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Low Cost Fujinet v1.6 - Includes USB and Coleco Adam hardware components


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I finished a batch of my minimalistic and Low Cost General Purpose Fujinet v1.6



These are called general purpose, due to the interface its not only dedicated to Atari 8 bits computers;

the unit is detachable, a DB15 to SIO, DB15 to DIN6, DB15 to RJ12, DB15 to DB19...

allows you to connect the Fujinet v1.6 to each supported (currently or future) computer such Atari 8 bits - Commodore 64 - Coleco Adam - Apple II


The unit includes all the hardware elements of Fujinet v1.6, also the Coleco Adam interface components.

Via jumpers, you can select the desired operation, if Atari 8 bits SIO (C64 as well) or if you desire Coleco Adam Interface.

As well, the unit can be powered externally, or via the SIO interface. There is a jumper to change this selection.

The USB interface is included, in order to update the device.

ESP32 WROVER with 16 MB flash and 8 MB PSRAM



A photograph:





A video using the device in an Atari 65XE:





These units are available at marketplace thread,




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