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Sega genesis tournament round 1: T2 the arcade game


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If the mods allow it, will be held for three weeks.

Rules (Subject to change)

bonus points given for finishing a level quickly or beating bosses quickly

due to the difficulty of the truck stages, I am allowing level skips (udlr on the main menu, pause and press b+c) JUST for those stages.

Max of six continues (if available)

winner picks the next game and rules but the game must be score based. 32x, sega cd doesn't matter.

one last thing: Emulation or real hardware. If you cannot emulate the console or happen to own one, you cannot play.

You are not allowed to use a hex editor, outside application or game genie for the duration of the tournament. Doing so is an automatic loss.

any recording software allowed. You are NOT allowed to delete a video unless it is practice based. 

in case of cheating or said game genie, there must be video evidence (If you are using OBS for example, any cheat searches are viable proof) or Mod verification to prove the incident. I will leave it to them to decide how best to check, though I recommend a hex editor or other to view the contents of the file.

good luck


Additional: In the case of Sonic, I am hereby closing all loopholes related to hidden scoring and level skip opportunities. You are NOT allowed to glitch, skip or bypass any section of the game using either built in cheats or bugs. Like the game genie section above, this is an auto loss. I don't care if you got a million points and then died before ending up in scrap zone, you have lost and your score is void. No save scumming allowed. If you died to metal sonic, you died period. Special stages do not count towards score. this is because Super sonic is a game breaker. He is not allowed in legal play and using him gives players a massive advantage.

List of allowed Sonic games:

Sonic 2

Sonic 3

Sonic spinball

Sonic 1

Sonic CD (just the genesis version, Steam version is not allowed)

Knuckles Chaotix

all of them are subject to the same rules ESPECIALLY cd. 

Disallowed sonic games:

3D blast (Isometric view, may cause difficulties for some people)

Contra hard corps is not allowed in this competition due to the sheer difficulty factor. Instead to compensate, we will use Batman returns vehicle segments instead. You are allowed unlimited practice continues but only the max for the tourney.

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