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  1. For whatever reason, I sometimes cannot see some of your images, @MaximumRD. It gives me a link that says "No photo description available" and if I click on it, shows a broken image icon.
  2. I did even better for a facebook high score contest. 5.91
  3. "In the box Odyssey 2". I understand why you passed. Without a nostalgic connection, it makes sense to skip it. But $20??? Wow! I got these two empty boxes, which is nice because I have a Wii Fit and a DS Lite with no box. It's like those "separated at birth" re connections!
  4. The sanctum has been reconfigured. Due to global warming, keeping stuff in the attic storage room is no longer advisable. I've moved stuff indoors onto nice wooden shelves.
  5. I think you're on the right track. You might also consider a video highlighting the various "new" controller options available. From the ikonsgr module to the retrogameboyz controller and pad, there are a lot of inexpensive ways to fix the main issue for collectors (finding good working controllers).
  6. 3 SMS sports games. They must be great, since they all have the word "great" in the title, right?
  7. I like that game a lot, @HDN! Very cool pickup. Anytime you take a classic like SMB and add more levels and features, that's a very good thing. I know people like to complain about the smaller screen size...but I think it takes an old classic and adds a little bit of challenge.
  8. That is good info, thank you! You know, I have an LTO cart for Intellivision. I guess I could find the diagnostic rom images and try out this theory myself. And you're probably right about the controllers. It's weird, though, that I never really noticed the controllers were "wrong" before. It doesn't bother me in any way. I think it makes my system a tiny bit more interesting.
  9. Oh man, your controllers are white too! I must have gotten a weird one. All I can say is that my controllers do detach and they look original.
  10. Here's a picture of mine. It's in good shape. Interestingly, my controllers aren't white like yours/Young's. I got this one a LONG time ago (I want to say 20 years ago) from a local guy who sold it pretty cheap because he said it was broken (it failed some diagnostic cart he had). I've never had an issue with it. It works perfectly. No idea what he was talking about. At the time, I had a regular brown Intellivsion that was pretty beat up. I loved this one so much, I sold off the other. I forgot to mention the other reason I like the Sears model so much is the lack of coiling on the controller cords. I hated that on the regular Intv...it felt like the controller was being pulled out of your hand no matter how close you sat to the console.
  11. On the contrary, I think it looks nice. I have the same Sears unit myself, and it's an off-color white (not quite beige). Looks like we maybe got a partial shadow of Mr. @socrates63that makes it look a little darker. I love the SVA version of the Intellivision because the controllers are detachable. I'm able to use one of the controllers from the Intv flashback (with a converter cable), and it works great.
  12. That sounds like fun. I'll add it to my list. Thanks!
  13. It's got no batteries, so it isn't like a Wii-mote. It will be interesting to see how it works.
  14. I have not tried it yet, but apparently, the Lord of the Rings plug/play uses the sword. You swing it to hit on-screen bad guys.
  15. I'll start with this collection of stuff I got very recently. 3 plug & plays, Bioshock Infinite for PC, and a broken 3DS.
  16. A thread to post and boast about your latest pickups!
  17. I suggest @CrossBow. Trustworthy and does good work. I also know a guy here in Portland. If you're willing to drive, it could save you the worry about shipping.
  18. @Scott Stilphen is the victor. Thanks for hosting, this was a fun game. And big thanks to @TrekMDfor posting the "reloaded" version of Venture, which is a huge improvement.
  19. And you can never go wrong with M&M's or Reeces' Pieces.
  20. Most of the food I have around my computer are in the "candy" food group. Gummi Bears, and York's Pepp Patties are two favorites.
  21. It's on my list. I'm sure I'll get to it by 2025 🙂
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