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  1. Let's plan on a Wed night chat in any case. On going. I'll try to make time to get more gaming in. Keep pushing!
  2. XEGS is fine...BUT...it came out in 1987! By that time, we're talking about 8 year old technology. And they were competing against the 7800! WTF Atari?? PS - I have one too. I got it used. I had no idea such a thing even existed until probably 2010. I like it, but it seems like another horrible design decision by Atari.
  3. I think that's a GREAT idea. However, give me some time. I only speak for myself, but I'm similar to @socrates63. I haven't played a bunch of NES or SNES games. But it isn't sad. I'm living. Example: Today, I helped son #1 change the oil in his car. After lunch, I plan on doing some yard work. The sun is out, and the air is clean again. Video games can wait.
  4. Ah good, I need your expert opinion then. Does the game have save states? How long should I expect to play for a given set? Is the the kind of thing where you should complete a level, do a save, and can then come back to it later?
  5. I'm going to give Super Metroid a go too. Thanks guys.
  6. I'd say that's a pretty good game store right there. In all my years of collecting, I haven't come across a store that has a stack of 7800 games like that for fair prices.
  7. They joystick specifically. Like "E.T." on the 2600, it's reputation as terrible has stuck, whether it deserves it or not. Also, as I've said before, the 5200 suffers for being the "same-old" hardware as the 1979 Atari 400. At the time, for anyone that already had a 400 or 800, there was no reason to get a 5200. That was a mistake by Atari. And Space Dungeon (and also Countermeasure) are awesome games, I'll agree with that 100%!
  8. My main concern with a book like this is that they can end up being a hatchet job on particular individuals. I'd love to read about the games, the designers, how they came up with ideas, the challenges they faced, etc. Instead, we mostly get gossipy stories about Darryl Gates' relationship with Ken Williams. Hopefully, the book you purchased is the former, and not the latter. It's a bummer there's no pictures. I agree with you, that would really enhance what they have to offer. But there's probably permission and copyright issues to deal with. I appreciate your post. I was just thinking yesterday about how the early PC doesn't get the "retro-love" that game consoles do. Many of us went from an 8-bit computer straight to the PC for games, skipping that 4th gen of console gaming completely. The Sierra games were a big part of that. Others, like Wing Commander series, X-Wing (and other Lucasfilm games), Apogee, DOOM, Quake, etc, etc etc were all groundbreaking and deserve attention.
  9. I went "Hat Trick" because 7800 games are harder to find. Buy them when you see them. Whether they suck or not.
  10. AQI here is 29, which is fantastic after a week of being above 150. Finally, we can go outside!
  11. That's so funny, as I had forgotten about that detail. Portland got covered in ash a few times in the eruptions prior to the "big one". I remember one time it must have been a good 1/2" on everything. People had to drive their cars with panty-hose or some other filter over their engine intake. I know a bunch of people that bottled up the ash as a keepsake. Both Seattle and Portland live in the shadows of some monumental volcanoes (Rainier and Hood).
  12. I'm sorry to have made anyone worry. But I do very much appreciate the good thoughts while we were going through that. That feeling of "no-control" is not a good one! Thank you guys for the thoughts and for the distraction of Atari-goodness to keep my mind off bad stuff during all that! I feel so happy that my family is all ok. I made a donation to our local Red Cross to hopefully help others and as a "thank-you" to the big-guy upstairs for our good fortune.
  13. May 18, 1980 was the big one where she blew 3,000 feet of mountain away. Here's a picture (on a Kodak Instamatic) from my front yard at the time. I was 11 and remember it vividly. My parents made us kids come inside to be safe and we were glued to the TV.
  14. My wife and I have friends whose house burned completely to the ground last week, and they live just a few miles from us. To make matters even more heartbreaking, they retired only 3 months ago. They lived in that house for 50 years. All that stuff and memories gone. It's a story we're going to hear more and more of in the western states as global warming and over-population continue to take effect, I'm afraid. It's estimated that about 3000 homes in Oregon were destroyed last week.
  15. I think the 8-bit had a version of SI made by Roklan on tape that was a lot closer to the arcade. 2600 Asteroids is awesome, that's for sure. But the 8-bit version offered 4 player simultaneous mode, didn't it? Atari could have done better on the 8-bit, I agree.
