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Sonic Frontiers



Sonic Frontiers is the first open world Sonic game. I put around 34 hours into it and got the platinum trophy on PlayStation. What I loved about the game is there was a good mix between old and new. While exploring the worlds you have side quests with the koco the residents of the islands if you bring Hermit KocoHermit-Koco-Sonic-Frontiers-Art.png.2cfb752463183a9a21ae77d6c20e9974.png hearts and seeds you can make Sonic stronger and raise his defense. If you bring Elder KocoElder-Koco-Sonic-Frontiers-Art.png.69f1381f3d9c579f769d7e34b8102844.png the Kocos that you gathered while exploring you can get other perks to make your Sonic ring capacity go up as well as make him faster. You can also get Side Storys by collecting tokens to then use to unlock the story from Amy, Tails, Knuckles, and Sage. On top of exploring and doing the Side Story and defeating the bosses on the main mission you can collect gears to be able to go into portals to get the keys that you need to unlock the Chaos emeralds. What I like about the portals is when you go into a portal instead of it being open world Sonic-Frontiers-Logo.jpeg.76891d0f4f49374aece4775cf82e1f43.jpeg it goes into an old school Sonic level sonic-frontiers-gameplay-3-1361x765.jpg.abb42ca6f7fd8da30071469393a87941.jpg where you're running to make it to the end and collect all the red stars and rings while trying to get to the end as quick as you can. If you don't want to go through all of that you can open the portal to the fishing spot Sonic-Frontiers-Fishing.jpg.aafdef408433735947e34727767d5f18.jpgMV5BZWU4NDk1YWMtNjkzMi00ZWU4LWJjMGQtZmZhNzA0OTBmNDMyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTE0MzQwMjgz._V1_QL75_UY281_CR310500281_.jpg.db811ef13058ee955cd8f1b10df49fad.jpg and fish to buy all of the keys to be able to proceed to the next level. There are also so many other things that you can buy in the fishing spots but one of the coolest are Dr Eggman's memos by getting these you get more story and lore.

Some of the boss battles sonic-frontiers-preview-4.jpg.c3740ab6c30afcabe07c68c3b2971050.jpg are a little bit difficult but I had a lot of fun with them a couple of them I did have to look to find how to beat them. There's also a jukebox feature that allows you to control what you're listening to in game and you can collect more music throughout the levels. I really enjoyed this game and there's so much fun to be had with it. I do wish that you could play as sonic's friends and pals  after you beat the game and run around the areas but if it's possible I couldn't figure out how. I would give Sonic Frontiers a 9 out of 10 I highly enjoyed myself and I would highly recommend you guys give it a shot especially if you like Sonic and open world games. It definitely has the perfect mix of old and new. 

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