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  1. Who can guess what's in the box?  Hint: not floppy disks. 


    1. nosweargamer


      Well, I spy an RF switch, so maybe a system of sorts.

  2. Platform: Atari 2600 Was Championship But then endorsed by a star Wow, footwork fireworks
  3. Oh! Yo! Noid. Very clever! From your status.
  4. I was trying to fool at least one person!
  5. You have summarized the Atari.io experience. Cheers! Me personally -- I keep a couple of small (8") CRT's around because I really do love how they make games look. But I mainly use LCD because they are smaller and lighter and look pretty darned good too.
  6. Correct-a-mundo, Cunningham! The 7800 version is good, the VIC-20 version is great, the Master System version is MEGA GOOD.
  7. You did good. And I don't know why Activision was so reluctant to really expand their games when porting to the 8-bit computers and 5200. Here's the next one: Platform: Many. I cut my teeth on the VIC-20 version Hostages! Oh no! I'll just whirl in and get them I like how they wave.
  8. I've got three of those early all-analog LCD TV's and they are so awesome. The picture isn't as nice as a real CRT, but at least they are easy to move around without busting your back.
  9. Here's mine. I have a decent TI 99 4/A with a speech unit, a 32K RAM upgrade/sidecar, the FLASHROM cart, and also the Atari joystick converter board. Pictures taken a while ago. This baby is currently in storage in my attic.
  10. The one that comes to mind is Halo 2600
  11. Yep, my Colecovision and Intellivision both have excellent RF output. I have no desire to "mod" them to have composite output.
  12. You CAN do a haiku! I didn't think I could either, but it's actually fun to try.
  13. BOOM! You are correct, sir. The "coupled controller" part -- this was a game that came with a plastic coupler so you could use one stick to move and the other to fire.
  14. Hey @SecondChance Retro, if you plug those paddles in and your on-screen avatar is "jittery" (it doesn't move smoothly side to side, seems kind of jumpy), then you need to clean them up internally. If that ends up being the case, and you need help, please hit us up here. It is not hard as long as you are comfortable taking stuff apart.
  15. Welcome aboard @cbmeeks! More TI users are always welcome. Please join in the various threads.
  16. Man, you always need to include those big speakers in your picture! That's the rule. 🙂
  17. Sorry for the delay. Platform: Atari 5200 Crap! Incarcerated! But wait, I'm not on the Earth? Coupled controllers.
  18. Well that's cool. I want to play! Who's going to be my secret santa this year? I'm kidding. Next up: Platform: Atari 2600 Driving my sweet car Trying to stay in my lane A fowl crossed the road!
  19. Missile Command 3D (going with the red/blue glasses hint)
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