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Working on what I already have

Wumperdinkle Sniy


I worked on the first two minigames I had and attempted to make them better. I made both games speed up until it reaches a fatest speed, and then it's about surviving as long as possible.

minigamemayhem-0022.png.97616bfaed1687a539cc23e6d304edc8.png  minigamemayhem-0018.png.dad08be4054c5343611cb960c2f68889.png

Next time I work on this, I will put in a new minigame. People are talking about the old Game and Watch game Fire and hearing how people like it, but I don't know if I could be able to program something like that. Also, the people were asking why is the soup marked at 99 cents. I don't know how much a can of soup is. I haven't eaten a can of soup in years. They didn't ask why the cereal was marked at $1.19 though.

I am happy with this because it works. I will add some more games, though. I made a minigame collection for the Channel F, so I may draw some inspiration from that. What I am not happy about is me preparing to go mail my games tomorrow and then realizing it's a holiday and everything will be closed. Aargh!


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