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  1. Looks awesome but i'll wait for the reviews.
  2. Thanks man! I also just subbed to your channel! Cool stuff!
  3. Thanks... I been playing a lot of the keith courage game... what a great game. I'd love to get Bonked and Splatter House next but the prices wow!
  4. Yeah it was really clean and bought it from Digital press video games. It came with a 30 money back guarantee it worked! As you can see in the video it worked. I want to get Splatter house for it next but the prices are insane for this system. I'm shocked how good the RF signal actually is.
  5. Thanks man! So stoked I got it... and it's in great condition.. the power supply and RF cable aren't original but the system has zero scratches on it so I'm pumped thanks!
  6. After over 20 or more years I finally broke down and bought one! I have a video on the first play.. I'm pretty pumped!
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