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TIME: Inside Nintendo’s Bold Plan to Stay Vibrant for the Next 125 Years

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From Time Magazine: http://time.com/3749061/nintendo-mobile-gaming/


Time Magazine has a great article on Nintendo's history, their new embrace of mobile gaming, and their plan for the next 125 years. There are a couple of interesting quotes and good videos to check out too. Time Magazine hasn't traditionally been a good source of gaming info (even though oddly enough Time Warner is Warner Communications which used to own Atari) but this is a good article for Nintendo fans.


Video: http://ti.me/1MNv4Zk


From Time:




Not on the agenda: abandoning hardware. In addition to its revised mobile strategy, details on a new Nintendo platform codenamed “NX” are due next year. Iwata argues that pressure to get out of that business has always reflected a deep misunderstanding of the company’s approach to innovation. “We view it as that marriage of the software with the hardware that together creates a compelling experience,” says Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo of America’s president. Iwata concurs, explaining that dropping out of hardware would cripple the company. “If we don’t take an approach that looks holistically at the form a video-game platform should take in the future,” he says, “then we’re not able to sustain Nintendo 10 years down the road.”


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Now they are talking about developing a new pricing model for mobile games. Somehow Nintendo is going to want to make this exclusive and controlled. Honestly I'm surprised Apple hasn't bought Nintendo already, they would fit well together.



Iwata noted during the Q&A [...] that he's wary of the free-to-play option because he's concerned about the "high possibility for the value to be greatly reduced as the history of the music industry has shown." Still, that's undeniably the way to reach the highest number of players, which is the main goal for Nintendo in making mobile games. "While we want to consider how to encourage as many people as possible to accept our offerings, Nintendo, on the other hand, is a bit of a contrarian," said Iwata during the Q&A. "More specifically, while others may be tempted to follow in the footsteps of other successful companies, we are not interested at all.


Link: http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/24/8283587/nintendo-dena-mobile-games-business-model-free-to-play

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