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The Atari 7800 is a somewhat obscure videogame console and deserves some love.  And that's why I'm here!  Hi, I'm Silver Back, and I'm a person that grew up playing the 7800 more so than it's competition.  Because of that reason I have an attachment to the console and want to spread the word about it however I can.  The homebrew scene on the 7800 is booming, and with all the awesome stuff being worked on, it deserves a spotlight shown in it.  So lets grab the spotlight and get ready to show the world what this community can do!

Entries in this blog

Intro to Chinese Handhelds for Retro Gaming!

In between my reviews I want to do something a little different. When it comes to retro gaming today, we have more options than ever to play our favorite old school games. The ever present Raspberry Pi.  The "mini" consoles that was all the rage a few years back.  Emulators and roms on our computers or modded consoles.  But there's one way to play retro games that may be more convenient to most people than any of the prior mentions: Handhelds! With a handheld you aren't tethered to a televi

7800 Pro Gamer

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