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2022 Portland Retro Gaming Expo - October 14-16!

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After a two year hiatus, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo (PRGE) is back, taking place Friday, October 14th through Sunday, October 16th at the Oregon Convention Center! We're excited to see the show's return, and AtariAge will once again have a large booth filled to the brim with an assortment of new homebrew games for the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar and 8-bit computers, along with demos of many games currently in development. In addition to all the new games we'll be releasing at this year's show, we'll also bring copies of all the new games released in 2020 and 2021 on our website. Here are some of the games we're planning on making available for the first time in Portland (and this is not a comprehensive list): Blocks (Atari 2600) Gorf Arcade (Atari 2600) Grizzards (Atari 2600) Lode Runner (Atari 2600) Oozy the Goo Slime Quest (Atari 2600) RAPTOR (Atari 2600) RubyQ (Atari 2600) Stratovox (Atari 2600) VROOM! (Atari 2600) AWA Anthology (Atari 5200 / Atari 8-bit) Rob 'n' Banks (Atari 5200) 2048 (Atari 7800) Attack of the PETSCII Robots (Atari 7800) E.X.O. (Atari 7800) Galaxian Arcade (Atari 7800) Keystone Koppers (Atari 7800) Pac-Man Collection 40th Anniversary (Atari 7800) Slide Boy in Maze Land (Atari 7800) UniWarS (Atari 7800) Gods (Atari Jaguar) Chaos Engine (Atari Jaguar) We'll also have copies of Qyx (Atari 2600) from Champ Games, the re-release of Boulder Dash (Atari 2600), and Popeye (Atari 7800) at the show! These three games will be available soon from the AtariAge Store. The Portland Retro Gaming Expo is one of the largest classic gaming events in the country, bursting at the seams with video games and game-related activities all weekend long! The PRGE Retrocade opens to the public at noon on Friday, featuring 30,000 square feet of full-size arcade games and pinball machines, and the main exhibition hall (along with the arcade) will be open Saturday and Sunday. Here's an incomplete list of what you'll find at the show: Exhibitors and Vendors selling classic gaming consoles and games Various panels in three separate auditoriums throughout the weekend Tons of special guests and speakers! Huge 30,000 square foot arcade PRGE live auction with many unique classic gaming items Tournaments throughout the show Cosplay contest Please visit the official Portland Retro Gaming Expo website to learn more about this year's show. If you're attending the show, please stop by our booth, say hello, and play some new games! You can discuss the show with other AtariAge members in our 2022 Portland Retro Gaming Expo forum! Hope to see you there!

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