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  1. My favorite scary game? Man that's a tough one. Its gotta be either resident evil 4 or resident evil 7. When resident evil 4 came out I was blown away at how good it was. I think I have beaten it more times than any other game I've played. I wanna say I've beaten it about 20 or more times. Now resident evil 7 was amazing and very scary. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I played. so suspenseful! The part where you are in the garage with the dad and you literally kill him about 3 or 4 times and keeps getting back up even after the car he was in exploded. Man I had a blast playing that one
  2. Oh ok i thought it was a full on video game store. Well either way it's a shame they are closing. I hope you have another game shop close to you
  3. Found me an odyssey 300 at goodwill a couple days ago. Didnt come with the power cable so cant test it. Anyone happen to have one?
  4. Yea same thing happened here last year. The last "Play N' Trade" went out of business here and was sad. It was the only game shop near me. Next one is an hour away. But hey now you have an opportunity to get what you can from the shop. What kind of display stuff do they have? Any system boxes around the store? When play n trade closed I got some lighted signs and like 20 empty console boxes for really cheap! Was so happy, but sad I cant go back and talk games for hours with the manager. But yes I would definitely look into what they have in the shop.
  5. Wow I am sorry to hear this bud. I dont know what I would do if this happened to me. I have some double 2600 games I can send you. I can look around and see what else I might have. Glad you and your family are ok. Please take the advice of all here and if you dont think the insurance company has done enough on their part dont let them
  6. Yea it looks to be all there. Board, game pieces, game, and manual.
  7. Forgot to post this last week but I found an odyssey 2 in the box. Price on it was $90 me and the cashier both thought that was crazy. She suggested I talk to one of the cooler managers and he took $40 off. So I was happy with that. Today i found the killing joke (havent read or seen the movie yet) at goodwill range up for $1.50. I have heard amazing things about this one. Finally the last goodwill I stopped at today didnt see much but as I was leaving this thing cought my eyes. It's Mr. Pickles! The cashier gave me the strangest look and was studdering her words the whole time.
  8. What are you using to hang those gameboys on the wall like that?
  9. Oh wow that's wild. I have heard of some crazy hot sauces. But having to sign a waver wow
  10. So when it comes to salsa this is my go to stuff right here. It's got a great flavor too it and just enough heat to be good but not over power you
  11. Yea Frank's is literally has the lowest scoville units of any hot sauce. It comes in at 450 scoville units
  12. Yea I used to eat that stuff alot. I got tired of it though. I change up sauces alot. I like to try all different kinds. There are some sauces that are a little weak on the heat but have amazing flavors
  13. So I'm just curious does everyone here enjoy hot sauces? If so what is your go to hot sauce that you need to always have a bottle of? Mine has to be valentina (black label) but lately I've really enjoyed El Yucateco's green habanero sauce. Now when it comes to other hot sauces. How hot do you like them? Long story short I think I have been eating too much hot sauce lately and I cant feel any heat from the normal hot sauces or even the "XXX" hot sauces. So I have been watching "Hot Ones" on youtube (great show if you havent seen it) And I just bought a couple of the really insane hot sauces that I saw on the show off amazon. DA' Bomb came first in the mail and I had to get some friends over. DA' Bomb has a scoville level of 135,600. In comparison a regular bottle of Tabasco is 700 scoville units. So we grilled up some chicken and tried it out. This is definitely not your normal hot sauce! My tongue was on fire! It was hot but still I wasnt screaming and running around like all my friends were. So I felt I needed more. So today in the mail I got Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage. This one comes in at 500,000 Scoville units and maybe this one will give me the sting I need. Probably gonna get everyone together again this weekend to try it out. I'm gonna have some milk on the side ready to be used! So again this is one of my things i love and I'm just curious about everyone here. Do you like hot sauce? Do you not? If so how hot have you gone before?
  14. Got this in the mail today! Thanks to rockyraccoon. This thing works great and I cant wait to play some of the greats on this thing. First things first though I need to hunt down a battery cover
  15. Did a trade for my TSR 80 for his neo geo pocket. Went great. He got his and I got mine. Both work great and was a good experience. would do trades with again
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