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1982 Atari 800 with 1050 disc drive in Albuquerque, NM for sale


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Includes all original manuals for 800 and 1050 and games, 4 plug in games, 34 floppy discs most of which have multiple games (too many to list). Also rare edition of "Bank Street Writer" and "WANG" word processors.  Original game discs include "Seafox", "Frogger", Montezuma's Revenge", "Mad Spy vs Spy", and "Blue Max".

Several various controllers, power sources, monitor/TV connector and cover for 800.

All items have been in storage for over 15 years, are in "as new" condition. I would be willing to ship at your expense.

Contact Donald at cgmusicman@outlook.com or 505-883-4478. Negotiable.

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