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  1. Not sure if it is obvious from GRay Retro's video but the control scheme is based heavily on Dr J vs Bird. Like the video mentions you can have any combination of 1-4 players - if you have 2 players for example you can play versus or as teammates, or with 3 players, one can have the coy teammate. Even if you don't have the Protovision 4 player adapter, the Vice C64 emulator can simulate it. The video mentions there's no current records online for stats, however in the game manual there's a table of NBA stats you can aim to beat. Another challenge when you get good is to try and get as many dou
  2. Hi! I've just signed up here since finding this thread - thanks for your interest in Jam It! From what I recall it works fine on an SD2EIC ... If you find it doesn't, just message me via the throwbackgames.net contact form and I should be able to get you a copy that does.
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