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  1. These are strictly image carts at this point as the memory is taken up by the picture data. But have a song playing in the background is a cool idea but would take more memory and simply hasn't been developed. Michael at Good Deal Games would be one to contact: service@gooddealgames.com
  2. 2014 ------ Goblin Chaser Monster Ball The Shaman http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari%202600.html 2015 ------ The 2nd Dimension A.I. Project Clyde's Revenge E.T.: Return to Earth Sunset Drive The Realm of No! http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari%202600.html 2016 ------ Custom Image Cart -where you email the digital picture. Then it is Atari-ized and will be displayable on a real Atari 2600 with use of your Custom Image Cart. Yes, this technology does indeed work. See the PDF of the news article below where this technology was used. 1MB Game -Yes, utilizing the Hozer
  3. Possibly.. I will make a new thread about the new releases and upcoming Atari 2600 releases.
  4. So here is the file in PDF format. http://hozervideo.net/atari/docs/HozerBankSwitch.pdf
  5. Recently Released 2015: E.T. Book for the Atari 7800 Inspired by the E.T. Book Cart for the Atari 2600, designed for the Atari 7800, the E.T. Book 7800 takes you on a fantastic interstellar journey beneath the deepest E.T. Pits and into Interstellar Space. Be enlightened by the deep Wisdom of E.T.. Read both the 1st and 2nd Interview of Howard Scott Warshaw when he was a disbeliever in the Atari Landfill. Educate yourself with the Ode to H.S.W.. Learn the Secrets of E.T.. Feel the sadness of E.T.'s tragic Epilogue. Read modern comments by various people involved with this 7800 release. Dis
  6. I may have document I can share regarding this and explaining the bankswitching, etc. I will try to share it here.
  7. For programmers who want to program up to 1MB. Possible using Superbanking and this board. https://www.facebook.com/GrayGamesAtari/posts/676821305763148
  8. Nice pics. But I am hoping to find person who originally took the low res picture I posted(friend grabbed it from a Slideshow), as I am hoping he will email me the high res picture. I helped work on the release pictured, and to see it running on an Atari 2600 on an old TV is pretty cool to see. To get the original high res pic would be even better.
  9. I guess no luck so far. I was hoping the original poster would see this post and message me.
  10. My friend found this taken at the PRGE 2015 posted on this forum in slideshow format(low res). Sadly, the slideshow has been removed. As I worked on this homebew Atari 2600 release, I would greatly appreciate it if whoever took this picture could email me or message me the original file (original quality picture). I really like the pic and it is nice to see a game I worked on being displayed in such a way. Thanks! ataricharles@gmail.com
  11. There are many homebrews and hacks not listed on wikipedia and/or no longer available as the publisher stopped publishing them or the carts could very well have been limited runs and so on. Also there are various releases by various publishers of the same releases. There are also lab loaner(prototypes), one offs, and so on that are floating around or in people's collections. I can compile a list of what I have and email it to you when finished if that helps. So are you considering only true homebrews or/and hacks of existing games that have been put onto cart? Or any homebrew or/and hack made
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