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HD Retrovision Genesis cables on an early release SMS

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#1 CrossBow


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Posted 07 July 2017 - 12:10 AM

So these were back in stock over the weekend and I purchased one of the Genesis cables along with the model 1 to model 2 adapter.


Gotta say the picture is excellent! I'm lucky to have a TV that appears to support the 240p off the Genesis, however, the info from the TV states the signal is 480i...but ehh it works and looks great!


Now..having said that. I can't get the damn cable to work at all on my SMS at all. It is a launch release SMS. The AV out seems to work fine using a standard Genesis composite/audio cable from it. But using the HD retrovision cable gives me nothing for video on the composite. I checked the pins on the AV connector and have continuity to all the right pins on the video encoder itself.


Odd thing is that if I connect up the SMS with the cables, and then switch my TV to composite. I get a black n white composite picture. So it sees something but this TV using a shared composite and green component jack just does NOT like the SMS. To be fair, I also have a scart to component converter and have a genesis scart cable. The SMS won't work with that either. I'm wondering..does anyone know if the early release SMS units require amps for the RGB outputs?


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