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Atari 5200 Game Rating List

Atari 5200 Guy



Well...here it is; my 5200 game rating list. This list will grow as I obtain and review 5200 games. Just like the 2600 list I have going this list will show how I rank the 5200 games I come across.
















5200 Game Ratings

  1. Moon Patrol
  2. Ms. Pac-Man


October 17, 2016: Ms. Pac-Man on the 5200 is a solid title but does suffer from a few aspects that differ from the arcade smash hit. One of the ghosts is not colored correctly and the sounds seem to fall a bit short for my tastes. Controls are actually good and very responsive. However, as much as I love Ms. Pac-Man I would play Moon Patrol more often so the Queen is currently defending 2nd place.


September 30, 2016: Moon Patrol is a great arcade port the 5200 received. The multi-scrolling background, the enemies, and the moon buggy's animation across the bumpy terrain are very well detailed and close to the arcade. Sounds are good and close to the arcade but at times will seem flat in comparison. Since this is the first game I reviewed on the 5200 it is the only one on the list at the moment. There will be more games reviewed soon. This game will give your 5200 controller a decent workout.


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