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  1. Happy New Year! I hope everyone has an amazing 2018!

    1. RickR


      You too! A prosperous and healthy new year to all.

    2. Atari 5200 Guy
  2. ATARI DAY isn't until Sunday... Maybe celebrate Atari Day with family and friends on Thanksgiving this year. Fire up the 2600 for a round of Warlords. Just a thought.

    1. DCG


      I need more paddles :)

    2. greenween


      That's the plan! Have a great Thanksgiving Prof!!

    3. Justin


      Happy Thanksgiving! Some people have model trains running around the Christmas tree. In my home we have the Atari 7800 going with lots of 2600 and 7800 games to play.

  3. I want to be excited about this, and I am... but the current owners of Coleco have somewhat tarnished their reputation in my mind for a number of reasons, so I'm going to reserve judgement until after this is released. There seems to be a lot of activity recently with mini arcades, if anybody should be doing these it's "Coleco".
  4. Happy Atari Day everybody!

    1. Sabertooth


      Happy Atari Day, Professor!

    2. greenween


      Happy Atari Day!! Playing some Solar Fox and Frogger tonight!!

  5. Can you shift up and down between Hi and Lo gears?
  6. I'm getting geared up for Halloween and really in the mood for a good horror movie. I can't wait to go see this.
  7. @atarilbc Three suggestions for you to throw into the hat: - Ultra Vortek - Raiden - Pitfall
  8. Great collection Kid A, that is some serious dedication. And I learned something new today: there are still new releases for the original Wii. I had no idea.
  9. Happy Atari Day!

    1. RickR


      Ohmygsoh, I forgot! Thanks for the reminder.

  10. R.I.P. Jerry Lewis

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sabertooth


      Wow. What a long and productive run. I used to watch the telethon with my late cousin. We would make sheet "forts" and try to stay up for the whole thing.

    3. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      I grew up watching him with my family on my dad's side I no longer have. RIP Jerry...thanks for the laughters and the work you have done. You will be missed.

    4. RickR


      Question: Will he get back together with Dean Martin for a heavenly comedy show?


      RIP to them both.


  11. Welcome to Atari I/O pizzabear! It's great to have you here!
  12. Waiting for October...

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    2. Justin


      He gets out on parole in October.

    3. The Professor

      The Professor

      lol I'm not on parole!!

    4. The Professor

      The Professor

      October is the peak of Fall. Brisk, cool weather. Halloween. It's the start of some nice things.

  13. Video stores are still alive and well in Alaska, thanks to factors stemming from living in remote locations with spotty and expensive internet coverage, and poor streaming. To me, the funny thing is I already knew this but I had never put it all together. I've seen video stores appear in various Alaska-themed shows that I've watched in the past, usually on the Discovery channel. Alaskans even trade VHS tapes enthusiastically. From Alaska Dispatch News: Pricey internet and nostalgia keep Alaska video stores alive People don't just come for the movies https://www.adn.com/business-economy/2017/07/30/in-alaska-pricey-internet-and-nostalgia-keep-video-stores-alive/
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