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  1. PS3 Controllers aint cheap! Nice trash haul
  2. That IS a great price and idea (providing your own shell). I'd love to see a pic when yours comes in.
  3. BTW I did sub. Hope you do more INTV reviews. It deserves some quality reviews by people who do their homework. Most of the reviews are people who don't bother reading manuals and like to complain about the controller a lot. *cough*8-bitEric*cough*
  4. You did a great job reviewing it, but I gotta be honest. When they first posted about this on that other Atari site, I thought it was a joke. I can see I was wrong, and there was a demand for it...but they could not have possibly picked something less interesting to me. And then to charge $60? I can get a vintage pong machine for less than that. I'm definitely open to the idea of getting some homebrews after I get my original release collection where I want it, but my attention is drawn to some of the new, creative titles people come up with. Truth be told, Atari's homebrew community seems to be the most original, creative bunch. Most of what I see for INTV and Colecovision are just ports.
  5. This guy's channel is dedicated to restoring and customizing Hot Wheels cars, and its oh so satisfying to watch.
  6. I didn't have much of a budget today, but it was all blown before 8am. Total Spent: $29 Total Value: $91 Not too shabby! EDIT: Interesting note, most of this was one garage sale, they had 2 XBox 360 systems they wanted $125 each for, Xbox controllers for $15 each, and they wanted 7 bucks each for Xbox games. But they had a Wii for $25 (I ran out of monies), and all the Wii games were $5 each, as were the DS games. Curious pricing to say the least. I guess they mistakenly thought XBox > Nintendo in value.
  7. I had a K-Car for a while, it served me ...reasonably well?
  8. Attracting more forum members in general would be key. Now that I have our new art, it can't hurt for us to set up something however! It's a matter of cataloging our stock.
  9. Your other option is, of course, make the customer pay shipping. But for common games, I'm sure they are hard to move like that.
  10. I often wonder how some people make any money off of selling single commons like that. It never seemed worth the effort to me, but I figured you had a system. What I do with Atari is bundle up the games and keep them where I can still ship First Class, so usually 4 game lots. I try to put in one uncommon or at least highly desired common in each lot. My starting price is generally the price of the most expensive game in the lot's normal ebay sold listing price. (So if its Pitfall II, starting bid $15) I have moved several lots like this, but I usually don't get lots of bids. The same would apply for me selling PS2, XBox360, Wii, or any type other than Nintendo when I get overloaded with commons.
  11. I just found a copy of MAD recently at a garage sale myself, but it wasn't in nearly as good shape as yours. I think it's complete minus some dice, though.
  12. That demo cart almost makes up for that lot having Donkey Kong (which wont even work on the INTV II). That's a great find for sure!
  13. The mall of my childhood is a bed of crime now, and it used to be the hangout for local kids for miles around. I really think mall culture is simply dying. In a world where we can shop online for most goods, and everyone is connected electronically at all times, the mall just doesn't fit in like it used to. Literally the only reason I go to mine is Second and Charles, and they're pretty sketchy themselves. You're right though, I have tons of memories from our local mall.
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