It's a small group, but we can help each other feel better. Retro games are a great distraction! So let us know how you are doing, and what we can do to help.
  15. Wow, that's quite a lineup of games to be involved with! R.I.P.
  16. Yeah, plus everyone knows the money is in selling the razor blades, not the handles.
  17. I really like these posts! And I think it's fun to add NES when possible. The NES hardware is a definite child of Colecovision design IMO. It's not as impressive as the 7800 in some regards (but more in others). But it's the software, business-savvy, and dedication to gaming where NES just wiped the floor with Atari. It's so frustrating! Why didn't Atari (GCC) include a Pokey sound chip in the 7800 itself? Why didn't they switch to a gamepad as soon as it became clear that was the controller design of choice? Why didn't they give developers the time and resources to make the very best games?
  18. Here's the NES version for comparison. I'd say the 7800 is the best of the three. Much more colorful and no flicker. The XE version looks like they went with the "close enough" attitude. Lots of missing "little things".
  19. Good scores top to bottom. It's a really fun game. The only think i think they could have improved on is the rolling ball sound.
  20. It's an old thread, but I've found a new favorite. At Costco, they sell a Kirkland brand "Triple Blade". For $20, you get 15 cartridges and handle. And I'll tell you, they are excellent. The blades last a good two+ weeks for me, and no nicks or cuts.
  21. Here's one of young me taking a "selfie" with a stuffed tiger at one of the Carnegie museums in Pittsburgh.
  22. Shouldn't there be two separate lists for Atari and Intv? The two versions have a completely different difficulty level. Nice job Creep!
  23. This weekend, an Atari 2600 bowling tournament is being held at 2600 Club. Join in! Top 50 scores get a cool trading card. https://2600club.com/atari-bowling-tourney/
  24. For sure! I hope no one takes any of my negativity seriously. I love to collect and play and talk about the differences in the various versions.
  25. This is one that I have not played on either system. In just looking at the videos, I agree with your assessment. It just feels like a lot of the 7800 games are missing that final polish and quality, like maybe they were rush jobs or something.
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