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  1. Yea the original is oblivious better but I plan to at least finish up this first season. Now season 2?......yea not sure I'll be there for that
  2. I'm watching it on showbox. Apparently with CBS all access there is an option to watch the episodes in black and white. But sadly showbox doesnt have this option.
  3. So I'm a few episodes into the new Twilight Zone reboot and just wanted to see if anyone else has seen it too? If so what are your thoughts on it so far. So far it's the first season and it has 10 episodes. It has Jordan Peele playing the host/ narrator I'll start off with my thoughts. Well the first thing that stands out is these episodes are really really political and really in your face about it too. But I do like a few of the episodes. In one of the episodes there is a crew headed to Mars and how they handle the trip there. The space episodes were always my favorite of the original series. This one didnt feel quite as good but it wasnt horrible. So has anyone else seen it or plan to watch it?
  4. Wow now that would be a con of the decade to attend
  5. Yea he was cosplaying Greg from Steven universe and he did an amazing job.
  6. Here are the games I got signed
  7. $So it was great. I had a blast! Sid just about everything I wanted to do and more! Got to meet Mr. Charles martinet, Mr. Kenny James, and Mrs. Samatha Kelly. Got them each to sign a game and got a pic with each one. Also waited in a 2 hour or so line to meet suda51 and get him to autograph no more heros. He doesnt speak any English but still awesome guy to talk to! I also didnt realize that Reuben langdon (voice of dante from the devil may cry series) was there too. Luckily I didnt get a hotel room this year and was just taking the train there every morning so that ment I could go home and grab my devil may cry 3 and bring it the next day. Got to talk with him and he had some awesome stories about the release party for devil may cry 2 in Japan and how they made him a custom floor length red leather jacket just like dante wears in the game! The last autograph was also one I didnt know was going to be there. Keith Silverstein known for being vector the crocodile in the 2010 sonic show but he is also Simon belmonte on the newest smash bros so you know I had to get him to sign my smash.
  8. Ok so I was helping a friend clean up his house because he has to be out by the end of the month. While we were cleaning I saw a box that said commodore 64 on it. I grabbed it and sadly no computer but there were disks in there. I dont have a 64 I have a vic 20 so these might be up for grabs (not sure yet) Also in the box was an Action Max. I've only ever heard of these never seen or used one. The game is a VHS tape! Cant wait to try this out. Also there were 2 pokemon snap blockbuster cards in there. And lastly there is some big box computer stuff bot even sure what they are I havent looked at them yet.
  9. Yea my mechanic friend has a 2005 f150 and apparently my vic and his truck also have the same engine in them
  10. So momocon is this coming up weekend may 23, 24, 25, 26. I'm going and am very excited. The voice of Mario (Charles martinet), bowser (Kenny James), and peach/toad (Samantha Kelly) will all be there doing panels and signing autographs. also the creator of "No More Heros" (Wii game) (Suda51) will also be there and he is doing free autographs. My plan is to get all 4 of their autographs but most importantly Charles martinet (Mario). I'm gonna get him to sign my boxed Mario 64. There will also be tons of arcade games and fighting game competitions with cash prizes. Super smash bros, mortal kombat, dragonball fighterZ. Also if you are a fan the 4 main character's voice actors of "Steven Universe" (cartoon network) will be there too. Should be a fun weekend. It's at the Georgia world Congress building in downtown Atlanta. I'm going to be going dressed up as Mario. Seems like the easiest cosplay to put together fast. Cant wait for it to start!
  11. Woops I meant to say you shouldn't fast charge all the time. Dang autocorrect
  12. Yea it's a V8. Not the best on gas but hey not a single car I've had before has been good on gas so ehh I'm used to it. That's great to hear about the leaf. I just couldnt pull the trigger myself. but one day I hope to get me an electric car. Also I was reading you should fast charge it all the time.
  13. Yea that was it 88 blue f150 Yea I replaced the distributor, the cap, and rotor. I replaced the coil, the fan clutch relay, the thermostat, the ignition, the ignition switch, the ignition control module, the radiator, the fuel pump (because while this problem was happening the feul pressure just happen to start to dip woo hoo), couple of pullys, a few vacuum lines (there is still a vacuum leak somewhere in there) the transmission was rebuilt last year. All new plugs and wires. I do know that it needs a new water pump. Anyway...I could go on but for real I was just tired of putting money Into this thing and it still having problems.
  14. So sadly my truck died. It's an 88 so it was bound to happen eventually. it's overheating and missfiring like crazy and I put a bunch of parts(about 10 or so new parts) in it and nothing seem to be doing the trick. Mechanic just couldnt seem to figure out what was causing these problems and I was tired of throwing money at it. Anyway so I needed a new car. I just didnt know what car was the right one for me. I seemed to have my heart set on either a Prius or a leaf (Rick was alot of help on the leaf research) but ultimately I just know that when the time cane to change the leaf battery I just wouldnt be able to afford it. With the Prius I just couldnt find a good enough deal for me to jump on it. So a guy at work told me he saw a crown vic for sale on craigslist a few days ago and said that it was a great deal. So I looked it up and I was shocked at how good it looked and was sure it had to be gone by now. So i messaged the guy and sure enough he still had it and I cane to look at it and I bought it. 2004 crown Victoria 1 owner and only 44,000 miles on it. Sweet old man owned the car and used it only to drive his mom around. Sadly there has seemed to have been a bit of taking advantage of a nice man because there has been $18,000 worth of work done to this thing. Alot of small stuff like for example whenever he went in to get his oil change (every 4,000 miles) he also had an alignment, wheel rotation, and wheel balance done. With all that said I am very happy to have this beautiful car and dont know what i did to deserve this. I am going to take good care of it and hopefully it will last a good while. Sorry for a long one here but I am very excited about this one
  15. jmjustin6


    Did yall catch it last night? I thought James was gonna loose! Be won by $18! That's a shame the other guy doesnt get to go home with that $54,000. He earned every penny of that. Put up a good fight
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