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Showbiz Pizza Place memorabilia

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In New Orleans (where I grew up), we actually had both, Pizza Time Theatre & Showbiz Pizza Place. My best friend had his birthday party at the SPP in Algiers, LA (west bank of NOLA) April 1981 and thats all it took. I was hooked! 

I wanted to share some of my SPP collection......


The scan below is actually in chronological order from right to left. The orange Skee-Ball tickets were the first ones issued in 1981, then yellow, and then red. Then in 1989-1990, when both companies merged into Showbiz/Pizza Time Inc., they started with purple tickets and dated them too. The last dated ticket I have is the white 1993 ticket - the purple tickets under that white ticket, are the back side of the 1991 purple tickets.



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I used to have a bunch of tokens and tickets. I ended up using them in the chuck e cheese.

Everytime I'd go to CEC and get tokens after ordering, I'd start going thru each token, looking at the year printed on them to see if I needed any of them for my collection before spending them.

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Cool Tickets! I've only ever seen the Skeeball type ones in person at a CEC fan convention..Cool!

These are my personal collection - I obtained every one of them (and more that didn't make into the scan) from the New Orleans (Algiers), LA SPP.


A purchase I made in the late 90's off eBay was a huge bag of common SPP tokens. Actually got a 22mm or 23mm smaller token in the bunch! Its the only one I've ever seen like that.


Other SPP items I have:

SPP Mitzi pinback button

SPP Billy Bob "Brian" kids bicycle license plate

SPP "Billy Bob Sez......" plastic 7" rulers

SPP "Showbiz Collector's" contest - peel off game pieces

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