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  1. I just love the box art, if they fall under $10, I'll give one a try
  2. Wow, I'm always so impressed what can be done for this console. Limitation really is the forge of creativity
  3. Will Sega be Sega about this and create add ons for their future flashback system? Imagine an extra usb port for "sega cd classic" add on
  4. I love using a safety razor, I recently picked up the offerings from Bevel, which are also available at Target. Astra is a decent brand of blades but if you want something thats sharp enough to cut through stone, try Feather brand blades.
  5. Decided I need these in my life. As soon as I get a pair, I might write/shoot a review
  6. I was wondering if anyone here has tried these out? They look like a fantastic use of the Pro-Line Joystick model. http://www.atarisales.com/cx30evolved.html
  7. Saw this guy available on craigslist and was thinking about picking it up for my XEGS. They're asking $50 for it, said it turns on and makes its startup sound but no further testing was done. Anyone here know much about Atari computer monitors? Anything I should look out for? Is this a good price for it, etc?
  8. Now I'm morbidly curious to see what the paddle controller handshake looks like O_o
  9. Maybe its the "Made in the USA" tagline? This TAC2 has a pretty nice solid feel to it, I'll give em that!
  10. I feel a lot of sellers (and buyers) mistake "uncommon" and "rare" as interchangeable words. Yeah, I still gotta test it out , but maybe I'll trade it out. I'll let you know
  11. Post your latest thrift shop cops, garage sale finds, swap meet hauls , Craigslist scores, and other good deals you've found in the wild. Doesn't absolutly have to be videogame related just as long as it retro, you physically bought it, and it was a smashing good deal Yesterday I found a Suncom TAC2 and TAC50 for a grand total of $6 at a local thrift shop. I didn't know the TAC2 goes for around $30 on ebay, wow.
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