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Another project finished.

Wumperdinkle Sniy


Today I composed the final two songs I needed and put them in the game. And now it's finished. Stupidman has been completed. I like it when I can finish projects. Unlike that stupid fruit fly game for the Atari 2600 I couldn't finish because the scanline kept quivering. I took another stab at it today and couldn't fix it. So will there be a sequel? I don't know. Perhaps if I can think of another thing for Stupidman to do. I'll have to look back at all those old drawings I did as a kid and see if there's any stories that would make good video game fodder. I would like to see this released as well, even though the Hamburgers NES game wasn't very good. I thought it was good, but others didn't agree.

So what else have I been up to? Watching YouTube poop. It's really funny. I made one myself.

I've decided to start making this a monthly thing. On the turd of each month, I will post a YTP (that's YouTube Poop) video for you all to enjoy. The ants have invaded my bathroom. I have sharp anus pains that come and go, they lied about all the rain we were supposed to get.

I am really bored now that Stupidman's completed. I hooked up my NES and tested Stupidman on it. It works great. Perhaps it's time for me to stop making games and start playing the ones I have...


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