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  1. jmjustin6

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    And it is outta here!
  2. jmjustin6

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    I just finished packing it up, but sadly the post office is closed now so. Have to wait till Monday.
  3. jmjustin6

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Dang I only have the world championship chart in grey....is that still ok?
  4. jmjustin6

    Jmjustin6's game room

    Again didnt really know where to post this but this is part of my friends collection room. He Is huge into collecting matchbox cars. He actually got these store display cases himself back int he day atheist stores. He got in cool with the managers and they let him have these display cases
  5. jmjustin6

    Craigslist Finds

    Didnt know where to post this but anyway. Last week a friend of the family called me up and said he found his old atari games and wanted to know if I wanted to buy them. Of course I said yes. I went over there today and here they all are. He is a big matchbox collector so he was happy to unload these games onto me. We spent the day talking about each others collections and we are in 2 different worlds haha
  6. jmjustin6

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Ok and here are the nes games I already have.
  7. jmjustin6

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Ok so here are the boxed atari games I have so far.
  8. jmjustin6

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    My want list Anything 90s cartoon network or Nick Any nes games I dont have already Any boxed atari games I dont have already. But really i dont have a specific want list of specific games I can think of. I just got my first ps4 and I've been playing it like crazy
  9. is the chat live because this is what I get when I hit the chat button
  10. jmjustin6

    Jmjustin6's game room

    I love these see through game systems. I think I also have a see through gameboy color somewhere around here.
  11. jmjustin6

    Thrift Store Finds

    That's awesome. I dont think I've seen the grape one in person before only pics on the internet. Yea I dont plan to get rid of this one anytime soon. The controller is in pretty good shape. The stick is a little loose (7/10)
  12. jmjustin6

    Thrift Store Finds

    Awesome goodwill score yesterday! Jungle green N64 for $20!! With all the hookups and a controller. Never thought I would own any of the colored N64s.
  13. jmjustin6

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Hey count me in
  14. jmjustin6

    Black Friday 2018 dealz

    I figured it's getting close to that time of the year and I havent seen a post yet so I guess I'll start it off Thanksgiving/black Friday gaming related deals. Post what you find I found this great website https://www.cheapassgamer.com/topic/368417-black-friday-2018-the-big-thread-walmart-best-buy-ad-posted/