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  1. I had no idea they brought back the Tandy name! What a great idea!
  2. Wow, a Combat review. Now that's starting at square one! Nice to see this
  3. Yeah, I don't get the whole "Japanese snacks" thing. Many of them are bland and not very tasty in my opinion. I understand it's part of "Otaku life" but it strikes me as trying too hard. I'm not one to tear things down and this runs contrary to my love of sampling different foods from around the world, but the Japanese snacks feel like an easy way to make your life seem more interesting with very little effort. Otherwise they'd still be downing Mountain Dew and Doritos.
  4. If you're going to go with a Raspberry Pi system I recommend the Super Nestro. Essentially a Raspberry Pi system modded into an original Super Nintendo or Super Famicom. Yo-Yo got me hooked on these a while back. It was created by Brian Gin, a concept designer in Redwood City, His store goes on vacation sometimes but he ships quality products. http://www.supernestro.com
  5. Oh wow, Paul's family is drinking Double Cola!!! I hadn't thought of Double Cola in years!
  6. Weird Paul has been posting a lot of great videos lately. I think it's time he had a dedicated thread for his YouTube videos This week, Weird Paul posted a video looking at some of the school papers he still has from 1st through 5th grade!
  7. Happy Independence Day! Join us for Atari Fireworks Night! http://youtu.be/MvAgx4kA3qw 5200 Baseball sure sounds good to me. Or maybe I'll learn about U.S. History and our State Capitals using an educational cassette for Atari Home Computers!
  8. We updated the Atari Arcade page this week more detail on the history of Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater, including this GREAT video of Nolan Bushnell at Google, telling the fascinating story behind ShowBiz Pizza and the Chuck E. Cheese concept. More here: http://www.atari.io/atari/atari-arcade-games/#cec http://youtu.be/Dq_V0Vh2tN4
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