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Hi! I'm posting some photos of my CEC Collection. Set up into categories:



2 Modern CEC Cast Member nametags

1 older CEC Cast Nametag (Not Pictured)

CEC Lanyard (Partly Pictured)



Custom Made CEC Cast Member Shirt



Circa 1994 Cast Member Visor

(Not My Picture) https://img1.etsystatic.com/019/0/5546086/il_570xN.473701413_dnzq.jpg


Classic CEC Pin




Circa 1995 "Checkers"

(No Photo - Too Large ^_^ )


2011 "Magic Ticket" poster

(In Background) https://www.instagram.com/p/_t2HVYRHLv/



Lots of Redemption stuff from PTT until modern CEC.

(Just some of the smaller stuff.) https://www.instagram.com/p/-mBGysxHI7/


Billy Bob and CEC Mini Mug Set

(No Picture)



2 Modern "Rockstar" CEC Plushes

(No Picture)


1996 CEC "Coach" plush



2003 Easter Bunny CEC plush



1996 Helen Henny "Cheerleader" plush

(No Picture)


2001(?) Helen Henny plush

(No Picture)



Studio C "Beta" "Cool Chuck" hat and shirt cosmetics

(Not My Picture) http://showbizpizza.com/ptp/stages/studioc-beta.jpg



All token designs up until "Juvenile 2"

1 CEC Logo/Adult Mouse 2



Zapp's token (Zapp's was an adult bar made by CEC in 1983)



Numerous Classic SPP Tokens

(No Pictures)


Seems to be the most important stuff.

If you have any CEC Collectibles I'd love to see some pics!

Edited by Patrick Boots CEC
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