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Patrick Boots CEC

Wild Bill's Nostalgia Emporium

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I'm located in CT..And one day we came across this place known as "Wild Bill's Nostalgia Emporium". It's located in Middletown/Cromwell(?) CT and it's a big complex full of lots of stuff from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.


If I Remember they had multiple arcade games for sale and operational..Asteroids, and Space Invaders Deluxe I Remember specifically. :adventure:


I Also hear they have the world's largest bobblehead and the largest collection of "Wacky Wobbler" bobblehead collection up for sale.





Definitely a great place to stop by if you are into that stuff and you are in the area. I'll share some photos of the place next time i'm near there as well.

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