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About this blog

The Atari 7800 is a somewhat obscure videogame console and deserves some love.  And that's why I'm here!  Hi, I'm Silver Back, and I'm a person that grew up playing the 7800 more so than it's competition.  Because of that reason I have an attachment to the console and want to spread the word about it however I can.  The homebrew scene on the 7800 is booming, and with all the awesome stuff being worked on, it deserves a spotlight shown in it.  So lets grab the spotlight and get ready to show the world what this community can do!

Entries in this blog

My Atari 7800 Reviews Explained

I want to take an opportunity to add some basic information to my blog about how I grade games. I've been using a 10 point scale, but I feel that explaining the scale helps people understand my thoughts better. Other websites or reviewers might use a similar numeric grade but it means something different to them. So here's the scores and what they mean: 10 Perfection!  If a game or an element of a game gets this, than I found absolutely nothing to complain about. It's top tier for the 7800!

7800 Pro Gamer

7800 Pro Gamer in About Me

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