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  1. As mentioned last time, I was out of state last weekend, so this weekend was the first (since last time I worked on this), that I got some time to continue working on this. - I found out why the strafing of the road did not really work 2 weeks ago and was glitching - it was a HW bug, not code bug. Feature that is supposed to work according to jag docs, but does not, really. Took me over a day to come up with two additional algorithms to address that bug, but it is what it is. - I reworked the road perspective, so there is now much higher / better sense of perspective into the distance (th
  2. I didn't get much chance to do coding this week yet, but I'm hoping I will find some time tonight. The perspective of the road and the texture repeat need some adjustment - there's 'too litlle' of the road, into the distance (e.g. not too many stripes), right now (if that formulation makes any sense). It's not as easy as changing few constants though, as I gotta revisit the perspective algorithm and its inner loops workings. I want to give it a try tonight.
  3. Great catch ! Yes, you are correct. The scale of the road is obviously wrong. I merely imported the texture, not paying attention as to whether it is 2 or 4 lanes, but did not yet play around with matching the texel density between buildings and the road, which applies to bike too. Duly noted into the To Do List Thanks !
  4. Honestly, you do not really need 10 people for a simple game like this. Sure, it would help, if for example, there was another guy coding the audio library in parallel, or someone engaged in Blitter experimenting (to figure out in full detail how it works and behaves). But those are one-off items. once you get them up&running, it is done for all environments. At this point, I am entirely confident, one part-time / evening coder is all that is needed for the engine / code portion of the game. If I was working on this fulltime, there would be way more features implemented - day/n
  5. Oh, the graphics were supplied by the PlaysWithWolves artist, that's not something I can take credit for. I merely coded the engine to display them.
  6. Thanks for the constructive feedback ! I knew it was possible to have a civilized discussion about this - "floating in air" : this is a result of no shadow in the bitmap/sprite of the bike - perspective of the road needs some serious tweaking. I don't like the way it disappears in the distance, and the repeat factor does not manifest itself very much in distance either (for whatever reason - the most likely being that there is just too few pixels for the distant texels of the road). This may need some hack I was watching the video on YT and it appears to me that the bike's vertical p
  7. Since it has been 3.5 days of work so far, I figured the next milestone is a week of work. I'd like to ask for your ideas as to what kind of features to try to implement in next 3.5 days. Let's create a pool of features, I will estimate the effort on each feature and see where is the best compromise on value delivered. Damn, that was some Agile speak I will start the feature pool: 1. Input 2. Curves 3. Camera Strafing (e.g. whole 3D scene shifting left/right) 4. Hills 5. HUD (Speed dial+Timer) 6. Opponent/AI
  8. Thanks for encouragement ! The speed itself has not been tweaked yet - I put in some guessed constants (just to try it out if it even works). It's something that will happen once I plug input in. It's smooth only because it is recorded in VJ The framerate is the last thing I am worried about after 3.5 days of coding. There will be a time for that soon, for sure - just not now. First, it has to work. And be playable. Getting there, albeit slowly
  9. And here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA2aO2eWErU
  10. Here are two latest screenshots, so the unlucky folks that haven't participated in the brutal flamewar on that site, can have an idea what are we talking about here: Very rough, as there's barely total of 4 days of work there (last weekend, and about 1-1.5 days during this one, though I barely coded couple hrs today, so it's far from an ideal weekend output), but should give some indication of the direction it's heading.
  11. As for the buildings at the edge, it's mostly fixed, but it's still not 100% clean. They aren't falling off anymore, but there is slight jump. I will need to spend some more time on this. You see, I am improving the engine's functionality at the same time, so for future games/demos, this issue will already be addressed Getting there - slowly I obviously have a slow reference solution for screen edge texturing, but am trying to see if I can force jag to do it on Blitter (e.g. as fast as possible).
  12. As for the video, once I'm done with coding tonight (in couple hrs), I'll get PlaysWithWolves (my artist) to record/upload it. I'd rather post here a new video (not the week old one), now that we are so close to getting one.
  13. Quoting whole post doesn't seem to work for me, and somehow copypasting the thread text and wrapping it manually either (must be the browser I am using - I just switched to IE temporarily). To set things straight, this is a PoC = Proof Of Concept. Not a full game on cart/CD or anything. 1 track max, but I do want it to be playable (even if in VJ for the time being). Basically, I am trying to figure out, if it is possible to have a RoadRash on jaguar, in playable framerate. I do believe it should be possible, though - from my current experience with coding on jag. PoC Stage 1: 6
  14. Wow ! I was expecting maybe 1 reply or so, but so much traffic in half a day is quite insane and unexpected ! Thanks a lot for the warm welcome. I am indeed looking forward to participating in this forum. And without any flamewar :-) I'll start addressing things right away !
  15. We had a very interesting discussion about Road Rash on AA - well at least for first few pages (before reboot initiated a brutal flamewar (in which I -most obviously- participated)). Here's hoping we can continue that discussion on 'what if this / that was done on jag'. I could also - potentially - write about the development updates (assuming it won't offend people), as they happen. I really enjoyed Gunstar's RR ideas, but alas - before we got further with them - it became impossible to discuss them in greater detail. As is often the case, everything bad is usually good for s
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