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2021 Intellivision Homebrew Awards - Vote Today!

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Not to be outdone by the Atari Homebrew Awards, our friends in the Intellivision community has come together to recognize the best Intellivision homebrew games released in 2021. Don't miss this opportunity to recognize your favorite homebrews, as there's just a few days left to vote! Please head to the Intellivision Homebrew Awards forum to cast your vote. Voting closes February 6th, 2022 - 8pm CST. Papa Pete will announce winners during a special stream Feb 11, 2022 - stay tuned! All results will be posted to the AtariAge Intellivision Homebrew Awards forum after the stream ends. This year there are six polls, one for each category: Game of the Year (Physical) Game of the Year (Digital) Best physical packaging (Box, Manual, Overlays) Best Graphics Best Music and Sound Best Port Check out this topic for videos and information on all nominees. You can vote in all the different categories in the Intellivision Homebrew Awards forum.

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