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  1. What?? That is horrific. Poor Ken He made some of the best and earliest 7800 homebrews. What a terrific guy. Rest In Peace Ken.
  2. I like the quality here! That poster and the shrink wrapped pin are a nice touch.
  3. Looks like a nice game. Here are some positive thoughts running through my head right now: - I like that it's a 16k game. Graphics are simple but 16k means it will play on all Atari 8-Bit computers - This should also be easy to port to the 5200. I say DO IT!! - 4 Player mode to me is what makes this stand out from other Surround games and why I'd buy it - Your sound effects are nice
  4. What kind of feedback are you looking for on this? The game looks like a superb mashup of Breakout and Pinball! I'd love to see a 5200 version of it. If there were to be a 7800 version made I would like to see improved graphics on par with what the 7800 is capable of. Not to sound discouraging of anyones efforts but there have been too many 7800 homebrews that look more at home on the 2600 or 5200 and would be sub-par when compared to NES titles. Tile Smashers would be a great chance for an NES quality 7800 homebrew.
  5. I saw this online today and it was too hard not to post here. Balki Bartokomous and Cousin Larry of "Perfect Strangers" reunited for the first time in 25 years! Who remembers Balki and Cousin Larry? "Perfect Strangers" debuted in 1986 and was the first show on ABC's Friday Night TGIF lineup. It would also serve as the basis for a spinoff show, "Family Matters" better known to some as Urkel. The show was akin to a Yakov Smirnoff act or a proto-Borat, with Balki leaving his Eastern European / Mediterranean island of Mepos for a new life in Chicago, where he shows up unexpectedly one day at the door of Cousin Larry, and the two eventually end up working at the Chicago Chronicle. From 106.7 Lite FM: Balki and Cousin Larry of "Perfect Strangers" Reunite For The First Time In 25 Years Bronson Pinchot & Mark Linn-Baker stopped by Lite FM for their first interview together in 25 years http://litefm.iheart.com/onair/the-bob-and-christine-morning-show-4874/balki-and-cousin-larry-of-perfect-15759112/ ...and here are some clips of their funnier moments:
  6. I had no idea they brought back the Tandy name! What a great idea!
  7. Wow, a Combat review. Now that's starting at square one! Nice to see this
  8. Yeah, I don't get the whole "Japanese snacks" thing. Many of them are bland and not very tasty in my opinion. I understand it's part of "Otaku life" but it strikes me as trying too hard. I'm not one to tear things down and this runs contrary to my love of sampling different foods from around the world, but the Japanese snacks feel like an easy way to make your life seem more interesting with very little effort. Otherwise they'd still be downing Mountain Dew and Doritos.
  9. If you're going to go with a Raspberry Pi system I recommend the Super Nestro. Essentially a Raspberry Pi system modded into an original Super Nintendo or Super Famicom. Yo-Yo got me hooked on these a while back. It was created by Brian Gin, a concept designer in Redwood City, His store goes on vacation sometimes but he ships quality products. http://www.supernestro.com
  10. There are many holidays that we celebrate without giving much thought to. We have the day off, we go stand in line to shop or go to the movies. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that I like to think about the true meaning of when it comes time to celebrate, and what it means to me. On Thanksgiving Day I'm usually around the people and situations that I'm giving thanks for. My family and friends. The wonderful food I get to eat, and the life I live. That got me thinking about all the wonderful friends I've made in the forums, and the "family" that I don't get to see, except for in here. It made me reflective about how thankful I am for these forums, the "Atari I/O Fam", and the past couple years of experiences that have come with it. So I wonder... What does it mean to you to be part of this community? For me it's meant: Exploring in my hobby in a deeply enriching way. To me it's meant being part of something that's a little new and a little different, attempting to pioneer new and creative ways to meet up here every night and include Atari and classic gaming into our lives. It's meant Atari Day, High Score Squad, our old Trivia Nights and celebrating Howard Scott Warshaw Day with a round of Insane Yars' Revenge. Being part of a movement to make things better through small actions. And in my role as a Moderator I've been fortunate in shaping small elements of this website, and hopefully impacted the way you enjoy your hobby as well. Most of all it's meant witnessing a new community form out of nothing and come together in ways that feel like we have a genuine bond with each other. Today I am thankful for having all of you as such a nice part of my life.
  11. Oh wow, Paul's family is drinking Double Cola!!! I hadn't thought of Double Cola in years!
  12. Weird Paul has been posting a lot of great videos lately. I think it's time he had a dedicated thread for his YouTube videos This week, Weird Paul posted a video looking at some of the school papers he still has from 1st through 5th grade!
  13. AWESOME Homebrew slobu! So happy to have you join Atari I/O! WELCOME!
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