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FS: ZANTIS HALLOWEEN Edition 2021 George FURY Pelonis + Toxic Green Cart Shell + Vectrex LED Board For Vectrex / Kousokusen / 光速船


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RARE CUSTOM CREATION Just in time for Halloween 2023!

Author: George Pelonis, Fury Unlimited 
Version Release Year: 2021
Vectrex LED board modification added by Vectrexer
Installed into the Vectrex cart shell by Vectrexer 


BETTER THAN NEW! Originally delivered as a board only. 
Now Installed inside an protective and easy to handle Vectrex cart shell! Includes and added switchable multi-color LED feature mod!

For use with General Consumer Electronics (GCE) / Milton Bradley (MB) / Bandai (バンダイ)  Vectrex 光速船  Kousokusen video game system.

ZANTIS HALLOWEEN Edition 2021 George "FURY" Pelonis. From a SVM run made in of 2021 with a Green Printed Circuit Board (PCB). 
• ZANTIS - HALLOWEEN EDITION ('WEEN) 2021 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by George Pelonis, Fury Unlimited. 
• Game Instructions.
• ZANTIS PCB has been modified with a Custom Vectrex LED daughterboard made by Brett Walach, PlayVectrex.com. See Pictures.
• Custom reproduction Vectrex game cart shell, in "Toxic Green" color by Sean Kelly, 
• Game Cartridge Shell fitted to to hold the ZANTIS PCB. 
• Vectrex LED daughterboard has a switches to control the LED for a multi-color board switchable between many colors. Currently set to a color complimenting the green cart shell.  
• Comes inside a RetroProtection Clear Vectrex Cartridge Protector. 
• Green color ZANTIS printed circuit board (PCB). 
• Black and gold color Vectrex LED daughterboard.
• Vectrex LED daughterboard is signed on the back by Brett Walack. Signature is hidden.

Software on the SVM Cart: 
• ZANTIS, Halloween Edition. 

Included Game in this listing as shown in pictures: 
• ZANTIS, Halloween Edition 2021 by George Pelonis, Fury Unlimited. 
• ZANTIS, Halloween Edition 2021 Game Instructions.
• Vectrex LED daughterboard by Brett Walach, PlayVectrex.com, installed by Vectrexer.
• Translucent Reproduction Vectrex Cartridge Shell by Sean Kelly in "Toxic Green" color. Fitted to the ZANTIS PCB. 
• All items above are delivered inside a RetroProtection Clear Vectrex Cartridge Protector. 

Price: $155.55 Or Best Offer (OBO)

This item is listed on other sites. 

Message your Offer to avoid missing out on this classic Vectrex game! 

# Vectrex console is shown for demo display purposes only. Not included in sale. #

This Vectrex item is compatible with, and for play in, all regions of the Vectrex video game system by Milton Bradley (MB), General Consumer Electronics (GCE), and Bandai バンダイ (光速船 / Kousokusen). Vectrex games, Controllers, 3D Imagers, and other accessories are not region specific to a particular Vectrex console. The manual language printing (Canada dual / Europe multi / Japan), box printing (Canada dual / Europe multi / Japan), and overlay printing (Japan) are the only differences. 

The Vectrex is a classic 1982 vector graphics based video game system created by Smith Engineering and General Consumer Electronics (GCE). Later purchased and marketed by Milton Bradley (MB) as well as licensed for distribution and sale in Japan by Bandai. Made in 1982, 1983, and 1984.  

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