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Shift838 got me thinking about a hard drive interface I would be interested in.

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Shift838 (Chris) got me thinking what kind of HD interface would I be interested in.  Well, it would be one that uses modern components and be relatively cheap.  I looked online and found a disk drive with an insane amount of space (for a TI anyway), of 2TB and a USB-C connector for only $60.00 << HERE >>.  The problems with this approach would be many, the required logic to interface a pre-formatted modern HD with an interpreter the TI could understand and interface with.  The TI itself is limited to only so many files per directory, so the interpreter program would also have to be incharge of keeping the rules on the TI side, buffering the program and then writing it... kind of how the TIPI does things to it's SD card.  So why would you want this capability if you have a TIPI?  Well, relative permanence for one and the ability to simply unplug it from the PC and plug it into the TI for another.  In my old age I'm getting rather lazy, so downloading and organizing everything on the PC would be wonderful thing.

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