  16. Lived it here. Wildfires threatened our home and city. But all is well now, although the air quality has remained dangerous for human health for the past week.
  17. Gauging interest. Who would be interested in a retro game box in October? I'd be happy to host. (following is a blatant copy/paste from @nosweargamer's prior post) What is it A large flat rate box filled with retro goodness. Members who take part in it, take what they want out if it, fairly refill it, and mail it to the next participant. Who's Eligible Any current active member at the time of this post with at least +100 reputation points, who lives in the US and promise to follow the rules below. What you can put into the box Retro related games, toys, comics, magazines, trading cards, books, DVDs an so on in working condition. Over half the box should be related to retro gaming. Modern games are ok, if they are related to a retro game or series. What you can't put into the box VHS tapes, records, audio tapes, pc or mac games, similar obsolete media or unboxed common rarity 1 Atari 2600 games according to AtariAge. Box Limits no more than 5 games per system at a time no duplicate games no more than 1 book and/or audio CD at a time (to save space) you are allowed to take up to half of the contents Shipping info Participants agree to ship the box within three business days of receiving it, pay for shipping to the next participant (currently $19.95, but cheaper if you use paypal multishipping), pack it securely (plastic shopping bags work well to fill gaps), and insure it for $50 (free with priority mail postage). FAIRNESS Participants agree to fairly refill the box with contents that are equal or greater in value to what they took out (use pricecharting.com to get game values and adjust for condition). The number of items you put in does not need to match the number of items you took out, but please keep a good variety in the box. Pictures/Video Contents are to remain a secret for the next person, but participants agree to send me a picture/video of what they took out to share immediately and a picture/video of what they put in to share when the box is over.
  18. Sounds like you did it right. I know people can get intimidated by public transit, and sometimes all it takes is for someone to explain it or show them. Also, news about Portland being "lawless" or "dangerous" are grossly inaccurate. In any case, the offer still stands for you or anyone else that wants to come to PRGE. Hopefully, once this pandemic ends, we'll have a show ready to go. I've been a volunteer for the event a few times, and it's a show that seems to get bigger every year.
  19. If anyone ever needs help with finding lodging or navigating public transit for PRGE, let me know. I'm happy to help.
  20. As a fellow newbie, I can help. Some tips: On the map, you are the little grey ankh. They key is the triangle. The "door" is the part of the maze that goes all the way to the edge. Look at the map. Go get the key. Look at the map again and go to the door. The compass tells you which direction you are pointing on the map. NSG says you can't stop, but you can. Just pull back on the stick once.
  21. Good idea to watch the nosweargamer review. I'll do that. No, I didn't realize there was a compass. I shall try again with that in mind. I also didn't realize there was a timer! Whoops. Thanks!
  22. I finally got time! First thing is a favor to ask: I could not find a PDF version of the manual to download. If anyone knows of a link, please let me know! I ended up perusing an on-line version of the manual, so I'm not sure I fully got the gist of the game. So please correct me on anything wrong in my synopsis below. First impression: This game is awesome! It doesn't look like a VCS game at all. No flicker. A convincing first-person view. Very impressive. Things I liked: They kept it simple. Find the key, avoid the face-balls, find the exit. Those face-ball guys are cool! The menacing sound that gets louder as they get closer reminds me of original Doom. Very very well done. Nice ramp up of difficulty. It starts out easy (which makes it easier to learn). But it ramps up nicely. The map is easy to use and very helpful. Things I didn't like Sometimes, it's hard to stop moving. It can be disorienting. Sometimes you intend to turn 90 degrees but the controls are so twitchy, you can do a 180 without realizing it. Overall: I loved it! This is a game that deserves more recognition. Back in the day, I didn't even know it existed. I wish I did...young me would have spent hours on this fun game. Thank you @HDN for insisting I give it a try. I want to spend more time with this one. I had to emulate due to my game room being occupied by a guest, but I want to play on real hardware for sure.
  23. Oh that's right! I forgot about the NES version.
  24. Yes. Please PM me if you'd like to buy or trade. Thanks.
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