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"Far Out Dreams" - For TIPI enhanced TI-99/4A's

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Sometimes I have "fringe" ideas, that are not practical or obtainable.  In this case, I have an idea that will probably never come to fruition because not only would it require a miniscule hobby population of TI users, it would also require a second subset of rare users of the RTL-SDR dongle.  Now what are the odds that someone, other than myself, would use both and find it interesting to put the two together?  It would also require the requisite skills of a programmer familiar with the TI and Rpi to make it happen.  So the odds in my calculation are less than one in a billion.

Now having the TI as the display and control interface would demand a bare bones approach, namely frequency, and a few selection buttons, but that's about it.  Still having the TI operating a receiver would be cool.  Below is what I'm talking about on the PC,  just bear in mind, all of what you see could NEVER work on a TI, but a massively scaled back display interface could.



<<< My YouTube Page >>>

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