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  1. There are many homebrews and hacks not listed on wikipedia and/or no longer available as the publisher stopped publishing them or the carts could very well have been limited runs and so on. Also there are various releases by various publishers of the same releases. There are also lab loaner(prototypes), one offs, and so on that are floating around or in people's collections. I can compile a list of what I have and email it to you when finished if that helps. So are you considering only true homebrews or/and hacks of existing games that have been put onto cart? Or any homebrew or/and hack made into a rom, but never released on cart? I think sticking only to games physically released on cartridge is more manageable as there are an almost infinite amount of homebrews/hack, wips, etc and would be very hard to manage a list for. Also there is release date. That can be a tricky one. Some people put when the rom is finished, others put the release date when it actually is released on cart. I think the later is more accurate. The release date I use is when the cart is released by the publisher. This site, although not updated in short while, has a lot of information, mostly accurate, but in no way is it complete. I hope this helps. http://www.atari2600homebrew.com/
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