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About this blog

I recently got a GameShark for my PS2 and discovered that the codes weren't really cataloged like a lot of other stuff in the gaming world. For some of the games I was looking for I had to read 13 to 14 year old message boards other games were cataloged with IGN and places like that and there are some other games that were scattered throughout other websites. I will be posting GameShark codes here for anyone that has a GameShark and is looking for codes.

Entries in this blog

Diddy Kong Racing

Master Code Must Be On DE0004000000 50 Balloons 801FCBED0032 Enable Cheat Menu For Tracks Mode 810DFD9EFFFF DIDDY KONG RACING VERSION 1.1 CODES Master Code Must Be On DE0004000000 50 BALLOONS 801FD3DD0032


1Littlebeast in Nintendo 64

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