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  1. Well I havent shaved in probably about 2 or 3 years so I guess I'm not the person to ask sorry
  2. I tried fortnite for a while because a friend of mine kept asking me to join (hes pit in over 1000 hours in the game) I just couldnt get into it really and I ahvent played another battle royal game. Well except tetris 99 (if that counts as a battle royal) and I freaking love me some tetris 99.
  3. Oh man I remember that show. Man it was not good. Hey great price though
  4. Oh my!! No I didnt. I didn't even think of that. All that was on my brain was neon
  5. We have been tested with snow here in Atl 3 times this year but hasn't happened yet
  6. Found this one a few days ago on Facebook marketplace. I'm in ATL GA and this seller is in sweetwater TN. After talking the guy said he didnt really want to ship but if I wanted he would try. I said no I've seen too many horror stories with neon so I decided to drive up there. So was a total of 7 hours there and back and a couple game shops in between. Now it's home and safe. Very happy to have this thing!
  7. One of the best plug n plays you can get right there
  8. Paper mario thousand year door I think is my absolute favorite game I've played. Also Luigis mandion is also great.
  9. Yea thats what I was thinking was just glue and push it back up and with the duct tape I wouldn't even see it with it being inside.
  10. Todays letgo find. Guy had it listed with 4 common games for $120. I asked how much for just the nes. He said $70. He mentioned it takes AV cables too. I met him as fast as I could. Now all I gotta do is fix this crack in it
  11. Yea I thought the same. This is the first pong system I have found at a thrift store/ goodwill
  12. Goodwill strikes again. But sadly the wrong game in the wrong case.
  13. So last night during the superbowl they played a commercial for a new Twilight Zone series hosted by Jordan Peele. Not much has been said in the commercial or on the internet. What are yalls thoughts? The Original series might be my favorite show ever and I hope they dont mess this one up. I remember in 2002 they brought it back and some episodes I liked but over all I wasnt too impressed. Now dont get me wrong i really like Jordan Peele. Hes hilarious in a ton of different shows and movies, but when it comes to The Twilight Zone I'm not sure why they would pick a comedian to host a si-fi "horror" show. Anyway I'd love to hear yalls thoughts on this one cause I'm sure we have some TZ fans in here
  14. Another great thrift store day. The disc games were $5 each. The nes were $4 each and mario kart was $10. If anyone needs adventure island or mario kart 64 let me know we can work out a trade
  15. Goodwill came through again for me today. Awesome find. Sadly it's missing the game. If anyone has the game and case I'd be interested in maybe doing a trade. I've got plenty of stuff
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