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Interest Check: Atari 2600 Pause Mod for Joysticks


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Hi everyone,


I've designed a version of the atari pause mod which allows you to pause your game from the joysticks! It works for both first and second players via a toggle switch installed in the joystick. The circuit board itself is 2cm X 2.5cm. I will personally reflow solder and hand test each board to ensure functionality before it is shipped. I plan to sell the mod kit for $25.00 USD with free shipping within the continental US.


A bit on how it works. This mod pauses the console by setting both up and down pins on either joystick port to logic zero. Because some peripherals will interfere with this setup, a switch installed near each joystick port can control pause functionality for said port. This will allow you to configure the pause mod to your needs based on the peripheral you are using at that time. For example, you can enable the pause mod for port one and disable the pause mod for port two for use with the Atarivox. Each switch also serves as a console pause switch, allowing you to pause your games while using unmodified joysticks.


What will be included in the kit:

- pause mod circuit (shipped in anti-static bag)

- all of the necessary wires

- four toggle switches, two for joysticks and two for the console

- double sided tape to mount circuit



Here is a 3-d image of what the mod looks like:




If you are interested in purchasing a mod kit please leave a comment below with how many you would like. I need to know how much interest there is before I order the supplies. There will be no limit to the amount of kits you can order as long as supplies last. I will entertain a discounted price if you want multiple kits.


Thanks everyone!


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